Do RVs Really Need Slide Out Stabilizers? Answer To FAQ

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Do RVs Really Need Slide Out Stabilizers – RVs are some of the most expensive vehicles on the road. And with that cost comes an added expense for slide out stabilizers to keep them from rocking back and forth while parked.

Slideouts are usually found in motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and pop-up campers. And it can help you avoid the need for a special parking spot.

Furthermore, they can help avoid looking for levelling blocks to park your RV on uneven ground by providing stability when you pull up to your campsite.

But do RVs really need these stabilizing devices?

Do RVs Really Need Slide Out Stabilizers?

We all know that RVs are pretty awesome vehicles to have, but do you know how important slide-out stabilizers are? Slide Out Stabilizers are a part of the RV that is installed on the outside of the vehicle.

They provide stability for your RV by preventing it from moving or sliding when parked. Slide-out stabilizers work with other parts of your RV to help keep everything in place and reduce wear-and-tear on other components.

So, should you install this part if you don’t already have one?

The answer is most likely yes! If anything, they’re worth it just because they can prevent excessive wear and tear on your vehicle’s frame and chassis caused by uneven weight distribution.

Tips On How often should you use RV Stabilizers

RV stabilizers are an important feature for any RV owner. If you use your RV all year round, then they’re especially important to help maintain the stability of your vehicle and keep it from rocking back and forth on uneven surfaces or in strong winds.

Many RV owners wonder how often they should be using their stabilizers and if there is a specific amount of time that they need to be used each day. The answer is: it depends!

If you plan on using your rig throughout the winter season, then we recommend using them every time before you drive out onto the road.

Even though this might seem like overkill because most people don’t think about these things until after their tires start spinning in place due to ice buildup.

Do Stabilizers Really Make RV More Stable?

If you are an RV owner, do stabilizers really make an RV more stable? Stabilizer jacks provide stability for your rig by anchoring it to the ground.

They help reduce any swaying motion that may happen while driving. However, they are also designed to be used on level surfaces which are typically not found in many campsites or parking lots.

This means that if you have a low clearance vehicle and park next to another car with high clearance, there is no way for the stabilizer jack to reach under the other car’s bumper without being blocked by their taller suspension system.

The only option left would be to use a tow strap which will not offer as much support as a stabilizer jack would because of its lack of weight distribution.

Stabilizers also do wonders for levelling out your RV which helps prevent any rocking back and forth when you’re driving down bumpy roads.

How Can I Get A Stabilizer For My RV?

A stabilizer is an essential piece of equipment used in making recreational vehicles stay steady while parked on uneven or slanted terrain. You want to have one on hand in case you need it.

There are many different types of stabilizers available, so make sure you find the right one for your specific needs and budget!

One type of stabilizer is called a surge suppressor which works by reducing the amount of power going into the water pump when there’s motion detected. Getting this will help you prevent surges from damaging other electrical components inside your RV like TVs, microwaves, sound systems, etc.

If you’re looking for something more affordable then you won’ get it wrong with the 298707 Waterproof Switch Electric Stabilizer Jack, Eaz-Lift Camco King Pin Tripod Stabilizer,  and the Valterra 020106 toolless Stabilizer.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Here we provide answers to other possible questions you might have on “Do RVs Really Need Slide Out Stabilizers”.

How Long Can an RV Last For?

You may be wondering how long your RV will last. The answer is, it depends on the care you give it. If you’re looking to keep your RV in good shape for a while, here are some dos and don’ts that can help!

Here are our top 3 tips to make sure that you get the most out of your RV:

1) Give it a wash at least once every six months,

2) Don’t forget to change the oil regularly (even if you have an automatic transmission),

3) Keep up with maintenance like changing tires or fixing leaks when they arise. These simple things could make all the difference between having a reliable vehicle or one that’s breaking down constantly!

Should You Put Blocks Under Stabilizer Jacks?

You may be wondering if it is safe to put blocks under your stabilizer jacks to help them work better. It’s a good idea to read the instructions for your specific model of RV before doing this because every brand has different recommendations.

However, in general, there are two schools of thought on using blocks with stabilizers: The first school says that they should never be used because they will cause the jack to sink into soft ground and create more instability.

The other school says that putting blocks under the jack makes for a more stable base which means less stress on the jack itself.

Should Stabilizer Jacks Be Fully Extended?

The answer is simple. Yes! That’s the only way to ensure you have enough support for your RV and can avoid costly repairs or even worse, an accident.

It doesn’t take much time to extend your stabilizer jacks when setting up camp so it will be worth it in the long run. So next time you’re camping, remember to extend those stabilizers!


Slideouts are a common feature in many types of RVs. The stabilizers help to stabilize the RV when parked and keep it from rocking back and forth while you’re inside or away.

They can also save you valuable space by eliminating the need for special parking spots at campgrounds with limited space available.

Have you installed slideout stabilizers on your RV? Share your experience below and don’t forget to check our RV page.