How Much Are Car Roof Racks for Car in 2022

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How Much Are Car Roof Racks for Car – Do you know how much does a roof rack cost? In this post, Shemar Roob Min discussed extensively the price of a roof cost, factors that influence the price and tips to choose the best that is worth roof rack that are worth the money out there.

You are in the need of a roof rack that is affordable, yet of quality?

This is your first time buying a car roof rack, and you are clueless about the price or which one to choose?

How much is the price of the roof rack for my SUV? These questions seem insignificant, yet only a few can provide answers to them perfectly. This post will answer these questions for you.

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Tips on How Much are Car Roof Racks for Car? What Is a Fair Price?

Price is an important factor when buying any accessories on the market. A good car roof rack depends on factors such as the materials used, vehicle year, vehicle brand, model if you want a new/old rack and aerodynamic profile.

There are varieties of car roof racks available in physical stores and online shops. On online stores like Amazon, roof rack prices range from $10 to $200 above.

Within this price range are varieties of roof racks priced based on the car brand, mounting position and materials used.

Below is a collated review of the best car roof racks, putting factors such as versatility, water sports, affordability, naked roofs, aerodynamics e.t.c

1. MaxxHaul Roof Rack 150 lb. Capacity 

When it comes to transportation, this is one of the best roof racks out there The MaxxHaul 46″ x 36″ x 4- 1/2 comes with instant cargo space for cars with crossbars.

Other than its ease of installation, this roof rack has a universal mounting system that will work effectively on crossbars with a .60″ to 1.50″ thickness.

The instruction manual it comes with is easy to follow and take around 30 to 40 minutes for installation. It’s solid when installed properly and doesn’t move at all.


  • Sturdy and easy to install.
  • Good craftsmanship.
  • Simple to put together.
  • Affordable, but quality.


  • Hard to take off.

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2. Inno Racks Sports Car Top Mount

Are you a water game enthusiast looking for a rack that can accommodate your paddleboards, wind boards, canoes, longboards or kayaks at a time? Think of no other than Inno Racks Water Sports Car Top Mount. Like MaxxHaul, it features a universal mounting system that a fitting square, round, Aero and most factory bars.

It also features ratchet straps that make it possible and convenient to tight your board and boat with integrated hand knobs.

For protection, this roof rack comes have a rubber coating on the straps and adjustable corner pads to protect your boards and boats from scuffs and scratches during transportation. If you are looking for a roof rack for water sport that will make loading and unloading easy with its floating strap system, this is it.


  • Flexible loading system.
  • Faster secure.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Worth the money.


  • It does not fit 2012 Rav 4.
  • High noise levels.

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3. Whispbar Through Bar Roof Rack System

For its ease of use, Whispbar Through Bar Roof Rack System is another roof rack to look out for. Beyond usability, It offers more in terms of how of how air moves through it and has 4 towers that make mounting on the standard roof rails an option.

Attach to Yakima Whispbar Through Bar Roof-Rack System are four Smart feet mount that help prevents a car from getting scratch. Also, the bars are made to be used with different amounts as they can easily be removed.

One of those things that makes the Yakima Whispbar Through Bar Roof-Rack System stand out is that it supports up to  220 lbs load capacity.


  • It’s very quiet
  • Easy installation
  • It holds kayak nicely
  • Looks nice on the car.


  • Make noise when on bumpy roads.

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4. PerryCraft Aventura Black “48 Roof Rails

For a car that comes without a roof rack from the factory, the AVXX48-B Aventura Black 48″ Long Drill-in Installation Roof Rail will make it easy to explore different roof racks out there.

Other than its ability to fit with a different types of roof racks, Mont Gripper can be attached to achieve an adjustable and versatile 220 lbs load-carrying capacity.

For all, its design and features, Perrycraft AVXX48-B Aventura Black 48″ Long Drill-in Installation Roof Rail are ideal for minivans, pickups, CUVs, SUVs and full-size vehicle. It is worth noting that this rack is made with.

Furthermore, perrycraft is made with Structural T-6 aluminium and coated with powder, both of which provide years of function and beauty.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong and hard to bend
  • Available in sizes.
  • Powder-coated


  • Cheap plastic bracket.

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5. Rhino-Rack 2500 Series Aero 2 Bar and Leg Roof Rack Set

This versatile roof rack is perfect is one of the best out there for the moving of heavy out equipment like Kayaks.

What makes it unique is that it can fit on vehicles without rails. That makes it mountable on the rear and front door. Hence it can be used on different vehicles, SUVs to sedans and it features a lock mechanism to prevent theft.


  • Ideal for movement of a large object.
  • Available for cars of different sizes.
  • Comes in different lengths.


  • Only ideal for cars without stock rails.

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6. Yakima SupDawns Paddle Board Carrier

The Yakima SupDawns Paddle Board Carrier is a specialized board that is designed to be specifically used for stand up paddle (SUP) boards. It comes with everything needed to carry 2 surfboards or paddleboards, all of which is made possible because of its SKS locks and straps.

It can be mounted in minutes due to the presence of integrated rollers. – This ease the process of loading oversized SUP boards on the car.

Furthermore, the Yakima SupDawns Paddle Board is padded protected and protect the boards from dings and scratches.


  • Relatively easy to use.
  • Locks for both straps and mounts.
  • Glossy finished.


  • More can be done to the strap sewing

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Here we’ve discussed how many are car roof racks for a car in 2021 and then a review of the best car roof racks that are worth the money.