List of Best Place to Mount Off Road Lights In 2022

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Best Place to Mount Off Road Lights – If you’ve decided to get an off-road light for your vehicle, you’ve got to look out for the best place to mount an off-road lighting system.

Putting some additional lighting on your car requires that you choose the right off-road lighting system and install it where optimum visibility from different directions can be achieved. – All of which contribute to a much safer off-road riding experience.

Figuring out where to mount the lighting system might come after purchasing, however, it is advisable to know where you want to get the lights placed. You might want to check out an article on factors to consider when choosing off-road lights.

List of Best Place To Mount Off Road Lights in 20222

We’ve shown you how to choose a perfect off-road light for your SUV, but what about where to mount them for the best performance? When it comes to installing an off-road lighting system in 2021, there are places like:

  • The Bumper
  • Above Windshield
  • The Windshield Pillars
1. The Bumper

The bumper area is the easiest and commonplace to mount your lights due to the ease of installing and no need for prior technical know-how. Jeep bumpers like Poison Spyder, Smittytilt, and nFad come with built-in lighting mounts that simplify installation.

But in the case your bumpers does not feature a built-in lighting mounts, off-road lighting system like Auxbeam LED Pods 18W, Cutequeen LED Spot Light for Off-Road comes with best quality materials.

Other than ease of installation, one of those things that make the bumper an ideal place to mount your lighting system is that the light travels ahead of you as it’s low to the ground. Hence, It is the best place to mount lights that can provide illumination, even in the most extreme area.

A major drawback of mounting lights on the bumper is that it’s fixed, the light only points in the same angle and directions as the headlights. Hence they don’t illuminate new areas.

2. Above Windshield (A-Pillar)

When there’s a need to illuminate a much wider area, the A-Pillar is another perfect spot to mount floodlight. Though installing a lighting system on this spot seem hard compared to other best place to mount off-road lights, the light reaches a greater area.

There is also the issue of the lights mounted on the location increasing your vehicle height.

It’s worth noting that if you are in an area with few wide opens, having the lighting above the windshield may not deliver maximum visibility.

3. The Windshield Pillars

Your vehicle pillars are another place to consider when looking for the best place to mount your off-road lighting system, especially for jeep wranglers that come with their own windshield mounting device. However, if you own a different jeep model, you need some drillings.

One of the benefits of choosing this position is that the lights can easily be adjusted and angled to increase the visibility of the sides of the four-wheeler. While you are getting the right off-road lighting system for the windshield pillars, do not mount the lighting system that is too large as they obstruct your views when driving.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Off-Road Lights in 2022

Perhaps you haven’t about having an off-road light mounted on your vehicle or yet to decide the right place to get it mounted? Or you are clueless about the one to choose out of the variety out there?

In Step-by-Step Guide on How To Choose an Off-Road Light, we discussed how having an off-road can enhance the outdoor experience, family exploration, nighttime adventures, use for transportation and make it possible to see better.

  • Night-time adventures.
  • Family exploration.
  • Transportation and Recovery.
  • Better visibility.
1. Night Time Adventures

Night-time adventures are one of the uncommon benefits of having an off-road light on your vehicle. You can light up obstacles and people, seeing different things happening around you. In short, it helps eliminates guesswork when visibility matters.

2. Family Exploration

Are you traveling dirt road at night looking for the best campsite or on a night tour with your family? With a properly installed off-road lighting system, you can see better than using your car factory headlights.

Also, properly installed off-road lights will enable you to set up your camp tent, cook, and make seeing in the dark less of a concern.

3. Transportation and Recovery

An off-road light mounted on your vehicle can help you back up a trailer at night, load a vehicle, carry out recoveries and rescues.

4. Better Visibility

Visibility at night is a huge reason to have off-road lights mounted on your vehicle. Off-road lighting systems like 2 PACK 7″ LED offroad Pod Lights Bar 51W allow you to see better than factory headlights.


We discussed the best place to mount your off-road lights, the pros, and cons of each position, and recommendations of the best off-road lighting system you can trust.

With the common places to mount lights to a car discussed above, you should be able to compare the options and choose the best base on the type of lighting system you’d get from either a physical or online store.

Do you have contributions to make on the list of the best places to mount off-road lights? Let us know through the comment box.