Can I Run The RV Generator While Driving In 2022? RV Power Tips

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Can I run the RV generator while driving – For an RVer, a generator helps creates independence as you won’t be relying on onshore power to get things done. Hence, you can set up your camp anywhere and use appliances like a refrigerator, fan, dehumidifier, coffee makers and so.

With all these benefits, one would be curious to try out new things, which led to many wanting to use generators while driving. Considering how generators are built, can this be considered a good thing?

Read on to find out.

Can I Run The RV Generator While Driving? RV Power Tips

Many RVers drive while their generators are left running, and yet they have no issues as a result. So, it is okay to say that you can drive your RV generator while driving. If you want to drive while your RV is running, there are some things to put in mind to avoid running into problems.

First, if you use a generator that runs on gasoline, then consider filling up the gas tank before going ahead to drive with the generator on. Consider this especially if both the RV and generator use the same gasoline from the same gas source 

Second, if you use a propane-fueled generator, then you must put into consideration, local and state laws that may forbid using propane while driving. Find out in your state or locality, to be sure that you are not going against the laws of the State which may, in turn, get you in trouble. Some jurisdictions may prohibit running propane in your generator or even carrying them on certain roads, tunnels, or bridges.

With gas, once the fuel tank drops below ¼ tank the generator will cut off automatically. However, this may not happen while driving. That measure is safe for preventing a situation where the gas tank is emptied at once just because of the generator, and you become stranded in the least expected places where you are not likely to get gas to refuel.

There are several other questions people ask about asking if it is okay to run the RV generator while driving. 

Is Running The RV Generator While Driving Necessary?

Some of the reasons why you may want to consider running your motorhome generator while driving include The need to power the electric water heater, TVs, rooftop AC, microwave, and refrigerator. And you may need to keep them running while driving.

For instance, powering the rooftop A/C along with the dash AC of your RV while driving, is one of the topmost reasons to run the RV generator. Especially when driving a Class A motorhome, the air conditioner of the RV may run off electricity and when you have no shore power connected, you’d need to power the rooftop AC with the RV generator. Here are a few reasons why you must keep the rooftop AC running.

  • When there is intense heat, you’ll not get enough air conditioning in your RV through the dash AC.
  • On mountain areas, you will need the rooftop AC to start cool while the dash AC can be turned off to boost the engine power of your RV.
  • You may be having passengers in your RV, at the back, and you do not want them to feel disappointed.

Can I Run a Portable Generator While Driving a Travel Trailer?

You can have a built-in generator to power your appliances while driving, but it is often not advised to have a portable generator while driving a travel trailer.

Your RV generator may additionally be needed to keep your RV fridge cool. Even though some RV users think that electricity makes the fridge colder than propane, and others think otherwise. But a study has shown that your kind of refrigerator matters more to the kind of result you’ll get.

You may also want to microwave while driving, you will need the generator for this. But if this is the only thing you need it for, then ensure to turn it off once you are through.

Passengers onboard may also want to watch a movie or TV while driving, then you may have to keep the generator running to power the needed devices.

Does The MPG Get Affected Running The RV Generator? 

The miles per gallon of your RV is not going to as a result of running your RV generator. This means that even if you get 10 mpg, you will not have less than 10mpg when you run your RV generator while Driving.


In this blog post, we’ve provided an answer to the possibility of having your generator on while driving your RV, that that does not necessarily mean you should overlook the basic precautions during usage.

Even with this, it is recommended that you go through your area of residence or where you intend to camp at law on noise pollution and usage of flammable chemicals, this way you will not only be saving yourself from getting dragged away but also paying fines.