Do Car Alarms Go Off When You Pull The Handle? Car Alarm Tips

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Do Car Alarms Go Off When You Pull The Handle – You know the feeling. You’re out of gas, so you pull up to a gas station and go inside to ask for help.

But before you can even step foot in the store, your car alarm starts blaring so loud it’s impossible not to hear – all because somebody pulled on the handle. What gives? Shouldn’t that just set off an alarm or something?

Well, it turns out there are some things that happen when someone pulls on your car door handle that might surprise you…

So what happens when somebody pulls on your car door handle? It’s actually pretty complicated!

Do Car Alarms Go Off When You Pull The Handle?

Alarms can get triggered by a variety of situations. From shakes to loud noise, and even to forget to disarm it before pulling the door handle.

However, you can avoid some undue tension and restore tranquillity to your environment when you understand how your car alarms work.

Simple switches often used in activating car alarms can be placed on trunks, hoods, or doors, and can trigger the siren when any of them is opened while the alarm hasn’t been disarmed. 

Sometimes your car alarm may be going off randomly and you’ll not be able to figure out why that is happening. In such situations, you’ll still want to turn it off as quickly as you can, till you are able to uncover the reason behind it.

Is It Necessary To Have a Can Alarm Installed In My Car

Car theft has become a billion-dollar business, and it may have continued to rise in the figure from year to year if not for the intervention of the car alarm initiative that has helped to reduce its popularity.

The Insurance Informative Institute reported a 58% reduction in car theft from 1991 to 2013, and it has continued to trend down ever since.

But then, false alarms are fast becoming the order of the day! This has made society a bit desensitized since we constantly hear car alarms go off when you pull the handle when it is parked in a noisy area, or for other reasons.

400;”>Car alarms systems are simple devices that include three major components. At the most basic level, you can easily see how it functions.

The Basic Make-Up Of A Car Alarm includes:

  • at least one type of sensor.
  • a type of flashing light or blaring device
  • and a control system to make it function.

In simple terms, the door handle often has a sensor installed and wired in it to activate blaring when it is pulled.

So, when the alarm system remains armed and you open the door, it will alert the control unit which will, in turn, activate the siren.

This will instantly draw the attention of people around and also scare off potential thieves. But then, car alarms can be much more complicated.

Many car alarms consist of radio receivers that are integrated into the control units, key fobs in the form of transmitters, and several other sensor types.

Here Are Helpful Tips To Turn Off Your Car Alarm

1. Get In The Car

A car alarm is set to prevent theft, and when you simply get into the car and start it, the alarm system will be notified that you have the rightful access to that position, and it will stop the alarm from blaring.

2. Unlock Your Car Doors

While this may sound a bit weird, you can get the trick done by simply unlocking the front side doors.

There are alarm systems that will automatically mute when the correct key is used to gain entry into the car. You can also use the lock and/or unlock buttons on your car key fob and see what happens.

3. Remove The Car Alarm Fuse

When the situation seems a bit out of hand, then consider disconnecting the fuse controlling the car alarm.

The owner’s manual will be of help in discovering the location of the fuse. Remove it when found, and consider replacing it if you have a replacement. See, if that solves the problem. If not, then you need a more drastic measure.

4. Disconnect The Battery

When it appears that other measures have failed, then visit the battery and disconnect! This will turn everything off!

However, ensure you have your gloves on when doing so. Use wrench or pliers too to loosen the but and detach the negative terminal.

Your car alarm may continue if it has a backup battery, but it will go off in a short time. Give it some time so the computer resets, then connect the terminal again.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

What Are Car Alarm Sensors?

Car alarm sensors can be described as the system senses that are used to figure out when damage is to be done to a vehicle. The functionality of the sensors are in diverse ways, but they often have a common goal of preventing theft.

What Are The Common Type Of Car Alarm Sensors?

  • Car Alarm Door Sensors.
  • Car Alarm Motion Sensors.
  • Microphones and pressure sensors.
  • Car Alarm Shock Sensors.

What Should I Do If My Car Alarm Keeps Going Off?

Sometimes your car alarm may be going off randomly and you’ll not be able to figure out why that is happening.

In such situations, you’ll still want to turn it off as quickly as you can, till you are able to uncover the reason behind it.


If you’re looking for a way to avoid this kind of situation, we recommend considering what’s called an “alarm bypass” kit. This handy device allows your car alarm system to still work without the need for any wires or connections whatsoever.

You can find them at most auto parts stores and they don’t cost too much either (about $25). But if you want something more high-tech like remote start capability, there are plenty of options out there that offer these features as well!