5 Tips on How To Remove Stains from Car Seats Quickly

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How To Remove Stains from Car Seats Quickly – get rid of that stain on your car seat and make it look attractive once again. Removing stains from car seats irrespective of time isn’t a glamorous job, but it is necessary.

This blog post by Judith W Sparling will explore everything you need to know on how to get rid of stains from your car seats. Other than being easy to implement, you do not need to break the bank nor have prior experience, either.

Irrespective of reviews you read on forums, there are stain removal methods and tips that work. Here we discuss them and other things you need to know.

5 Tips on How To Remove Stains from Car Seats Quickly

Before you begin to remove stain from your car seats, there are things you needed to know. One of them is to know the type of stain you are dealing with.

Is the stain caused by coffee that went flying when you hit a dump? Or chewing gum? or your pet poo? Irrespective of what got your car seats stained, the following tips should help:

Step 1: Know Your Stain

The first step to cleaning your car seat stain is identifying its type and knowing how long it has been sticking to the seat. Car stains can be from beverage, sauce, cigarette, dust and dirt, pet hair and fluids, food, cosmetics e.t.c.

Once you know the type of stain you are, and the condition, you can easily come up with the right kit or products you will use to get rid of it.

Step 2: Get a Car Seat Cleaner or Kits

Just like a car every other car maintenance, car seat removal is a process that requires the application of different products and techniques for true stain removal. Professionals use car seat cleaners like Turtle Wax T440R2W OXY Interior 1 Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Stain Remover or Lithium Hyper Cleanse- All-Purpose Cleaner

However, some make use of car stain cleaning equipment and chemicals like the spray bottle, soft bristle brush, bottle, Lukewarm water, Hard bristle brush e.t.c.

Step 3: Spray Lukewarm Water on The Stain

After identification, the next thing is to spray some lukewarm water over the areas and allow it to get soaked for 5 minutes or more. After some minutes, you’d notice some of the stains start to lose and that is the time to get them scrubbed. – Doing this will let you know if the stains are coming off.

Note: Make sure you only spray the water and not get the seats over-soaked.

Step 4: Soak The Stain With Car Seats Cleaner

If scrubbing after spraying lukewarm water fails, the next thing is to saturate the affected area with a seat cleaner solution.

However, in some cases, you need to dilute the car seat cleaner of your choice to prevent it from damaging your car seats. Make sure you read the instructional manual. In most cases, applying junks of car stain removal will loosen the bonds between the car seats and stain.

Step 5: Scrub The Affected Area With Brush

The next thing after the application of seat cleaner is to use a brush that is not too soft nor hard to scrub the stains. Do this until you get rid of the stains. Doing this will help loosen the stains and make them easy to remove.

It is worth noting that doing this most gently would help return the texture and quality of the material.

Step 6: Clean With Microfiber Towel

After you are done with scrubbing, the next thing to do is clean the dirty layer with a microfiber towel. But make sure a single side you use a single side of the towel.

Furthermore, clean the whole seat to clear the slight show of discoloration. They would make the seats look cleaner.

Step 7: Dry the Seat

After the whole cleaning process, you will notice the seats are slightly damp due to the after and cleaner used. Open your window and let sunlight get it dried. Alternatively, you can make use air dryer or set up a portable fan.

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5 Common Car Seat Stain Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

When you are at getting stains on your car seats, you will make mistakes, especially as a beginner. However, you can avoid that with the list of common car seat cleaning mistakes to avoid:

  • Excessive scrubbing.
  • Using stiff brush too much.
  • Soaking with excessive water.
  • Scrubbing from middle to edge.
  • Use of sub-standard materials.
  • Leaving stains for months without cleaning.
1. Using Stiff Brush Too Much

Using hard bristle brushes for scrubbing is the first thing that comes to mind when there is a need for car seat cleaning. However, using a stiff brush consistently can cause damages to the car seats. Even when you want to use a hard bristle brush, use it occasionally.

2. Excessive Scrubbing

Excessive scrubbing is another mistake car owners and inexperienced car detailers make. No doubt scrubbing help gets rid of stains, but instead of going hard, it’s advisable to saturate the stains with lukewarm water and car seat cleaner before scrubbing.

3. Soaking With Excessive Water

Soaking your car seats with excessive water is another mistake you need to avoid at all costs. Drenching your car seats with unnecessary waters means that you need to wait for days or spend more time looking for ways to get it dried as soon as possible.

4. Scrubbing from Middle To Edge

If you are removing stains from your car seats for the first time make sure you start the cleaning from the hard contours or edges of the seat and then move to the middle part of the seat.  Moving from the middle to the corner will not only get the seats damaged but also make them look bad

5. Use of Sub-standard Materials

Quality over quantity at any time.

Do not opt for sub-standard materials of cleaning kits if you really want to maintain your car seat materials’ texture and quality. Also, do not use detergents to clean your car seats for whatever reasons.

6. Leaving Stains for Long Without Cleaning

When it comes to dealing with stain removal, the sooner the better for you. Leaving it for long will make it very hard to remove. Once you notice the stain, it is best to get them removed within the next couple of days.

And if you are too busy or have no idea how to get rid of car seat stains, you can look for a professional near you to get it done.


When it comes to how to remove stains from car seats, there are different ways to get it done. Here, we focused on how to car seat stain removal, microfiber towel, and scrubbing brush.

These tips will help keep your car seat quality irrespective of how they get stained and in this article, we recommend the best car seat stain removal you can trust. We hope our guide on how to get rid of car seat stains has been helpful.