Can I Wash My RV With Dawn Dish Soap In 2022

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Can I Wash My RV With Dawn Dish Soap – After an adventure-packed season of camping, it’s normal to want to clean your RV thoroughly before putting it into storage for the next season or take a picture to have it listed on sites like Outdoorsy for rent.

Weeks of driving and manoeuvring all kinds of campsites can leave your RV in need of some serious cleaning. This can only be done with an Rv cleaning product. However there are dime dozens of them out there, hence it’s difficult to pick the ideal one.

This is where the question “Can I Wash My RV With Dawn Soap”. In this blog post, you’ll find out a number of opinions and answers to questions like:

  • Can I pressure wash my Recreational Vehicle?
  • Can I wash my RV kitchen with Dawn soap?
  • Can I wash the RV fridge with Dawn dish wash soap?
  • And tips on the best practice to have your RV cleaned.

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While it is often advised that you test the waters before applying a product, the Dawn brand has prided itself in the ability to wash grease from a baby duckling. In essence, it is assumed to be mild on surfaces.

However, reviews on some online forums have claimed that by applying the product to your RV, you can strip off the motorhome’s coating. Using recommended products for car wash, RV wash products, or products produced for cleaning your RV’s surface may be safer options.

You may also consider Dawn dish soap to degrease your vehicle, and thereafter use a protector with a neutral PH soap. But then, some people claim to freely use Dawn on RV.

And even if you do not use Dawn dish soap on your RV, it doesn’t mean that you should trash it entirely.

As an RV owner, it is crucial to keep proper maintenance of your rig both from the interior and exterior whether it is new or not. Use recommended products to retain their looks and get out the dirt. 

There are other aspects of an RV that people also ask about, and you may want to find out too.

Can I Pressure Wash My RV?

Pressure washing seems great if there are no environmental consequences. Pressure washer concentrates lots of pressure on an area that could cause loose paint or strip graphics from your RV.

Like, it can be hard on materials used in making the roof. So, consider a medium soft-bristle brush that can be efficient in taking out more elbow grease.

If you are cleaning your RV roof with a pressure washer, set it to less than 1200 psi. Using it on older roofs could be more complicated. Consider your desired soft-bristled scrub brush with your preferred spray bottle for the utmost result. 

Clean in segments. Begin from your ladder to avoid a situation where you’ll have to stand on the wet floor. Take caution as the roof can become slippery from chemicals and cleaners being used and may easily cause a fall.

Can I Wash My RV Kitchen With Dawn Dish Soap?

Dawn dish soap has proven to be safe for the RV kitchen, but it is always important to keep it off the wooden area. This is especially because the kitchen requires lots of cleaning attention as a result of spatters and grease projections. 

Consider white vinegar that is diluted a little with some drops of Dawn dish soap and water and use on surfaces such as sinks, drawers, stoves, cupboards, and others. But take caution with the gas plate, so as not to scour it with an abrasive sponge. Doing that could disfigure the stainless steel.

You may want to consider a slightly damp sponge with baking soda instead. Use a magic sponge that is slightly damp to remove stains from furniture, and vacuum cupboards and drawers. Lastly, dirt is often collected between the wall and the kitchen, ensure to run over the joints 

Can I Wash The RV Fridge With Dawn Dish Soap?

Of course, this can be considered. Simply let the temperature rise to room level before cleaning it. You can clean off plastic bins and grids into a bucket with a mixture of the dishwasher and a cup of bleach. It will help to avoid mould growth when it is left unused.

Clean the interior walls, the door gaskets, including the ones in the freezer compartment. Also, it is worth noting that a Household detergent bleach mixture will be fine for the interior walls.

And then let it get properly dried up after cleaning, then, replace the parts. It is advised that you let the doors stay open when inactive to reduce the bad smell.

Tips On The Best Way To Wash Recreational Vehicle(RV) In 2021

Since RVs are generally made from simple easy-to-clean materials, you should follow recommendations as given by product manufacturers. 

You can simply use a mild detergent with water. Apply at a time using a soft brush with a telescoping handle. 

Ensure to park your RV in a place that is not too direct to sunlight when cleaning the exterior. First, remove dust by spraying with water, and then use lots of fresh water with a soft sponge, and maybe with mild car-washing soap to wash it all-round.


There you have it! A blog post that answers the popular question “Can I Wash My RV with Dawn Soap”.

As you can see, there is no precise Yes or No to the Question. So using it is your call to make to use it or not.

But it is worth noting that Dawn dish wash soap is only good as a degreasing agency, so you must use a protector with neutral soap after usage to prevent the motorhomes coating from getting stripped off.