(Updated) What To Do If I Lost My Car Alarm Remote 2022

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What To Do If I Lost My Car Alarm Remote – Car alarm remotes are additional features of a modern car. These features were installed primarily for security reasons.

They’re quite convenient to use in a way that you can turn off and on your alarm with ease.

Manufacturers have been committed to giving their customers safety and theft preventing measures for cars. Well, this is justified with the installation of a systematic alarm.

Over time, car theft has been a major disturbance for car owners, but the inclusion of a car alarm helps prevent cars from being stolen. It also keeps you alert from any impending danger that may occur in your absence. This is a great solution right? Yes! You don’t want your luxurious car to be hijacked by a bugler.

What To Do If I Lost My Car Alarm Remote

Nevertheless, the car alarm remote is made to control the car alarm. But sometimes the alarm or alarm remote may be faulty or must have been misplaced. Now, what do you do if you lose your car alarm remote?

How do you assess your car alarm? These may be disturbing questions that may emanate. Well, this article should guide you on what to do. Let’s discuss.

How To Disarm Car Alarm If You Lost/Damaged Your Alarm Remote

To disarm your car alarm if it becomes a nuisance when the alarm remote is lost follow these few steps. 

First, locate the valet button. Different car models have a few different locations for placing the Valet button. It is usually a small black button. In some vehicles, it is mounted and accessible at the bottom of the driver’s side dash.

Also, you can find it on the driver’s kick panel cover, or beside the center console, if your vehicle has one.

After locating the Valet switch, you need to slot your key into the ignition, then switch the key to the ON or RUN position. This should trigger the alarm because it feels someone is trying to tamper with the ignition. Well, ignore that and proceed.

While setting your key to the ON position press and release the valet switch at once. This should immediately shut off the alarm.

However, while carrying out the installation of the alarm, the installer may program your valet switch for about one to five presses as additional security. Still, most installers leave it at the factory default of just one press.

Well, if you tried one press and it doesn’t work then repeat the process until the alarm is disarmed.

What To Do If You Lost Your Car Alarm Remote

We all have one thing or the other to do in our day-to-day life. At times, a busy and stressful day may leave you skeptical and forgetful. This may lead to misplacement or loss of your car alarm remote. Well, if so, here is what to do.

 First, the best remedy as a car owner is to either consult the assistance of your dealership or automotive locksmith that specializes in repair or replacement of the key fob or alarm remote.

At this point, you choose to go to a place with the main determining factor which is the price for replacement and proximity. Thus, most car dealerships tend to charge higher compared to an automotive locksmith. 

For instance, car key duplication may be more expensive at a dealership compared to an automotive locksmith shop. However, both are preferred to attempt tackling the problem yourself. Car alarm remotes are intricate devices that if not handled with care could be damaged or misplaced. 

Some car owners may want to save costs by using other means to assess their car alarm. They may not intend to get another alarm remote by seeking the assistance of a car dealership or automatic locksmith.

Well, these processes may be strenuous and may lead to damage to the alarm system. This is why it is important to seek the help of a technician.

What To Do If You Lost Your Car Keys and Have No Spare

To lose a key is common for almost everyone. Such occurrences are due to various reasons or maybe mere carelessness. Well, not to worry! Here, you’ll be provided with several solutions that will help you.

First, search around the immediate area. When you discover you lost your car keys, you shouldn’t panic, this should help you maintain a composure that gives you the ability to properly assess your surroundings. Well, this is important because there’s a tendency of you just misplacing your keys and may feel they’re lost. 

Meanwhile, you might have placed them somewhere and have forgotten. This is why you should check various locations that might be unlikely. You can check your vehicle as well.

Then proceed to check your car beneath your car seats, and other areas of your car. They must likely have fallen off. This may seem like a cliche but it saves your time and money.

Afterward, when it is confirmed you have lost your key without a spare, you should see a locksmith or even a dealer.

You’ll be required to provide them with certain information to help them to find the right key to replace the lost one.

Information such as the vehicle identification number, vehicle model, and more, which is found in your car registration document.

Finally, you decide between the locksmith and car dealer to carry out this task. Also, pay attention to the cost and reliability. Yes, this is important because as much as you want to save cost ensure you’re given a reliable function key. 


If you lose your car alarm remote, and your alarm keeps coming off, you can as well disarm your alarm. This can be done temporarily until you have a locksmith to help you.

The locksmith is a specialist in such issues and any related problem should be referred therein.

Also, if you lost your car keys and don’t have a spare, it is advisable to seek the help of a car dealership or an automotive locksmith.