8 Best Compact Whirlpool Washers For RV & Camper

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Having the best compact whirlpool washers for RV and camper can go a long way. Because laundry in an RV can be tedious. Taking pleasure in the RV lifestyle entails marveling at the great outdoors or having extra spare time.

For weeks, you’re not going to want to smell your collection of filthy garments in a washing basket.

Unless you’d prefer to spend your time hand-washing or visiting a laundromat, one essential convenience for an easy road trip is a washer and dryer combo.

Therefore, if you want to wash and dry clothes while RVing, now is the time to shop for the best RV washer. A washer is a necessary piece of equipment for RVers. It’s small, light, and ergonomic.

Most significantly, it will wash and dry your clothes, freeing you up to explore. However, choosing the proper one for your load capacity requirements can be difficult.

To assist you in making the best option, we’ve compiled a list of the top whirlpool washers for RVs and campers that you should certainly consider.

Keep on reading to get a feel of the different washers available in the market on this list of best compact whirlpool washers for RV and camper.

1. Whirlpool WFW3090JW Small Stackable RV Front Load Washer – 24″
Whirlpool WFW3090JW Small Stackable RV

Whirlpool WFW3090JW Small Stackable RV Front Load Washer – 24″

A great addition to any vehicle. They bring you the convenience of easy, touchless operation with the added bonus of a larger tub for more laundry capacity.

The first on our list of best compact whirlpool washers for RV and campers is WFW3090JW. Whirlpool’s front-load compact washer is ENERGY STAR certified. It can be put beneath a regular countertop to save resources without sacrificing space.

Due to its thin profile can be installed nearly anywhere, making it the most space-efficient design available with a 1.9 Cubic-Feet capacity.

The detergent dosing aid option assists you in adding the appropriate amount of detergent to ensure that any load is cleaned thoroughly without leaving residue. Designed to be used exclusively with “HE” detergents.

Save time by cleaning lightly dirty loads that do not require the entire wash cycle. The colors option uses cold water to help preserve the vibrancy of the colors and even saves energy by avoiding the need to heat the water.

After the wash cycle is complete, the TumbleFresh option automatically tumbles clean garments for up to 6 hours to help prevent wrinkles from developing. Select from ten cycles and up to ten settings that correspond to your fabric type and soil level.

Each load is treated uniquely with tailored drum movements to ensure that the fabric is continuously cared for to the highest standard. This technology enables immediate access to washer functions and even saves your most recent cycle and settings to save you time. The hand wash cycle uses slower spin speeds and less tumbling to thoroughly saturate the load and gently clean the clothing.

Cool water and slow spin rates thoroughly clean washable delicates, providing all of the benefits of gentle fabric care on the wool cycle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Save time
  • Sleek tap touch controls with memory
  • Hand wash cycle
  • Prewash option
  • Detergent gent dosing aid

2. Whirlpool 7.4 Cu. Ft. Chrome Shadow Front Load Gas Dryer (WGD9620HC)
Chrome Shadow Front Load Gas Dryer

Whirlpool 7.4 Cu. Ft. Chrome Shadow Front Load Gas Dryer (WGD9620HC)

The Whirlpool 7.4 Cu. Ft. Chrome Shadow Front Load Gas Dryer with Steam provides a quiet, efficient drying performance to complete your laundry requirements.

This Whirlpool front load washer includes a convenient Load & Go detergent and fabric softener dispenser that holds up to 40 loads at a time, saving you time and effort. You’ll receive warnings when this reservoir becomes depleted, ensuring that you never run out of detergent.

The matching front-load gas dryer contains a stainless-steel drum with a dryer rack. This enables the drying of bulky or delicate objects without using a tumbler. Additionally, the dryer will direct you to the proper cycle combinations. Additionally, you can customize up to 36 of your own to ensure that the correct type of fabric care is applied to whatever you’re drying. Finally, the washer and dryer in this set are compatible with smart devices, allowing you to link them to smart devices such as the Nest Learning Thermostat.

This Whirlpool front load washer and dryer combination boast around doors and a choice of three finishes, making it an excellent choice for those interested in getting one of the best compact whirlpool washers for RV and campers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wrinkle shield plus option with steam
  • Smart appliance
  • Remote control with the whirlpool app
  • Steam refresh cycle
  • Advanced moisture sensing
  • Voice control with a compatible voice-enabled device (US only)

3. Whirlpool 4.8 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer (WTW6120HW)
Whirlpool 4.8 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer

Whirlpool 4.8 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer (WTW6120HW)

Equipped with an extra-large capacity drum, which provides the room needed to accommodate larger loads of laundry, as well as oversized items.

WTW6120HW is another great compact whirlpool washer for RV and campers. Additionally, this washer has Load&GoTM, which allows you to automatically dispense up to 40 loads of detergent. There is an integrated dual-temperature faucet and pretreat brush, which streamlines the wash procedure even further. Allow the smart-capable washer to recommend the appropriate cycle combinations or create your own. The smart features enable you to control laundry remotely and stay connected from anywhere.

This washing machine is ideal for anyone who desires the convenience of a top-load washer without the roughness associated with the typical aggregator. Additionally, it appeals to those seeking a clean design and a pretreat station.

Highlighted Features:

  • Load & Go™ Dispenser
  • Smart features available with a connected subscription
  • Pretreat station plus
  • Sanitize cycle with Oxi

4. Whirlpool WTW7120HW 5.3 cu. ft. Smart White Top Load Washing Machine
Whirlpool WTW7120HW 5.3 cu. ft.

Whirlpool WTW7120HW 5.3 cu. ft. Smart White Top Load Washing Machine

It’s made of high-quality sturdy materials, holds a higher capacity than comparable brands, and is very easy to use.

Most people buy a top-load washer because they want an efficient, easy-to-use machine capable of handling both large and small loads. With its 36 wash cycles and 5.3 cubic-foot drum, the Whirlpool WTW7120HW is a jack of all crafts.

This drum is large enough to wash a king-sized bedspread or a load of heavy-duty sportswear and also features adaptive load-sensing technology for delicates, T-shirts, or underwear.

Not to mention, this top-load washer features a sanitized and self-cleaning cycle that will leave your tub and clothing cleaner than before, making it one of the best compact whirlpool washers for RV and campers.

You may fill the bulk dispenser once and use it for up to 20 loads, and you can pre-soak stained objects for up to 120 minutes prior to running the cycle. An integrated dual-temperature faucet, pretreat brush, and impeller plate are important features.

This sort of agitator is gentle on the goods being washed yet thoroughly coating them in suds.

At a reasonable price, this washer is essentially designed to simplify your life and will act as a true partner on laundry day. The sole drawback is noise and may occasionally get unbalanced while cleaning goods such as a bathroom rug.

Also, suppose your machine is unable to uniformly distribute the weight of heavy objects. In that case, you may wish to transport them to a nearby laundromat. Apart from that, this top-load washer features a sturdy and functional design.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pretreat station plus
  • Intuitive controls
  • Deepwater wash option

5. Whirlpool WFW5620HW
Whirlpool WFW5620HW

Whirlpool WFW5620HW

Has the power to handle anything you throw its way. Features a large capacity and cycles that provide the cleaning power you need.

Although it’s 4.5-cu.-ft. the front loader is tiny. It nevertheless has enough space to handle more than a few baskets of clothing in a single load. In addition, due to Whirlpool’s Load & GoTM Dispenser, you won’t need to add detergent to the machine between loads.

The cartridge carries up to 20 loads of detergent and dispenses it as needed, so you just need to fill it once and then forget about washing it until the cartridge runs out. In addition, the WFW5620HW features a variety of wash cycles to suit your needs, including an energy-efficient cold wash cycle that utilizes cold water and additional cleaning action to remove stubborn stains.

Presoak extends the time before the wash cycle begins, eliminating the need to soak materials outside the washer. Additionally, there is a Quick Wash cycle that may complete a small, lightly dirty load in as little as 15 minutes and a Sanitize cycle that raises the temperature of the water to kill 99.9 percent of typical household bacteria.

Highlighted Features:

  • Steam clean option
  • Quick wash cycle
  • Cold wash cycle
  • Presoak option
  • Single load dispenser
  • Closet-depth fit

6. Whirlpool WTW5000DW
Whirlpool WTW5000DW

Whirlpool WTW5000DW

Designed for use with RVs and Campers, it can also be used in your home. Efficient and value for money.

The Cabrio Series WTW5000DW top-load washing machine features a 4.3 cu. ft. capacity, 12 wash cycles, and 11 adaptive wash actions for a combination of vigorous cleaning and sensitive fabric care.

This model has Whirlpool’s revolutionary low-profile impeller, which gently cleans clothing by drawing them from the outer rim to the center of the Smooth Wave stainless steel wash basket, where the most thorough cleaning occurs. In addition, automatic water levels ensure efficient cleaning by adjusting the amount of water used depending on the load’s size.

The Quick Wash cycle may complete small loads in as little as 28 minutes, while the Deep Water Wash cycle adds more water to break down stains and rinse away dirt. The Clean Washer cycle completely fills the machine, cleaning areas that conventional cycles cannot reach; adding an Affresh® Washer Cleaner pill improves results further.

Highlighted Features:

  • Deepwater wash cycle
  • Quick wash
  • Presoak
  • Clean washer cycle
  • Smooth Wave stainless steel wash basket

7. Whirlpool WFW862CHC 4.3-cu.-ft. Washer
Whirlpool WFW862CHC 4.3 cu. ft. Washer

Whirlpool WFW862CHC 4.3-cu.-ft. Washer

Whether you are camping in an RV or living in a small apartment, this is the Washer, you’ll be impressed with its quality and capacity.

If you’re looking for the best compact whirlpool washer for RV and campers, the WFW862CHC is one of the top Whirlpool washing machines to consider. This front-loading washer has a 4.3 cu.-ft. capacity and an astonishing 37 wash cycles.

It includes a Load & GoTM XL Dispenser that stores enough detergent for up to 40 loads, as well as a single load dispenser that allows you to use a detergent other than the one in the Load & GoTM XL Dispenser.

The 12-Hour FanFresh® option keeps your clothing fresh for up to 12 hours after the wash cycle ends by activating the built-in fan and tumbling the clothes for up to 12 hours.

If you’d prefer to have your items dried by the washing machine, there is a Wash and Dry option. When this option is selected, hot air is used for tumbling dry clothing directly in the washer. Additionally, there is a Steam Clean option that assists in removing common stains through enhanced wash action and heat.

Highlighted Features:

  • Steam clean option
  • Sanitize cycle
  • Quick wash cycle
  • Cold wash cycle
  • Presoak option
  • 12-hour fanfresh option

8. Whirlpool 3.9 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer (WTW4850HW)
Whirlpool 3.9 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer

Whirlpool 3.9 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer (WTW4850HW)

This Whirlpool top load washer is a perfect option for use in RVs designed to remove extra-large loads without the need for extra space.

Whirlpool provides one of our best compact whirlpool washers for RVs and campers. With a suggested retail price of $599, the Whirlpool 3.9 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer will not break the bank but make any mistake: This washing machine is capable of handling any job. Whatever cycle you choose, this washer’s Water Level Selection feature allows you to choose between Auto Sensing—which automatically adjusts the amount of water used based on the size of the load—or Deep Wash Water, which uses extra water to assist break down loose soils.

And while we’re on the subject of wash cycles, this low-cost washing machine comes equipped with 12. Late Lid Lock, Quick Wash, and Extra Rinse are just some of the features that can help you get your laundry done in a hurry.

Highlighted Features:

  • Soaking cycles
  • Water level selection
  • 12 wash cycles
  • Smooth impeller
  • Late lid lock
  • Extra rinse option
  • Quick wash cycle

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

In this section are answers to common questions on the best Whirlpool washing machine and other related topics.

How Can I Get a Whirlpool Washing Machine?

Buying a Whirlpool washing machine is as simple as going to the company’s website or going to one of the many big retailers.

What Is the Best Way to Install a Whirlpool Washer?

Installing a Whirlpool washing machine yourself or hiring a professional is an option. A small fee of roughly $30 is charged for installing Whirlpool washers purchased over $399, which can vary according to your region. It costs $20 to have it taken away.

As an alternative, you can use the machine’s self-installation instructions.

How Do I Maintain a Whirlpool Washing Machine?

To keep your Whirlpool washer clean, use an Affresh washing machine cleaner tablet in the tub while running the cleaning cycle (or a normal cycle with hot water if there is no cleaning cycle). If you don’t have an Affresh tablet, you can use liquid chlorine bleach instead.

After the cleaning cycle, perform a rinse and spin cycle in top-load washers to remove any remaining cleaners and leave the washing door open to allow the tub to dry. Use a damp cloth or an all-purpose cleaner to clean the machine’s surfaces and a towel to dry it afterward.

What Is the Whirlpool Washing Machines Warranty Policy?

Parts and servicing are covered by a one-year limited guarantee on Whirlpool washing machines. As long as you have proof of purchase, you can get warranty coverage from Whirlpool by registering your product on their website. You must contact Whirlpool’s customer service department to file a claim.

How Do I Get in Touch With Whirlpool Customer Service?

Whirlpool’s website features a Customer Care center where you can register your machine, arrange a service call, order parts, view frequently asked questions, and download washer manuals. Keep the model name and serial number on hand when utilizing the website to obtain the most pertinent information.

If you have a problem with your Whirlpool washer, you can contact Whirlpool customer support via phone or online chat.


Whirlpool washers are designed to appeal to a diverse client base that understands the benefits of energy-efficient appliances and impeccably clean clothes.

Whether you choose a base model or a deluxe model, you can rest assured that you will have a high-quality machine that will care for your clothes with each wash.

So if you’re interested in getting one of the best compact whirlpool washers for RV and camper, they’ve got you covered.

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