4 Tips on How To Bypass Car Alarm To Start Car Explained

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4 Tips on How To Bypass Car Alarm To Start Car  –  Many car owners may not know that there are means to bypass a car alarm and access a car.

Well, this is a trick every car owner should understand. How do you start a car without colliding with the alarm system?

Over time, the world has witnessed the advancement of global technology in automobiles, the aim is to reduce the uprising theft in automobiles. 

Though as technology advances, thieves become smarter, in which your car could startup without the alarm coming off. Most times it occurs due to the carelessness of the owner, as the car windows may not be fully locked. Through which one can access the car by just putting his hands through the window and unlocking the car from the inside.

Nevertheless, this article should reveal some major insights on how to bypass a car alarm to start up a car. 

4 Steps on How To Bypass Car Alarm To Start Car?

In bypassing your alarm to start your car, the following means your car can start up without triggering the alarm. Here are some step-by-step guide to doing so; 

Step 1 – Open Your Driver’s Side Door

This involves mostly two steps. One is through the use of the traditional key. This is done by putting the key into the key slot on the driver’s door or pressing the push button on the driver’s door. 

While the second involves the use of the hidden button on the key fob. You find the hidden button on your key fob by locating a tiny button therein. This should unlock the alarm without any key.

Step 2 – Turn on The Ignition

Start by inserting the key into the ignition, attempt to start up the car engine by cranking over, this should immediately stop the car alarm. A chip code is then generated directly from the car that switches off the alarm during this process.

Step 3 – Search For The Alarm Fuse

You can locate the alarm fuse at the left part of any vehicle beneath the steering wheel. The compartment section of the engine could come in 3-4 boxes in some vehicles.

Meanwhile, the fuse of the alarm installed could be found on the hood wire which is attached to the positive terminal of the car battery. In the fuse box, you would discover a diagram that helps you to reach the box. After reaching the box, pull off the fuse connected to the car alarm. 

Step 4 – Understanding The Warning and Tips

It is important to refer to the car manufacturer’s manual for beneficial and tactical solutions. This mostly applies to those with a smart key or a push-button key.

Guide on How To Disable Your Car Alarm?

On disabling your alarm follow these easy steps;

Step 1 – Seek the help of a Mechanic

You can temporarily fix a car alarm before seeking the help of a professional mechanic. It is important to note that car alarms are primarily anti-theft and when tampered with can be difficult to install back. Some cars could stop from starting as a security system again.

Step 2 – Understand the Basis of the Alarm System

It is important to understand the various components of the alarm system before disabling it. The car alarm system comprises the control unit, alarm transmitter, sensor, siren, and wires. All of this works hand-to-hand to function as it does.

Step 3 – Disconnect the Battery

To achieve this, open the hood and unscreen the negative terminal using a socket wrench. This is often a safety measure you must adhere to as it could be dangerous messing around with the electric system

Step 4 – Search for the Alarm System

If your car alarm is in a factory setting, refer to the car’s manual for an easier guide. Check beneath the hood near the steering wheel, the car alarm system is often placed there. Before this, if your car is an aftermarket you can find the alarm system anywhere in the vehicle but most times you find it beneath the steering wheel.

Step 5 – Disconnect Wires

There are often several wires connected to the alarm control unit. Removing the wires attached to the control unit and the siren are two possible ways to disable and silent the alarm respectively.

Step 6 – Reconnect the Batteries and Test the Cars

This is the final step, after concluding with the wires, reconnect your battery and start the car to see if the alarm has been disabled.

What To Know on How Does The Car Alarm Function

Car alarms are like the watchdog of the car, thereby situations like car tilting during unauthorized towing, microwaves, Ultrasounds may occur during the alarm. 

However, the car alarm was pre-designed to perform an alerting function when something goes wrong. Its primary duty is to help prevent the car from being stolen, thereby releasing a very loud sound when tampered with. The car battery sends the required voltage to the alarm system thereby producing vibration and a fast sharp sound.

The navigation and alarm system was put in place to assist the improvement of the control level of the car. If a car is stolen, the ping signal helps to locate it. 

During thunderstorms, an accidental touch, or a truck passing, the car alarm may be triggered, well the sensor could be adjusted to correct this. The key fob serves as a remote controller for the car alarm to enable you to turn it off during high-pitch sounds from a distance.

Issues In The Car Security System

The car security system is an integrated channel that controls the operational unit of the car with the aid of the BCM and PCM. Also, when the security system is down, you will experience a shutdown in the ignition unit and the fuel as well. 

Sometimes, a car alarm that has been set off would stop on its own in a few minutes without any access to the car remote or a key fob to turn it off. Although the loud sound from the car alarm may be for security, it could become a nuisance when it has a failed key fob to turn it off. 

Most times, the car security system could be attached or connected to the Body Control Module (BCM), or the electrical system in deterring theft. However, car security imitates a theft situation after being repaired.


It’s very easy to bypass a car alarm once you have the right tools and access to the right info.

Yeah, there are varieties of information on the internet with the tag ” How to bypass car alarm easily”, however, not all works. With the information you have read here, you should be able to do that effectively.

And in a situation where you find it difficult to bypass your car alarm yourself, you should consult professionals.