Can RV Refrigerator Fans Make Your Fridge Cooler? RV Guide

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Can RV Refrigerator Fans Make Your Fridge Cooler – The hot weather is upon us and it’s time to take care of your RV refrigerator. One thing you can do is make sure the fridge fan, located on the back or side of your refrigerator, is working properly.

Your RV refrigerator will likely have a small circular hole with an arrow pointing down in it near where the power cord plugs in.

This hole allows warm air from inside the fridge to escape out of the top of the unit and helps cool things off a little bit. If this isn’t venting properly, that could be contributing to why your fridge isn’t as cold as it should be!

If you’re not sure if everything is working correctly, don’t worry – we’ve got some quick fixes for common problems below:

Can RV Refrigerator Fans Make Your Fridge Cooler In 2021?

When your RV refrigerator fan is poorly functioning, it can be frustrating. Your stored beverages and foods are at risk of getting spoiled quickly. So is it possible that RV refrigerator fans make your fridge cooler?’ Of course, it can!

When an RV fridge produces cold air, the coolness may not go round evenly.  Some parts of the refrigerator will be less chilled than the others. But a properly functioning RV refrigerator fan will help to dispense the cold air in the fridge appropriately to all areas.

List Of Main Types Of RV Refrigerator Fans

There are two main types of RV refrigerator fans you should know.

1. The RV Fridge Circulating Or Cooling Fan

This RV refrigerator fan is positioned inside the fridge and dispenses cool air to get the fridge to be more efficient.

You can either power them with detachable batteries and put them on a shelf inside the fridge or you can simply keep them on 12-volt electricity directly mounted to the fridge’s interior silver fins.

For refrigerators that are in propane style, you likely find fins protruding from within the fridge which gets very cold through absorbing heat from the air.

2. The Exterior RV Refrigerator Vent Fan

Unlike the interior cooling fan, the RV refrigerator exterior ventilation fan is often located outside of the fridge.

And it pulls warm air and blows it on the exterior of the RV. The fans are often positioned on the RV’s roof or inside the ventilation cover on the side.

Tips On How Does An RV Refrigerator Work To Know

RV fridges require that you turn your RV refrigerator on some hours in advance to make it cool inside. The cooling fan is the one located inside the fridge and is responsible for making your fridge cooler.

They perform simple tasks with sensors that help to detect the temperature of the interior of the fridge. So, when the temperature starts rising beyond the required temperature, it turns on.

They’ll blow cool air around the fridge to cool down the fridge. This is needed to keep the temperatures at a low level.

Hydrogen gas and ammonia gas are usually combined to create intense evaporation which results in the coolness of the interior of the fridge.

After the process of evaporation, the liquid ammonia will aid increased cooling by gathering inside a secondary refrigerator in refrigerator.

Tips On How To Install An RV Refrigerator Fan

To install an RV refrigerator fan, it is crucial that you have an extra power source inside the refrigerator. Get started by being sure about the placement of the fan inside the fridge.

Check for further information with the manufacturer’s product details to be sure that it is suitable for your kind of fridge. Your refrigerator may not be able to accommodate the fan – probably because the fan is too big.

Once you are sure of the perfect fan option you will be installing, then, run a low-voltage wire through your RV’s refrigerator to your fridge.

Sometimes, you may have to remove the light of your refrigerator if it has a light, to help achieve a quick installation. Remove the light from inside the refrigerator and power the fan with the wiring.

You can also add a switch that can help to control the powering of the fan. Simply run the low voltage power to the switch and then connect the switch from the other side to the fan.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers

Have questions about Can RV refrigerator fans make your fridge cooler? Don’t worry – Other folks did too, and that is why we have collated related questions you might want to know more about to provide straightforward answers to them.

What Is an RV Refrigerator Fan?

An RV refrigerator fan is a cooling fan that is positioned inside of a fridge and emits cool air inside of the fridge to ensure an evenly circulated low temperature. The fan is very crucial to support the performance of a fridge. It simply blows the cool air around for increased efficiency of the fridge.

What Temperature Should An RV Refrigerator Be?

There is a required temperature for the best output of an RV refrigerator. If you are keeping foods inside the fridge, you should keep a temperature of 34 to 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Having a thermometer inside the fridge will help to easily monitor the temperature.

At 37 degrees, some things like fruits, vegetables, and eggs will begin to freeze. And if you allow the temperature to get to the higher end of the range, things may begin to spoil.

In addition, you should consider adding lots of beverages and foods to the fridge, cooling down the fridge first with an RV refrigerator.


RV refrigerators are just like any other appliance in your home. They need to be maintained and cared for throughout the year to ensure they work properly.

Making sure that your refrigerator fan is running will help keep it cool, even during hot summer days when you may not want to run the AC all day long!

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