Why Does My Car Alarm Keep Coming Off and What To Do

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Why Does My Car Alarm Keep Coming Off and What To Do – If you’re a car owner, then these questions must have been in your thoughts, right?

Sometimes your car alarms no longer work for the purpose intended, and this most times could be worrisome. Nevertheless, this article tends to pinpoint those problems and correct them.

Car alarms are an important integral of a vehicle, especially for personal use. Most times you may have parked your cars in a garage and stepped out for your errand, if not safely locked the car alarm alerts you.

Although, the problem encountered is these alarms no longer perform their task, as they keep on coming off anytime. Well, this could pose a risk, providing a solution would be necessary.

Furthermore, alarm failures in cars should immediately be fixed when damaged, otherwise, it may result in inconvenience to both you and your neighbors. Well, some of the problems leading to a faulty car alarm may be as a result of; dead battery in car remotes, the alarm system may not be installed correctly, or the car battery could below and more.

Why Does My Car Alarm Keep Coming Off and What To Do

As earlier said the common reasons why your car alarm keeps coming off may range from; Low car battery, Wrong alarm system installation, Dead battery in car remotes, Door lock sensor being faulty, and/or Irregularities in the Hood latch sensor. Moving forward, here is how they can affect your car alarms.

1. Low Car Battery

A dead car battery could cause your car alarm to come off. Yes, if you have a low or dead car battery, this may affect your car alarms.

The alarm system operates with a certain amount of voltage from the car battery, so if the car battery runs low, it wouldn’t be able to perform the required task.

2. Wrong Alarm System Installation

Subsequently, if your car alarm system has been installed wrong either by a mechanic or from the manufacturers, it may be a problem for the alarm coming off.

Though the car alarm’s primary function is to secure your car, if wrongly installed may become a technical issue. More so, it is important to carry it along to a mechanic for a proper check.

3. Dead Battery In Car Remotes

Car remotes otherwise known as keyfobs may as well be a cause. In recent times, manufacturers tend to include car key fobs in cars as an automatic means of locking and unlocking your vehicle without the traditional key. 

Nevertheless, cars used over a year or two may result in the car remote battery being faulty and could result in malfunctioning. Also, it could send a wrong signal to the alarm system causing it to come off. You could replace and/or correct your car remote’s battery.

4. Irregularities In Hood Latch Sensor

Over time, manufacturers include a hood latch sensor to trigger the alarm if someone tries to forcefully open your car’s hood. This sensor may malfunction due to dust, grime, and debris situated in it, which may lead to the alarm coming off. 

Therefore, it is important to locate the sensor and carry out thorough cleaning, but if the alarm still comes off persistently, it means someone tried to tamper with the sensor and it will be advisable you change and replace them.

5. Door Lock Sensor Being Faulty

Like the hood latch sensor, your car alarms monitor the opening of your car doors to ensure no one tries to forcefully open it. Though, if any of your car doors are faulty, that could pass a wrong signal to the alarm system resulting in frequent coming off.

What Should You Do If Your Car Alarm Keeps Coming Off?

Persistent car alarm noise could become undesirable for your neighbors and generally becomes a statutory nuisance.

In this case, your car alarm malfunctioning may be referred to your local authorities as a nuisance and disturbance to the general peace and calmness of the environment. 

This could often attract penalties and other problems may arise. Therefore, it’s important to take this problem to a car mechanic for proper assessment. Also, if your car is newly purchased it has a warranty, and manufacturers should be the better option to be referred.

List of Reasons Why You Need A Car Alarm

Some obvious reasons why you may need a Car Alarm is because of its versatile nature as it helps to reduce your insurance cost, lower the risks of theft, vehicle resale value, and gives you rest of mind.

1. Reduction of Insurance Cost

Having an alarm system installed in your car lowers the cost of your insurance. Yes, compared to a car without alarms, your car alarm helps your cost of insurance to be drastically reduced. As situations may arise, the car alarm alerts you and you immediately correct it, this may require you to pay less for your car insurance.

2. Lower The Risks Of Theft

Well, the primary function of a car alarm is to safeguard your car from being stolen. When there’s an attempt to break into your car, the car alarm alerts you and others nearby. Nevertheless, the thief would eventually flee in fear of being caught.

3. Vehicle Resale Value 

The valuation of your vehicle could increase on resale. This could be an added advantage as a lot of buyers would pay higher for a car with an alarm system.

4. Gives You Rest Of Mind

Having a car alarm would give peace that your car is safe and be rest assured that you can monitor your car and know when being tampered with.

What Is The Importance Of Having A Car Alarm

Though car alarms coming off may be problematic, you would agree with me that they are also an important aspect of your car, right! Everyone’s car is valuable to them, and securing them would be a priority.

Most importantly, a car alarm safeguards your car against theft and also reduces insurance costs. 

In recent times, vehicles mostly come with these alarms primarily installed by the manufacturers to enable car owners to adequately secure their cars against potential threats.

In other words, if anyone attempts to break into your car, the alarm comes off, alerting you or people nearby.


So, should you change your car alarm if it keeps going off?

The answer to this depends on certain factors and if you can diagnose the problem with any of the tips provided above.

For example, if the constant coming off of your car alarm is caused by a faulty sensor, you might want to get another one. Furthermore, if caused by the wrong installation process, it’s advisable you get a professional or someone else to handle it.

Irrespective of what is making your car alarm go off, make sure you follow the manual provided by the manufacturer.