How Long Should My RV Drinking Water Hose Be?

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A water hose is an essential item to have in your RV. It helps you to conveniently do a lot of cleanup and necessary tasks. But the key concern is how much water hose you actually need.

You are not required to have lots of things when setting up your RV. However, there are essential items that will have to be on board before setting out for your first camping in your RV.

These essential items include wheel chocks, leveling blocks, a surge protector, and water and sewer hoses. 

As you proceed with your RV adventure, other items such as a water pressure regulator, sewer support hose, and tire pressure monitoring system will also have to be acquired. 

As a beginner, you might have lots of questions about your RV hoses to make things function properly. This article will provide an in-depth guide about the length of your RV drinking water and other related questions. 

How Long Should My Rv Drinking Water Hose Be?

How Long Should My RV Drinking Water Hose Be?

The length of the drinking water hose needed in your van will be determined by where you’re camping. You might want to go for a 50-ft drinking water hose if you will be camping at national parks because there might be a long distance between the spigots and the campsites.

If you will be camping at Rv parks or resorts that are equipped with full hookups, a 25ft-drinking water hose should be enough to get the job done. However, the length of your van will also be important when getting a drinking water hose. 

If your van’s fifth wheel is 40 long, a 50ft drinking water hose will be ideal which will allow you to connect the hook to the front of your van if the hookup is located at the rear of your campsite.

However, if your van is a teardrop travel trailer, you might not have the need of getting a 50ft drinking water hose. 

What RV Hoses Do I Need?

If you will be camping at a campsite that is equipped with full hookup electrics, water, and sewer, it is important to have a drinking water hose, and a hose to empty your tanks. Using just a hose for both purposes is not advisable as it is dangerous to your health. 

Even if you are embarking on dry camping, you will still have to go with both hoses as there will be a need to fill up your fresh water tank and empty the black water tank at the dumping station. 

We will be providing more information about both hoses below. 

– Water Hoses

Your drinking water hose is required to be long enough to reach the spigot located at your campsite. However, you cannot easily guess where the spigot will be located in a camp which is why most RV owners purchase the 50 drinking water hoses or travel with two 25 drinking water hoses that can be attached if required. 

You also have to double-check your drinking water hose and make sure it is manufactured with safe materials in consideration of your health. Hoses that contains BPA and leads should not be used as drinking water hose. 

Some drinking water hoses are kink-free which results in such hoses lasting for a long duration.  You also have to look out for hoses that have reinforced designs as twisting and scuffing of a hose can result in crack and tear. 

For proper identification, it is also important to make sure the drinking water hose and the sewer hose are of different colors which will prevent you from making use of the wrong hose. 

– Sewer Hoses

You will be purchasing two different types of sewer hoses for your RV. one of these hoses will look similar to the regular drinking water hose which is why it is important to make sure they are of two different colors. This is the hose that will be used when flushing out your black water tank. 

The other sewer hose is the one that gets attached to the sewer hookups. This hose is essential in both full hookup camps and at the dumping station. With this hose, you will be able to connect the base of your van to the tank valve while the other end of the hose will be connected to the ground and attached to the sewer. 

There are two different hoses that are commonly made available at dump stations. One functions to fill your fresh water tank if you are dry camping while the other is for cleaning your black water tank. It is important to take note of these two hoses and not get both confused. 

How Many Hoses Should I Carry In My RV?

It is always advisable to have an extra hose available in your van when camping. There are situations where you will only notice that your hose has got rotted after your last camping when you’re already at your campsite.

Without an extra hose in this situation, you will have to go dry camping. 

When camping in winter, you might also want to add a heated water hose to your van. Heated water hoses are equipped with electric elements and insulation that ensures you don’t freeze.

This hose can also function as a normal drinking water hose when not plugged in. this type of hose is quite expensive unlike the regular drinking water hose and you might choose not to have one with you unless you plan on camping in a below-freezing temperature for a long period. 

How Do I Store My Hoses In An RV?

Some RV owners choose to store their hoses in the rear bumper. However, the hoses don’t usually fit in. there is also a sewer hose carrier that is attached to the frame beneath the van. Storing your drinking water hose apart from your sewer hoses is important and should be done always. 

You also have to make sure these hoses are stored in a container or tube to prevent the outdoor storage compartment from getting wet when water trickles out of the stored hostess. 

Can I Make Use Of A Regular Hose In My RV?

For your black water tank, you can make use of the regular garden hose. However, it is important to purchase a BPA-free and lead-free hose as your drinking water hose. 

The other sewer hose that connects the underneath of your van to the sewer ground is also a specially made hose that comes with certain fittings that are unavailable on your regular garden hose. 


Hoses are essential items that should be present in your RV. without hoses, you will not be able to fill up your freshwater tank with water when it gets empty, and you will also not be able to get rid of the waste present in your black water tank which would result in overflowing with your van smelling so bad and everywhere getting messy. 

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