How To Disable Aftermarket Car Alarm With Remote

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Disable Aftermarket Car Alarm With Remote – In recent times, immense technological advancement has made cars more convenient. Though a car could be convenient, it may be worrisome as well. 

Most times the fear of it being stolen could be an inconvenience, to curb this you should get an Alarm. However, Aftermarket car alarms are usually installed outside the cycling of the key and are mostly a third-party system.

Well, the primary aim of an alarm is to prevent the car from theft, but it could become the problem itself if it begins to malfunction frequently. Now, having such an Aftermarket alarm installed in your car may be quite hectic, and disabling it would be the next option. This can be done temporarily before getting a repair.

Tips on How To Disable Aftermarket Car Alarm With Remote

If your Aftermarket alarm persistently malfunctions, it’s best to disable it. Meanwhile, you can temporarily disable your aftermarket alarm until repaired. If you have an aftermarket alarm system, contact your manufacturer for reference or refer to the car manual.

Though using the key fob to disable may be quite contrasted, you can follow this simple trick. You would recall unlocking your car also makes the alarm come off. To disable the alarm using the remote, start by locking the car with the remote.

Then, long press both the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. Afterward, tap on your analog button. 

When this is done, press the unlock button to confirm the process, if the aftermarket alarm still comes up, then repeat the process.

How to Disable the Aftermarket Car Alarm Without the Remote

If your aftermarket alarm has been triggered and you’re unable to disable it using the remote, you can follow these few steps;

Step 1 – Check the car to identify other issues

A dead key fob battery should be corrected when down. If your car battery is low, check it out and fix it as it could be a cause of alarm malfunctioning. Sometimes your car battery may enable certain features of the car while others are left out.

Step 2 – Disable the aftermarket alarm manually

This is a step-by-step task. First, ensure the car is running without the key slot in the ignition. Remove the leads from the battery to avoid electrical shock, then lift the hood of the vehicle. 

Step 3 – Use your aftermarket car alarm manual

Using your car manual, turn to the addressing installation or troubleshooting pages, to locate the fuse attached to the alarm. This is often displayed by voltage and color.

At this point, open the fuse box(this would be seen at the dash of the driver’s side). Remove the necessary fuse connected to the aftermarket system. Lastly, try to set off the alarm to ensure it’s been successfully disabled.

What Is The Difference Between Aftermarket Alarm And Oem Alarm?

Both alarms serve the same purpose by alerting you when something goes wrong and safeguarding your car. Well, they also may be quite different ineffectiveness and others.

OEM alarms are most times installed by the vehicle manufacturers with other components. On the other hand, the aftermarket alarm could be installed with the assistance of a third party.

Furthermore, an aftermarket system is extra-loud and could be heard from afar and these features can be added for extra security. Meanwhile, various features cannot be added to an OEM alarm.

Also, additional features such as backup batteries, motion sensors, and field disturbance sensors can be seen in an aftermarket alarm. Whereas these features can’t be seen in an OEM alarm.

Factory-installed alarms are quite easy to disarm. On the other hand, aftermarket alarms can be hidden by a specialist, making it difficult to be disarmed.

How To Reset an Aftermarket Alarm With the Valet Switch

Just as you would disable your aftermarket car alarm temporarily, you might also want to follow this process to reset it through the valet switch. Here are a few tips for doing so;

Step 1 – Identify Your valet Button/Switch

The toggle switch or the push button comprises the valet button/switch. This helps to disable all aftermarket car alarm functions.

You can locate the valet button beneath the dash of the driver’s side. It was installed primarily in both factory and aftermarket alarm systems to help disarm and/or reset the car alarm.

Also, to reset the car alarm, first ensure the alarm system remains shut down as long as the car is on valet mode.

Step 2 – Turn the ignition key to the on position

By doing so, you may discover that the car would not be on, the car doesn’t need to be on during this process.

Step 3 – Toggle The Switch or Push the Button

To toggle the switch simply means to close the circuit and allow it to go back to reset. Locate the push button switch beneath to dash off the driver’s side and push the button. This should activate the valet bypass and disable the alarm accordingly. 

Can An Aftermarket Car Alarm Be Reliable? 

In the long run, Aftermarket car alarms have been a reliable system as it’s worth your time and money. Some Aftermarket Alarms are so loud that you can hear them ringing from a distance. With the Aftermarket Alarm, you can be assured that your car is safe, and you can leave it without any breaking-in. 

Also, it produces different tones which can be installed as additional security in case of any intruder. Unlike a factory-installed alarm which doesn’t have too many features, several features can be installed in an Aftermarket alarm.

Some of which could be the inclusion of a motion sensor, backup battery, and field disturbance sensor. All this combines makes it reliable.

During repairs, technicians may have its components hidden, to prevent thieves from finding the alarm and disarming the system. However, these features may be reliable but could also turn out to be a problem.


Though your aftermarket alarm may have unique features, it is a device and therefore prone to malfunction. All you need to do is disable it following the few steps listed above.