Can I Use My Home DIRECTV Receiver In My RV 2022?

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Can I use my home DIRECTV receiver in my RV? For someone who is preparing for an outdoor adventure, it is normal to want to have yourself entertained, but can the signal be strong enough to enjoy seamless entertainment videos, sports and local news viewing?

In this article, we answer these questions and discuss everything you need to know about using the DIRECTV package in your RV, tips on how to set up the decode and antenna for uninterrupted signal and hints on the channels.

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Can I Use My Home DIRECTV Receiver In My RV 2022?

An RV owner without a TV in place has the same experience with a residential home without it – boredom becomes the order of the day! Aside from that, you’ll also need to stay abreast with happenings around. That’s why you or your passengers need a TV connection in your RV. And if you are an account holder of DIRECTV, you are probably asking now, “Can I use my home DIRECTV receiver in my RV?”

While this is not impossible to do, there are a few things to consider to get this done. One major thing is that you’ll have to make changes to your account information to be able to keep the service active anywhere you go. In addition, your DirectTV satellite and antenna will need to be physically relocated.

You can simply opt for DirecTV’s choice mobile package to use a stream and watch your favourite entertainment programs on the platform. The package is specifically for users who want to keep enjoying their services on the road. 

Do I Need A Specific Package To Use DirecTV In My RV?

Your home DirecTV is registered in a residential account. You already have a contract signed up with AT&T as regards your adherence to their rules and conditions, and one of the conditions provided is that you will not use an account’s receivers in more than one location. This includes using your home DirecTV receiver in your RV.

If you are considering violating this, and think you will not be caught, you are wrong!

With their team of attorneys that are wholly devoted to tracking down abuse or violations of their services, you’ll be caught when you connect the receiver to a phone line or the internet. They might give you a warning, and may also serve you a heavy fine or other penalties that will make all the effort not worth it at all.

Does DIRECTV Offer A Mobile Service For RVs And Other Vehicles?

To use a DirecTV receiver in your RV, the best thing to consider is to opt for the choice mobile service for vehicles including RVs. The mobile package comes with the provision of a second receiver that you can freely install in your RV with a satellite dish connected to the roof.

With this service, you’ll enjoy up to 185 channels with a huge collection of sports programmes. You’ll also have access to leading channels such as ESPN, CNN, The Disney Channel, The Weather Channel, among several others. An upgrade is the inclusion of the Distant Network Service. In addition, you’ll also be able to watch local channels from anywhere you drive to. You’ll have access to current events and trending news on the broadcast network with an extra $15 monthly fee. 

As a user on the DirecTV RV package with DNS, you’ll have a boost with up to six additional channels. And they include FOX, ABC, CBS, PBS, a CW feed from Washington D.C. or San Diego, and an NBC feed from either Los Angeles or New York. 

You may also want to consider renting an extra receiver from the company to avoid worrying about disconnecting your receiver and also reconnecting it every time you are making a trip. If you are the sole user of the DirecTV account, you’ll be taken as someone watching the TV from a different room within your house. You are not likely to incur extra charges for the option.

Tips on How To Set Up DIRECTV For Your Recreational Vehicle (RV)

To set up DirecTV for your RV, you should follow these two main methods.

  • Install a satellite antenna from a distributor that is affiliated with DirecTV if you are the type that is constantly on the go. With this, you’ll need an upfront installation but will not have to set up a DirecTV receiver each time you get to a campground.
  • The least expensive method is to integrate your receiver with a tripod stand and a satellite TV dish elevated to your RV’s roof. But you’ll have to take caution about mounting your dish in your rig because the DirecTV receivers are often big and bulky, making them quite risky to install and move.

Securing the DirecTV dish on a tripod stand is a more secure way to be considered. It is a more realistic approach for RVers that are often in one location for a long time.


Here, we’ve discussed different tips on how you can set up DirecTV for seamless connectivity and the best package.

Now, It’s time to enjoy your trip with peace of mind knowing you have the best entertainment and news available, all while giving yourself a break from dealing with cable.