Car Alarm Goes Off When Jumping Battery and What to do

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Car Alarm Goes Off When Jumping Battery and What to do – The car battery is like the engine of the car, when working perfectly it makes all components of the car function perfectly. Although this activity may become slow and malfunction when the car battery goes dead.

However, you decide to fix the problem by jumping the battery, but during the process, the alarm goes off. This has become a frequent occurrence. Now, you’ll be having a double problem as fixing the car battery may be difficult with the alarm going off. 

At this point, you have to wait for the alarm to stop going off before jumping the battery. Nevertheless, the result is the same, and you would be left asking what to do? Well, this article should assist you in solving this problem.

How Do You Jump-start Your Car Battery Using A Battery Booster?

You’ll be doing yourself good by putting a battery booster in your car, just in case something goes wrong with the battery you can use it without getting another car to help you. Use the following tips to jump-start your car battery with the battery booster.

First, you start by making sure the car battery is not damaged and has no leakage, before carrying out the following procedures.

Step 1 – The Battery Booster Should Be Checked

Check up the battery pack to see if it’s fully charged, then the place is somewhere stable. It shouldn’t be kept on the engine as it may fall off when the engine is started.

Step 2 – Connect the red and black jump lead 

Connect the positive (+) battery terminal with the red positive jump lead (+) then do the same with the black negative (-) terminal to the earthing point of your car.

Step 3 – Switch on the pack and try to start the car

After connecting the battery’s pack, switch on the pack and try to start up the car by turning the ignition with the key. However, if the car doesn’t respond there’s probably an intense problem that needs professional help.

Step 4 – Let the engine run

During the car startup, if the car comes on allow the engine to steam or run for about five-ten minutes. Then, you can switch off the booster pack and still leave the engine running.

Step 5 – Turn off and disconnect

At this point, you should turn the car off and disconnect the battery booster in reverse order. Disconnect the negative terminal you connected with the black lead first, then the positive terminal connected to the red jump lead,  and close the hood.

Lastly, you can successfully restart the car. There you have it, your car battery is back to life.

Car Alarm Goes Off When Jumping Battery and What to do

If your car alarm keeps going off when you try to jump the battery, it’s probably because the alarm feels the car battery is being tampered with. Well, you can correct this through the following guide.

Start by ignoring the car alarm. Ignore the alarm and proceed to charge the battery for at least 4-6hours. You could also leave the alarm to go off through the night while charging the car battery. 

This eventually turns off the alarm during the period. Though if your battery is not dead and just low you can apply a slow trickle battery charge, this too should solve the problem. Alternatively, you can use the car alarm remote to stop the alarm from going off. 

Also, you can slot the car key in the driver’s door, this will notify the car alarm that you are not a robber. Your car battery may have gone bad if the car has not been in use for over a period usually 6 months. 

How Do I Disable My Car Alarm Temporarily?

Cars with security alarms may be a burden while jumping batteries. However, you can temporarily disable the car before jumping the battery. Here are a few steps to disable your car alarm.

Step 1 – Know how the alarm system operates

It is important to understand the various components of the alarm system before disabling it. The car alarm system comprises the control unit, alarm transmitter, sensor, siren, and wires. All of this works hand-to-hand to function as it does.

Step 2 – Disconnect the battery

To achieve this, open the hood and unscreen the negative terminal using a socket wrench. This is often a safety measure you must adhere to as it could be dangerous messing around with the electric system

Step 3 – Locate your alarm system

If your car alarm is in a factory setting, refer to the car’s manual for an easier guide. Check beneath the hood near the steering wheel, the car alarm system is often placed there. Before this, if your car is an aftermarket you can find the alarm system anywhere in the vehicle but most times you find it beneath the steering wheel.

Step 4 – Disconnect wires connecting the alarm with the car battery

There are often several wires connected to the alarm control unit. Removing the wires attached to the control unit and the siren are two possible ways to disable and silent the alarm respectively.

Step 5 – Reconnect the batteries and test the cars

This is the final step, after concluding with the wires, reconnect your battery and start the car to see if the alarm has been disabled.

How To Jump-start A Car Battery With Another Car 

To jump-start, a car battery with another car is simply getting the assistance of another vehicle’s battery to charge up your car battery. 

Start by lining up both cars to close range of their batteries. Ensure the handbrakes are on while the ignition is off. Connect the red jump lead of the functional positive terminal to the flat positive terminal. 

Next, follow up the same process with the black negative terminal, then start up the working car to charge your battery, afterward start up your car as well.

Now, allow both to continue running for about 10 minutes. Then turn off and disconnect both batteries in reverse order. Finally, you can restart your car.


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