Updated List Of Best Tank Bag For Triumph Explorer In 2022

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Are you in need of an updated list of tank bags for triumph explorer in 2021, here is a credible list you can make use of for procuring one?

Tank bags do serve commuters or adventure riders a very good function in making their life easy while riding their bikes.

Unlike situations where riders may have to get a backpack in loading up most of their things which sometimes may not be efficient enough, tank bags perform such procedures easily wherein you can either use it as a tank bag or a backpack.

Procuring a tank bag goes a long way in securing the best and securing the best out of a jumble of others may not be easy as supposed and will most times require tireless effort to get the most reliable.

So why not let us save you the stress of reviewing for a very good tank bag as we bring to you durable ones you can always buy for your rides including your Triumph Explorer.

Updated List Of Best Tank Bag For Triumph Explorer In 2022

Buying a motorbike kit can be a challenge. And the challenge even gets tougher whenever you want to buy a product but do not get the chance to see and test it.

This is where reviews of products come in by ensuring and facilitating a good shopping experience among buyers.

And as you know, there are a lot more attached to buying products online since there are tons of them whenever it comes to procuring one.

So do ensure you take your time and read to the end on the updated list of available and most suitable bags for motorcycles.

1. Givi EA106B Tank Bag – (Black)
Givi EA106B Tank Bag – Black 1

Givi EA106B Tank Bag – (Black)

Convenient, stylish, has a main compartment that can hold your items. The bag attaches to the bike via a mounting plate with straps.

Manufactured in Italy, this 6-litre bag has four straps that can be used for direct attachment to your bike with two side pockets plus magnets included.

The Givi tank bag features a transparent phone window, a rain cover plus a shoulder strap with which it can be handled as a backpack. That is when not on your motorbike, you can easily make use of the shoulder strap for easy handling.

The 600D polyester and PU laminate on this one is pretty much durable and is resistant to wear and tear. This is a pretty small universal bag that fits many motorcycles and does great on them without a lot of stress.

Reflective strips are also included in this one and are mostly compatible with both metallic and non-metallic fuel tanks.

What We Like:

  • Presence of straps for added attachment
  • Compact and versatile

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not long-lasting.

2. OHMOTOR Motorbike Tank Bag – Strong Magnetic
OHMOTOR Motorbike Tank Bag – Strong Magnetic 1

OHMOTOR Motorbike Tank Bag – Strong Magnetic

Has magnetic fastening which is quick and easy to use, no need to undo the straps every time you want to open it.

Weighing 1.9 lbs, this sturdy tank bag is most suitable for holding small items while riding. Though it does not promise much space but delivers a firm grip with its powerful magnets that will ensure the bag stick firmly to your tank.

Nevertheless, the issue of adaptability and versatility seems to be a major setback for the OHMOTOR.

A more exclusive feature on the OHMOTOR is the transparent smartphone pocket which this time around is made to fit most mobiles with plus-sized phones. Though this fit can be tight along the edges.

The OHMOTOR also features a waterproof film that is resistant to some degree and durable enough to be used consistently with its thickened 1680D Oxford fabric that is similarly of high quality.

It is quite easy to disassemble as it can be used as either a shoulder bag, purse, tank bag, or helmet bag. The OHMOTOR comprises four reliable pockets that can be loaded up with small items such as iPads, keys, tools, gloves, food packs, and other items.

The Ohmotor also assures you of strong magnetic adsorption to the tank even while on top speed. However, straps can be used additional to ensure a firm grip of the bag on the tank.

What We Like:

  • Contains four strong magnets that it secured.
  • Wear and tear-resistant.
  • Window pocket is large enough to contain big smartphones.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It has no holes for connecting cables to phones.

3. Coleman Tank Bag – Magnetic
Coleman Tank Bag – Magnetic 1

Coleman Tank Bag – Magnetic

Offers a secure fit and extra storage capacity. The magnet in the back of the bag holds it securely to your fuel tank.

Ride gracefully being assured of safety using the Coleman motorcycle tank bag that is manufactured with a reliable 1680D polyester and extensively comprise of an expandable cargo compartment that is pretty much well zippered.

The Coleman magnetic also features powerful magnets that can easily attach to your fuel tanks with a scratch-resistant and non-slip bottom feature to prevent it from damaging your tank paint.

This motorbike tank bag is of really good value for its price and has been efficiently designed with a smart magnetic feature. This is made possible by creating space for extra magnets to be added for better absorption.

Also on the tank bag is the clear map pocket that can enable you to look at your map, navigators, or mobile phones without having to remove them from the transparent pocket.

What We Like:

  • Multiple pouches
  • Lightweight and expandable 
  • Two-year limited warranty 
  • Valuable and reliable

What e don’t like:

  • Small magnets are not strong

4. Lozom Dual Functional Tank Bag
Lozom Dual Functional Tank Bag 1

Lozom Dual Functional Tank Bag

Highly versatile tank bag that may be used as a standalone item or in conjunction with other products. Provides an ideal way to carry your essential riding gear.

Lozon, a brand known for consistently producing some of the best motorcycle tank bags in-store do make sure the spaces their bags deliver and the long-lasting nature of the bag is credible and much valuable for rider use.

The Lozom dual-functional bag is quite durable enough to be used on majorly most motorcycles. It is capable of resisting high stress and for the strong materials it is made up of, the solid nature of the bag gives it a more economical value in evolving to be a more reliable bag to make use of.

But apart from its economical value, the Lozom also presents a more unique feature not too common in many tank bags.

It possesses a see-through pouch which seems to be one of a kind as you can easily put in your phone or navigators there to obtain directions while riding your motorcycle.

Its compartments are also a major add-on as it is able to hold anything in your pocket. It is also lightweight making it easy to handle and mobile-friendly. 

What We Like:

  • Numerous pockets 
  • Great zippers and waterproof
  • Added straps for more superior hold

What We Don’t Like:

  • A transparent pouch might be too small for plus-sized phones

5. Dracarys Motorcycle Tank Bag (Universal)
Dracarys Motorcycle Tank Bag Universal 1

Dracarys Motorcycle Tank Bag (Universal)

Made from polyester fabric and is water-resistant. It is also equipped with a reflective stripe on the front and two separate pockets on the side

Before you desire to own a durable tank bag with sophisticated abilities, do note that tank bags differ in their price range and value.

However, the Dracarys is one of a kind as it can quench your needs for a tank bag. It is affordable, reliable, durable, and a lot more stable to use.

Like most bags, the Dracarys bag consists of a magnetic base with four dispersed magnets under four different flaps. The flaps are designed to cover the entire fuel tank in a bid to get a good hold on the tank. There are also added straps in case your bags have more weight and thereby need more hold. 

And though the Dracarys is water-resistant and can a lot resist some form of dust formation or water splashes, it is not always recommended to submerge the entire bag in water. It reduces its efficiency and lifespan.

The Dracarys also comprises different compartments for storing various items while possessing a secure zipper to keep all sectors closed. The straps on this one can also help in easy handling and carrying.

What We Like:

  • Water-resistant.
  • Larger storage capacity plus a detachable belt 
  • Different sections for easy storage of materials
  • Powerful magnetic base
  • Cheap, strong, and durable

What We Don’t Like:

  • Scratches the metal tank
  • Weak stitches on the seams

6. Rynox Tank Bag – Optimus
Rynox Tank Bag – Optimus 1

Rynox Tank Bag – Optimus

Can easily hold a 1-litre water bottle and more items. The bag features a clear window to see its contents.

The Rynox Optimus is a cheap, durable, sturdy, and efficient tank bag for your metal tanks.

Not much of a complicated bag but also offers a sleek function as a large size bag capable of sitting conveniently on the tank without any complications.

It features fail-safe heavy-duty waterproof zippers and a highly reflective Rynox logo for added visibility at night. The protective pad also helps hold the bag firm without skidding or slipping off the bike. 

Mounting and dismounting of the Rynox on most motorcycles seem to be hassle-free as it sits well on the tank without coming in the way most times. You can also either mount it as either a tank bag or a tail bag, it all depends on preference.

Its fully expandable compartments can also be used for storing items from tools, mobiles to full-face helmets.

The Rynox tank bag is a very versatile bag with tuck-away shoulder straps that can be used to support as a backpack with a waterproof rain cover to protect from water.

What We Like:

  • Features a waterproof rain cover
  • Easy to install and dismount
  • Made up of durable polyester

What We Don’t Like:

  • Weak magnets


Having read through some of the products listed above, you might still not be too convinced in selecting one.

However, we would love it if you can do your research and check out the best in stores. Both physical and online.

Do you have any recommendations to make, kindly make use of the suggestion box to air your views?