Will Any Shower Head Work In RV?

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Can A Regular Shower Head Be Used In An RV? Yes, a conventional shower head can be used in an RV.

Having a bathroom with a shower in your van gives you a home feeling and you will be satisfied with having everything you need available in your van. There will be no need for you to share bathrooms with other campers which can be uncomfortable. 

However, there are drawbacks that come with having a shower in your van.  There might not be adequate hot water, the shower can be very small, and the water pressure can be unsatisfying. 

To make things better you might be thinking of making some modifications and upgrade to make your shower experience much better.

One of the things you will want to fix is the shower head which will make you curious if you can replace it with any shower head. This will be extensively discussed in this article along with other important details about your RV shower. 

Will Any Shower Head Work In Rv?

Will Any Shower Head Work In RV?

Yes, you can make use of any showerhead in your van. The built-in shower heads that come in an RV are poorly built, they can easily break away and waste too much water.

Regular shower heads are built with a much higher flow rate due to the fact that there is no limit on water usage at home. However, the RV shower head is designed to complement the limited availability of water in the van. 

Regular shower heads can also be quite larger than the normal RV shower head and will take up lots of space in your bathroom, unlike the normal RV shower head that is specifically made to be perfect for your van’s bathroom. 

The installation of a heavy shower head can also cause some damage to your van’s wall if the screw tears out of place after installation which is why it is advisable to make use of a shower head that is specifically designed for RV use. 

How Long Can I Take A Shower In An RV?

The duration of time you can spend showering in your RV will be determined by numerous factors which include the presence of water hookups, the gallons of water available in your hot water heater, and the number of people that has to make use of the shower in the van. 

If you have to strictly conserve water in your van, it is recommended to cut short your shower duration to five minutes or less. However, if water hookups are available and you did not need to conserve the available water in your van, you can decide to shower till the hot water runs out. 

However, if there are multiple people that have to shower in the van, you will have to cut the showering duration as short as possible to make sure the hot water is sufficient. 

How Many Gallons Of Water Does An RV Shower Use?

The amount of water that can be used in an RV shower will be determined by the type of camping you’re embarking on. When dry camping, you might use up to one to five gallons of water for each shower.

You will also have to put other factors into consideration which include the duration of the camping, how long you will be showering, and the capacity of your van’s grey tank.

However, when you’re connected to full hookups when camping, there is no limit to water and sewer usage. You can choose to shower as much as you desire without worrying about water conservation.

You can use up to three to ten gallons of water at a time hooked up. You will also be able to control your water usage as the duration of your shower will determine the amount of water used. 

What Size Is An RV Shower?

RV showers are available in different sizes while some models are designed with the combination of a bathtub and a shower.  Most RV showers are mostly walk-ins with an average of b33 inches wide. 

It is also important to consider the size of an RV shower when selecting an RV floor plan to ensure comfortability and practicality. 

What Is The Normal Water Pressure In An RV?

The recommended water pressure in an Rv is between 40 to 50 PSI. it is advisable not to allow the water pressure to exceed 60 PSI in new vans as the high water pressure can cause damage to the van’s water system. 

Installing a water pressure regulator in your van will ensure the standard water pressure is maintained and not to be exceeded. 

How Do I Get More Water Pressure In My RV Shower?

To provide improved water pressure in your van’s shower, you might want to change the shower head. There are numerous shower heads available that claim to provide high pressure.

If the water pressure remains unsatisfying after changing the shower head, you should check your water system and make sure it is free from any blockages or builds ups. You should also make sure that any damaged pipe is replaced. 

How Do I Make My RV Shower Last Longer?

To make your shower water last longer, you might want to try turning the water off while lathering and getting it back on while rinsing. You can also consider replacing your shower head with a low-flow shower head equipped with a pause feature 

Another method of making your shower last longer is by going tankless. When the water heater is tankless, the hot water will be available as long as there is a water supply and power.

If your van is attached to full hookups, you will not have to be worried about showering as you will be able to shower for as long as you like without running out of hot water. 


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Showering in an RV can be fun and enjoyable when you have the right shower head with the perfect water pressure. Most built-in RV shower heads are cheaply made with plastic and produce little pressure.

However, you can make use of any type of shower head in your van to make your showing experience worthwhile. 

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