List Of 13 Best Givi Tank Bag Money Can Buy 2021

Best Tank Bag For Ducati Scrambler

Finding the best Givi tank bag will not only help your sense of adventure and freedom. But also put your mind at rest that you are getting one of the reliable tank bag manufacturers out there.

Givi’s history began in 1978 and has over the years produce the best soft bass, cases, helmet and spoilers out there. In this section, we’ll be looking at the best Givi magnetic tank bag and givi non-magnetic tank bags.

And towards the end of this blog post, we’ll look into things you need should consider to get the best tank bag for your needs.

List Of 10 Best Givi Tank Bag Money Can Buy 2021

Givi’s history began in 1978 and has over the years produce the best soft bass, cases, helmet and spoilers out there. In this section, we’ll be looking at the best Givi magnetic tank bag and givi non-magnetic tank bags.

And towards the end of this blog post, we’ll look into factors you should consider before you get the best tank bag for your needs.

Let’s Get Started

1. Givi XS320 15 LTR Expandable Tanklock Bag

The Givi Xs320, the first on our list of Givi bags does not only has enough storage, but it also has a transparent cover where you can put your navigation map.

Its locking mechanism works well but seems difficult to disengage without prior experience. Nonetheless, you can easily engage the lock to get the bag secure. In addition to coming with enough storage capacity of 15L, it is waterproof without using a rain cover.

However, for use on the Kawasaki Vorsy 650 2015-2019 or any other motorcycle model, you need the Givi BF26 Tanklock Tank Bag Mounting Flange.

2. Givi  Sport-T TanklockED Tank Bag

The brand Givi is known for making high-quality tank bags for motorcycles, and this bag is no exception. It is easy to handle for the first time and has side reflective inserts that aid visibility.

If you’re looking for a waterproof tank bag, look no further than the Givi Sport-T TanklooED as it is IX5 rated.

Another thing you’ll love about this tank bag is that it has a lock type that can be matched to a side-case security lock. Hence ensure increased security.

It’s noteworthy that you need a Givi BF bike-specific ring type, which is sold separately before you can mount it on the tank.

3. Givi ST605 Tank Bag

Are you looking for a rugged tank bag that you can use to carry essentials? Look no other than the Givi ST605 tank bag. It is well constructed and has a soft padded interior.

With a storage capacity of 5L, it is nothing compare to tank bags like Givi Xs3320 but has space you can keep your hat, bottle of water, small tools, tire gauge and some other things.

For a tank bag of that size, you won’t get discomforted while you ride. It is not too big and not too small. It’s quick to unlock and remove for fuelling.

4. Givi EA103B Easy Tank Bag

What makes Givi Ea103B different from the likes of Givi Sport-T TanklookED, Givi ST605 and Givi Xs320 is that it comes with magnet volume. Hence, you need do not need belts to get them attached to your motorcycle.

Furthermore, it is made with good material that get your tank damaged, but have it in mind that you can get uncomfortable having the bag at full capacity.

Another feature of this magnetic tank bag that makes it accepted by riders is its transparent map and shoulder strap for conversion into a rucksack.

5. Givi EA117 Tank Bag

Although Givi EA117 comes out pricey compare to Givi EA106B, if you are looking for a tank bag that allows easy transportation, this is the tang bag for you.

Like every other Givi Tank bag review here, EA117 has a transparent map holder. It comes with 2 side pockets with a zipper closure where you can keep small-sized items.

Tanklock mounting system, the expandable capacity of up to 26L, reflective detailing for increased visibility and shoulder strap for transportation are a few of the features of Givi EA117. It is worth noting that you need to fit a fitting plate to use the tank lock bag.

6. Givi GRT716 6 Litre Waterproof Tank Bag

Not everyone may be willing to spend $100 to buy a waterproof tank bag. So if you want an affordable tank bag, yet of quality, the Givi GRT716 is a great alternative.

One would expect that it comes with sub-standard features, but for this particular model, this is not the case. Like every other Givi, it comes with reflective print for improved visibility and comes with a transparent upper pocket to keep your navigation map.

In addition, it comes with a strap attachment that is compatible with any model/make of your motorcycle.

7. Givi XSTREAM Tank Bag

Givi XSTREAM is a magnetic tank bag well made and has a firm hold. From experience and reviews from verified users, the magnets are solid and won’t slip off even on high speed and bad roads. Also, it won’t get you discomforted when driving.

The tank bag magnets won’t leave scratches on your tank and it is expandable. The straps make it usable anywhere, detachable from the tank and convertible to a backpack.

8. Givi EA112 Easy -Tsincelet Tank Bag

If all you need is a tank bag you can use to store your documents, map or use your iPad as GPS while you ride, Givi EA112 will make a good purchase. It’s magnetic, hence you do not need straps to hold it. But it can always come in handy.

Unfortunately, this magnetic tank bag has a defect as it heats up quickly being airtight. – This can get your smartphone damaged. However, at night and during winter, this won’t be a problem.

9. Givi Tank BAG 10L For Honda NC750X

Compare to other tank bags reviewed here, this tank bag is specifically made for the Honda NC700X (2016-2017) NC70X (2018-2019). It is extendable, has 2 sides pockets with zipper closure.

The bag is really nice and fits perfectly on my bike. Although it is designed for specific bikes, the quality is high and durable.

10. Givi ST602 Sport-T Range Tank Bag

Givi ST605 Sport-T Range Tank Bag has a quick fitting system that makes it easy to unlock and lock. Though lightweight, yet it has a semi-rigid structure that will make it easy for you to keep items/accessories.

It comes with internal pockets to your smartphone and has a shoulder strap, hence you can easily transport the bag while you are not riding your motorcycle. In addition, Givi ST605 Sport-T Range Tank Bag and its zippers are waterproof.

11. GIVI MT505 Tank Bag

The portable tank bag from Givi has an inner pocket where you can keep your smartphone and a pocket at the top where you can keep items like sunglasses, garage remote, flashlight and earplugs.

The zippers work perfectly and the bag overall quality makes it worth the price. However, it could have been better if it has a shoulder bag.

12. Givi Gravel-T Waterproof Tank Bag 

Givi Gravel-T is another product from Givi that offers innovative technology and quality at a fair price. This waterproof tank bag features a reflective print for increased visibility.

As if that is not enough, this tank bag is made with 840D nylon and TPU for maximum water protection. If you want to use a navigation map or use your smartphone GPS, there is a transparent upper pocket where you can put them.


There is no one-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing the best Givi tank bag. However, comfort and ease of use are important factors to consider, and so is the buyer’s feedback.

In terms of portability, and versatility and overall bang for your money, we have chosen the Givi EA117 tank bag. Its quality is obvious. Not only is it spacious, that you will have extra space after putting rain cover with other items, but it also comes with side bags that are decently sized.

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