How Do You Remove Water Spots from Car Windows In 2022?

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How Do You Remove Water Spots from Car Windows In 2021? – Water spots if not properly managed can manage to be very disturbing and tend to easily damage the appearance of a car if left for too long. 

They most times arise from hard water touching the surface of the vehicle too often and the minerals now being deposited as soon as the water is evaporated.

These minerals are mostly calcium and magnesium present in water and can become hardened over time.

However, to ensure water spots do not destroy the paint of your automobile and cost you extra resources in getting them eventually wiped off. Then the use of certain techniques must be put into use.

How Do You Remove Water Spots from Car Windows In 2022?

Of course, you will need to get your automobile washed up before you treat them with chemical products to efficiently cleaning off the water spots.

Quickly, let’s take you on a ride on solutions to effectively cleaning out water stains from car windows.

Possible Ways of Removing Water Spots from Car Windows 

There are different techniques you can make use of when water spots prove to be relatively disturbing on your car windows. 

But for the effective removal of stubborn water stains from your windows permanently, here are five efficient techniques you can make use of.

1. Use of Water Stains Cleaning Products

These are chemical products you can make use of for the effective cleaning of water stains on your automobile. You are only required to follow certain steps when using this kind of product to learn more about its mode of application and materials to be made use of during cleaning.

Below are some of the most effective water stain cleaning products you can make use of for your car windows:

  • BioClean Hard Water Remover
  • Driven Extreme Duty Cleaner
  • Meguiar’s Water Spot Remover
  • Sprayway Glass Cleaner 
2. Vinegar and Distilled Water

Vinegar can do a lot of efficient work while used on cleaning off hard water spots right up your car windows.

Vinegar is acidic while the deposits that do form the water stains are very much alkali making cleaning off with vinegar a more productive solution.

Here, you will be making use of household materials like a spray bottle, a soft microfiber towel, a rough towel and also vinegar and distilled water to make up the solution.

So you clean your water spot stained car windows by:

  • Filling a spray bottle with a solution of both vinegar and water with a concentration based on how severe the hard water stains are on your car glass.
  • Then spray the glass and be sure to thoroughly reach all areas where the stain buildup seems to be the most prominent. 
  • Allow the solution to soak in for two minutes while you continue respraying as it dries off.
  • Then get your rough towel soaked with the solution and scrub the car glass gently with the towel.
  • Dry the window with a soft microfiber towel and see if the water spots persist.
  • Reapply the solution on the glass surface and allow it to stay longer this time around and keep on repeating the entire process until all stains are removed.
3. Lemon and its Essential Oils

Essential oils lately have become a very popular natural product known for its health and cleaning benefits.

Citrus-based oils like lemon and orange can easily remove hard water deposits with ease mostly due to their natural acidity. This proves to be an added feature as they can also be used as water repellant in preventing future stain buildup.

To clean your car windows with lemon, you:

  • Slice up a lemon in half and rub it on the windshield or any part with a fair amount of pressure or possibly into a spray can for convenient use.
  • Allow the juice to soak into the glass for a few minutes and then endeavour to scrub up the mirrors and windows gently with a soft and clean towel before it dries up.
  • Splash some water on the glass and clean off with a dry towel.

However, ensure you repeat the process as necessary and do so in an orderly manner. This is needed to prevent you from creating your own water spots which can make such work a bit tiring.

4. Baking Soda

Baking soda is also an excellent cleaning agent. 

To make use of this process, you make a mixture of water and baking soda and apply the paste to the areas affected by the mirror or glass. 

Leave it there for about half an hour and then scrub it clean using a wet towel and rinse completely. It will remove the stains completely and leave the mirror looking as good as new.

The Possible Causes of Water Spots on Windows

Water spots are usually formed due to mineral-laden water that is left to dry off rather than been wiped off the glass. And as soon as the water vaporizes, the minerals are left behind to form the disturbing spots normally found on car windows.

Water spots that form on car windows most times are gotten from rain, or leaking car gutters that allow rainwater onto the car window.

While rainwater is normally the primary cause of water spots on windows and car bodies, other sources like water from car washes, nearby water sprinklers can also be a major cause of regular water spots found on cars.

Though some automobiles do come with factory treatments that can help prevent water spots. These treatments allow rainwater to just roll off the glass surface instead of staying on the surface and drying off. 

This is a very efficient solution to reductions of formation of water spots on vehicles.

Follow These 4 Steps To Prevent hard Water Stains

Prevention indeed is better than cure and that is why you need to prevent water stains at all costs as a car owner by efficiently keeping your car in a fairly good condition.

Quickly, here are few things to do to prevent water stains from engulfing your car mirror, windows and windshield.

  • Wash your car regularly.
  • Mind where you park your car.
  • Do treat your car with a water repellant.
  • Do not air dry. This is a more liable means of getting water spots quickly.


Above are quick and easy remedies you can make use of on your car windows and mirrors as they are not stressful to do and are even easy to access.

Do you have any other suggestions for removing hard water spots from your windshield or mirrors? 

Do well to leave them in the comments!