Step-by-Step Guide on How To Reset Car Alarm Remote

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Step-by-Step Guide on How To Reset Car Alarm Remote – Over time, the car alarm remote has often been attached with the key fob. Although this could be separated by car experts.

And the immense technological advancement in automobiles globally, manufacturers now attach the car alarm remote as a means of convenience.

If your car is a new or recent brand, it will have the car alarm remote attached to it. Car alarm remotes were made primarily for convenience. Now, using a car alarm remote, you’ll get access to your car alarm easily from a close and far distance.

However, the car alarm remote may begin to malfunction and could be difficult to use. In this case, it becomes discomfort. Sometimes, there could be a panic in your alarm, and shutting it off may be quite impossible as a result of this. This could be frustrating, right!

Default in a car alarm remote may be as a result of a dead remote battery and should be checked. Well, if otherwise, how to reset the alarm remote is the area of contention here, isn’t it? Nevertheless, this article is equipped with the necessary information to reset the car alarm remote.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Reset Car Alarm Remote in 2022

When you hear peeping from your car alarm, you probably would point your fob key towards the car to stop the peeping right? But what to do when you’re unable to stop the alarm from chirping. To reset your car alarm remote for easier access to your car alarm, follow these few steps.

First, slot your key through the ignition, switching it over to the “ON” position. Click twice before actually turning it on. Afterward, turn the key to the OFF position and take it out of the ignition. Before you push the lock button on your key, wait for a few seconds while the alarm peeps again. 

Then long press and hold the “Lock” button on your car remote for a second. Although some car remotes are made in a way that only car manufacturers can reset them. However, follow up the process by closing and opening up the car door at least four times until you hear a noise from the lock. This should place the car remotely in reprogramming mode. Now, you can reset the alarm.

Nevertheless, if this doesn’t work, then refer to the owner’s manual to reset different remotes in the car. Although, if you still don’t find assistance to reset the remote, then you can always check on Program Your Remote (PYR) online. There, you’ll find almost every car remote manual.

How Do I Reprogram A Key Fob?

Understanding how to reprogram your car remote or key fob is important. There are different ways by which you can reprogram your car key fob. However, here are some easy steps to doing so.

Step 1 – Replace your key Fob batteries

If you’ve been using your car for a while now, it is important to replace your key fob batteries with new ones as the old ones may be tired and worn. Regular replacement of your key fob battery allows it to function properly.

Step 2 – Enter The Car and Turn on the Ignition

Using the driver’s door, enter your car with all doors properly closed and turn the ignition to the “On” position to warm up the electrical system. Note, all doors must remain closed during the process otherwise they’ll be obstructed. Also, ensure you didn’t place the ignition system on radio mode and do not start up the engine.

Step 3 – Press the Lock Button on the Remote

Tap on the lock button on your car remote while the key is still in the ON position of the ignition. This process should be carried on at least 3 consecutive times. This serves as an indicator of your electric control passing a signal that your key has been placed in the ignition and saves the data afterward.

Step 4 – Listen to your Lock Sounds

Having repeated the process you should hear your lock sound to indicate that you’ve entered the programming mode. AftAfterwardap on the lock button again and within five seconds the programming would have been successful.

Step 5 – Reset the Fob

 Do this by, pressing and holding the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. Your car should chime to indicate it has been reset.

Step 6 – Program other Remotes and Turn off the Ignition

In case of any additional remote, press the lock button in 10 seconds when you’ve entered the programming mode and program those remotes as well. Afterward, it’s time to turn off the ignition and quit the programming process.

Step 7 – Test the Results

Finally, you can step out of the vehicle and try testing the results. Verify the functions of all the key fobs you have programmed.

How Do I Erase My Car Alarm Remote Memory?

Most often, to erase and reprogram your car remote, the right diagnostic tool is required to be used. It’s because of its immobilizer which is normally authorized by dealers to have access. Meanwhile, use a suitable OBD2 diagnostic tool to carry out this task. 

However, it is important to note that not all general scanners perform this and you would most times require a specific tool for your car model. Also, if the programming is for your lock and unlocks features, the method is quite the same in a standard key.


Your car alarm remote was manufactured to assist you on and off your car alarm. But system failure can be an issue. Therefore, if the car alarm remote becomes a problem, then it is important to reset it accordingly for easier use. To do this, you may decide to improvise or take up the above guide.

If you are unable to reset your car alarm remote yourself, it is advisable to take it to a car dealer in your local residence. They will help you with the appropriate method to carry out the reset. Finally, you could also attempt to reprogram your car remotes with the step provided earlier.

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