Affordable & Quick Release Best Tank Bag For Klr In 2022

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Best Tank Bag For Klr- You will usually find a sea of choices when you are looking to add some additional storage to your ride, thus making it, even more, harder to select the right one needed for your motorcycle.

However, we’ve chosen a few of our valuable options based on assessments from existing customers, reviews and critical research from various sources.

Tanks bags are materials that are quite accessible without having to get off from one’s bike. This is a result of their pretty basic design and nature which ultimately makes them a better decision to prevent clutter. 

Most bags due to their makeup are usually magnetic and therefore easily clip to motorcycle tanks without having to fasten them around with ropes or belts or ropes. They are great at storing equipment that comes in different sizes and shapes making their storing capacity defer from one another.

Though the size is a major concern for most riders as many will be willing to go for a bag that has large storage areas with pocket inclusive, the mean of strapping to the tank should also be an important fact to notice.

With all this being said, then let’s dive in straight into the readily affordable and available tank bags for klr, your need for a tank bag, factors to consider while choosing one, and also accessories that do come with most tanks bags.

Affordable & Quick Release Best Tank Bag For Klr In 2022

Tank bags make use of the different strapping systems. The most common are the magnetic ones while others include the clamping and the harness type.

However, there is always a huge difference between these types whenever you are to make a selection.

The price difference usually boils down to the attachment type, the size of the tank bag, its other features and the quality of the build.

Quickly, here are the six best affordable tank bags for klrs you can choose just for their quality and cost-efficiency.

Let’s Get Started!

1. GIVI EA106B Magnetic Tank Bag
GIVI EA106B Magnetic Tank Bag

GIVI EA106B Magnetic Tank Bag

Designed to fit on the tank of a motorcycle. It’s great for a quick trip or when you need to carry more than just your helmet and riding gear.

The Givi tank bag is one designed to perfectly fit most motorcycles with metal tanks by making use of two removable magnets placed underneath the bag. 

Nevertheless, you can also use the included straps (four in number) to attach it to a tank fitting system if you possess a plastic tank. This, therefore, makes it one of the best tank bags you can get just for its versatility.

Also included in the Givi EA106B are two side pockets for storing accessories like mobile phones, tablets, keys, books, etc. They duly ensure the safety of your belongings and can efficiently protect them from weather changes.

The rain cover included in this one ensures your valuables are kept dry from water and the reflective accents adding extra visibility at night.

The Givi bag is made up of TPE coated 600D polyester that is durable and pretty much resistant to ultraviolet light and water.

This tank bag however proves to be the most efficient for many motorcycles as riders can rest assured of the bag not skidding off while on top speed.

What We Like:

  • Six litter storage capacity
  • Shoulder strap for easy handling
  • Easy to fit with an anti-skid material used on the base.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Weak and small
  • A bit costly

2. Dracarys Magnetic Tank Bag
Dracarys Magnetic Tank Bag

Dracarys Magnetic Tank Bag

Perfect for storing all your essentials, the Dracarys Magnetic Tank Bag is a durable and safe way to transport your items.

Measuring 13.78 x 9.05 x 4.7 inches in size, the Dracarys tank bag is the perfect bag for your klr motor ride.

It possesses a strong magnet that grips easily and can be fastened to the motorcycle tank in no time. Additional straps or belts are provided to avoid losing valuables or the bag in total.

This tank bag is quite durable enough to sustain stress and ensure the safety of materials placed inside of it. It is made out of strong oxford fabric and a cell phone pouch of clear PVC.

The Dracarys is usually one of the most suitable tank bags riders can efficiently use irrespective of their rides as its design makes it extremely perfect for riding easily.

What We Like:

  • Strong fabric for protection of accessories
  • Durable and of good quality
  • Pocket design specially designed for phones or navigators

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not waterproof

3. OHMOTOR Motorcycle Tank Bag
OHMOTOR Motorcycle Tank Bag

OHMOTOR Motorcycle Tank Bag

Stylish, waterproof and convenient bag for storing your belongings. This tank bag is designed to optimize storage space for the motorcycle rider. 

This one coming with an adaptability feature makes it suit well for many motorbikes except for plastic aluminium and irregularly shaped motorcycle tanks.

Designed to have two reflective bars on it, the OHMOTOR can usually enhance your safety while driving at night. It is also water-resistant and consists of a tear-resistant nylon fabric that is very durable and of good quality.

The magnets at the base of this one are quite strong enough to prevent skidding of the bag. and the hook and loop fasteners can also allow for easy changing of the magnets whenever there is a need to.

A major feature quite prominent with the OHMOTOR tank bag is the easiness of disassembling without much hassle. Its multi-pocket system can also allow for easy storage of goods and then a high-quality two-way zipper to prevent fall-offs.

What We Like:

  • Easy to disassemble and lightweight 
  • Features a PVC clear phone pouch 
  • Secure buckle or strap for easy handling

What We Don’t Like:

  • A bit costly

4. Nelson-Rigg RG-1045 Tank Bag
Nelson Rigg RG 1045 Tank Bag

Nelson-Rigg RG-1045 Tank Bag

The Nelson Rigg RG-1045 Tank Bag is a spacious and versatile bag that can be mounted perfectly on the back of a seat.

Made of top-quality polyester, the Nelson-Rigg is capable of keeping your materials safe from UV light, and also keep out dust and dirt.

It is a two-pound item designed to fit any motorcycle with its easy-to-release belts for refuelling and quick mounting.

It features an outstanding design that can easily fit in cell phones, gloves, tools, books, snacks all within its storage space which is expandable when more room is needed.

The protective base material on this tank bag also helps prevent tarnishing of tank paint, slipping, or skidding off while in motion. The straps are also quite durable and allow for tight clipping and easy removal whenever there is a need to.

The Nelson-Rigg is long-lasting and comes with a rain cover to prevent extreme damage to your products in cases of weather changes. It s a very effective tank bag that is worth every penny spent on it as it proves to be a very high-end product to acquire as a rider.

What We Like:

  • Easy to install
  • The added base material to prevent scratching to tank paint 
  • Durable and of great quality
  • Reliable straps for simple handling

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not waterproof
  • No separation inside of the bag

5. Kawasaki KLR650 Tank Bag -Black
Kawasaki KLR650 Tank Bag Black

Kawasaki KLR650 Tank Bag -Black

Affordable and made of high-quality materials. The Kawasaki KLR650 Tank Bag is durable and will last a long time.

This rugged, water-resistant tank bag is one of the most suitable bags that fit perfectly on most fuel tanks of many motorcycles, especially Kawasaki.

It is very firm with its nylon construction and does not distort in the wind while riding due to the reinforced foam body and lid to hold its shape. This is a needed feature to ensure it does not interfere and goes unnoticed while riding in rough terrain.

It also has an expandable storage capacity that can conveniently fit eight to ten litres of valuables and also a removable lid that opens toward you fit easy access and storage of your materials.

What We Like:

  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting and of excellent quality
  • Fits tightly

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not waterproof

Features to Consider While Choosing a Tank Bag

With both hands on the ride, the most efficient way to easily get one’s accessories without climbing off is usually through the use of tank bags.

You might be needing to carry just a few materials making the use of cheap tank bags the most capable bags of getting the job done. It may not be long-lasting or waterproof but will surely serve its purpose for a longer time.

To prevent quick damages to these tank bags, it is usually needful if you consider some factors before choosing and bag. Some factors to consider are listed below;

I. Expandable Storage Space

Irrespective of the kind of tank bag size you choose, the ones with an expandable storage feature are often the best. They provide enough space when needed and can also shrink to make the bag less bulky.

II. Waterproofing

Even if the tank bag claims to be waterproof on its own,  a very durable tank bag should ensure a rain cover or other form of waterproofing should come in handy.

This is intended to ensure all of your materials are kept safe and prevented from destruction whenever you do embark on long rides.

III. Mounting System

Tank bags can be attached to your motorcycle using either straps, magnets, or bike-specific tank rings. Each system however has its importance and drawbacks.

There are always different tank bags for different bikes. For the klr rides, the most efficient will always be the magnetic tank bags just for the design and shape of the motorcycle. They are much easy to attach as no straps are included in this.  However, you need to have a metal tank to enjoy this sleek feature.

IV. Reviews and Ratings

Since a product looks good and pleasing to use, reviews from existing customers do help most times in choosing the best out of a jumble.

Do always ensure detailed research is achieved before putting in your resources to acquire a tank bag.


The best tank bags are not always those of great designs and shapes, but more of bags with a good mounting system, an ability to prevent tank scratches, very secure closures, durable bag handles as well as good rain covers to prevent damage to your materials.