2 Ways on How To Disconnect a Car Alarm That Keeps Coming Off

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How To Disconnect a Car Alarm That Keeps Coming Off – Car alarms could be a nuisance to you when malfunctioning. You often hear that alarm sound when not required, don’t you? Now, how do you disconnect it?

A car alarm was originally set up to prevent your car from theft, but over time, the alarm comes off too frequently. Well, this may be frustrating and could cause a statutory nuisance. Your neighbors could be disturbed by the frequent noise. This may result in reporting to the local authorities.

Sometimes you must have experienced paying penalties for such. Now, the good has turned bad. In this situation, you would have to disconnect it either temporarily before repair, or permanently and do the watch yourself. However, how do you disconnect the car alarm? 

How To Disconnect a Car Alarm That Keeps Coming Off With The Key Or Car Remote?

This is often the question. This article should guide you on the various ways of disconnecting your car alarm.

Let’s get started!

1. Use Your Keys to Unlock the Car Door

Using your car keys, you can lock and unlock the driver’s side door. This should solve the issue. Car manufacturers include alarms that could come off when the appropriate car key is in close range. 

Thus, you can silence your car alarm by inserting your car key into the driver’s door and pressing the lock button on the key, then unlock again. However, this can enable the car alarm to receive a signal and go off.

2. Use Your Remote to Unlock the Car Doors

You could use your car remote, otherwise known as the key fob, to unlock the car doors. Use the key fob to silence the car alarm by standing at close range.

However,  if you don’t get a response from your car door, check the battery to know if it’s functioning properly, if otherwise then they should be replaced.

Alternatively, if the doors are unlocked and the car alarm is still on, then use the car switch by turning it to the on position.

Then, press the gas panel downwards while holding the car black button. Continue this process until you hear a fast beep indicating that the alarm has been reset.

3. Do Not Hit on the Panic Button

If the car alarm goes off, it is probably because the panic button has been accidentally touched. Most cars are designed with either an orange or yellow panic button, this could trigger the alarm uncontrollably. 

Well, the primary function of a panic button is to trigger the alarm thereby honking and flashing the car headlights.

In most cases, this must have been accidentally touched and would be normalized when you turn them off. However, these panic alarms will be silenced after some time.

4. Startup the Car

Starting up the vehicle helps to stop the car alarm that keeps going off. This may occur because most car alarms are primarily designed to prevent it from theft and starting up the vehicle should do the trick.

Therefore, disconnecting a car alarm that keeps going off uses the start-up car method.

How To Disconnect Your Car Alarm With The Car Battery

Disconnecting the alarm from the battery involves a few steps;

1. Put on your Safety Gear

Before you start up any form of work on your car, it’s advisable to put on your gear. A safety glove and eyewear are recommended to do so. This should prevent you from electric shock. 

During your work on automotive vehicles, there are risks of spark and more. Making use of your bare hands may be disastrous.

However, the appropriate safety kits are essential. Your eyewear helps you protect them, while the gloves prevent pinches, cuts, and heat from the engine bay from hurting your hands.

2. Locate the Battery

Your batteries can be found underneath the hood along with the engine compartment. Although, car manufacturers may decide to place them in a trunk to save space and/or improve weight.

If the battery is placed in the trunk, then you can often find them under the carpeted piece of wood of your vehicle. This is to separate it from the engine compartment section and may be placed alongside the spare tire.

3. Disconnect the Ground Wire from the Negative Terminal

To locate the negative terminal, follow through the thick black wire connected to the body of the car. Also, you can check for the NEG letters or look for the (-) asterisk sign above one of the two battery terminals.

 Next, loosen the nuts that hold the black ground wire to the negative terminal with a wrench or a plier. You have to loosen the nut completely.

But loosen as much as you will be able to slide out the cable during the process. When this is done, everything electronic in the vehicle should shut down immediately including the alarm. 

4. Disconnect all Alarm Backup Batteries

Most aftermarket alarms come with a small backup battery that keeps the alarm functioning after the car battery is disconnected.

The primary function of this battery is to keep the alarm in working condition while you repair your vehicle so that when the car battery has been connected, resetting the alarm would be needless.

Check your user manual to find the backup batteries or if your car has a factory-installed alarm check your owner’s manual. Note, this backup battery should be disconnected otherwise your work wouldn’t be accompanied.

5. Wait for the System to Reset

The type of vehicle determines the amount of time for the system to reset as it may vary accordingly.

Also, you may as well leave the vehicle disconnected for about an hour to be sure you have successfully forced a reset on the alarm due to lack of power.

Although this may amount to a loss of radio stations on the vehicle as the ECU (electronic control unit) would be reset as well.

6. Reconnect the Batteries

After all these processes, you can now reconnect the ground cable to the negative terminal on the car battery. Make sure the battery cables are secure and adjust any cover you must have removed to gain access to the battery.


With all of this information, you should now have a better idea of How To Disconnect a Car Alarm That Keeps Coming Off.

However, if you find it difficult to carry out any of the instructions provided above, do not hesitate to call a professional.