Can I Walk On My RV Roof In 2022? RV Roof Maintenance Tips

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Can I walk on my RV roof – We’re all guilty of getting up on the roof to clean out leaves or just to enjoy a nice view. But, if you’re driving an RV, with its low clearance and large overhangs, can you really walk on your RV’s rooftop? The answer is no.

The first thing that may come to mind when I say this question is “Well it depends on how big the tires are!’ And while those factors do indeed matter, there are other things at play as well. Namely, weight distribution.

So what does this mean for walking across your roof? Well, it means you need a good solid surface underneath the vehicle before taking a stroll atop it. If not? You might end up tearing

Can I Walk On My RV Roof In 2022? RV Roof Maintenance Tips

Your roof may not appear weak to support your weight, at least it has remained in one piece despite the pelting from hail, massive gusts of wind, and heavy downpour that is capable of adding hundreds of pounds of weight.

We have all the answers you need to find out about walking on your roof in this article – the process, risks, and possible alternatives to walking on your roof.

Is It Safe To Walk On My Roof?

Roofing professionals walk on rooftops. But do not get very excited yet. These guys step on the roof with their experience and training intact, to help them determine the best moves they can make on a roof, and also determine if the conditions are safe.

For instance, you could slip off if the roof is moist, or infected with algae. You may not be able to determine the risks and safety measures to consider if you don’t have the required training. In addition, there are safety kits that you need to consider to protect you from potential falls. If you step on a roof without equipping yourself properly and you fall, you may suffer a major injury or even lose your life as a result. 

The hard reality is that people have attempted walking on their roof for whatever reason, and have died from falling off. Older people are more prone to severe hazards from falling off a roof, but this doesn’t say that younger people will be safe if they fall too.

Tips On Things You Should Not Do To Your Roof

A lot can happen to your roof including damage when you do the wrong things on them. No doubt nature happenings can damage the RV roof, but following the tips here will not only keep the roof safe but also extend its lifespan.

1. Do not walk on your roof

Well, except it is totally necessary. And before doing this, always ensure to be equipped with the required training and safety tools. Aside from the fact that walking on your roof may generate a hard fall, it can also cause damage to your roof.

You may want to consider employing a professional to do this for you instead. And if you must take out debris from your roof, probably after a storm, then consider shoes that can provide traction and help to take off the debris or leaves as you walk on your roof.

2. Do not pressure-wash your roof

Pressure washing helps in getting rid of grease, dust, chemical residues that have built up over time, but irrespective of how fast it heps do not consider cleaning your RV roof using this method.

It is one of the leading causes of premature ageing and the damaging of roofs. The reason is simple. When you pressure wash your roof, the erosion caused can reduce the lifespan. 

3. Do not patch a leak on your roof

Severe weather can cause leaking roofs, and these leaking roofs can worsen with time. You might be tempted to patch it all by yourself to fix it quickly. But that move can worsen the condition of the roof or may even lead to an accident.

There are several other reasons why roofs leak, and the situation is often what determines the kind of solution that is provided. It can be anything from broken shingles to improper sealing of the valleys, cracked flashing to broken shingles or rusted nails and clogged gutters. 

4. Do not let mould and mildew build-up on your roof

Sometimes, it could be about what you have left undone to your roof. Aside from the fact that mould buildup can disfigure the looks of your roof, stubborn algae can also weaken it. Get professionals to do roof washing for you.

What Are The Alternatives To Walking On RV Roof?

Instead of walking on your roof, there are alternatives that you can consider to still achieve your goal.

  1. Take photos. Get a professional roofer to take photos of your roof for you to determine its state.
  2. Use extension ladders. If you are considering walking on your roof so that you can hang Christmas lights or clean the gutters, then consider investing in large extension ladders as a safer alternative.
  3. See-through the windows. You can see lower roof planes from higher windows, and even hang Christmas decoration materials from them.
  4. Use extension gutter cleaners. There are gutter cleaning tools that will allow you to do a proper cleaning without getting on your roofs. They are extensive tools that can be used even without ladders.


So how do you get up on your RV roof? The answer is to use a ladder. And, if there’s no more room for a ladder because it’s too high off the ground or in some other inconvenient place, then what should you do?  You can rent one.