8 Best Ways To Keep Mice Out of RV, Camper & Trailer

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Best Ways To Keep Mice Out of RV – Everyone likes their RVs clean and perfect when they intend to take them on the road for their perfect family recreational occasions.

RVs, campers and trailers are great for your camping and recreational needs. If you are the type that loves to go camping, then a clean and perfect RV is what you will like. However, one problem most people with RVs have whenever they take their vehicle camping is the problem of rodents.

Rodents in your RV is a  problem a lot of RV owners face. There have been a lot of complaints from different individuals who have rodent issues such as mice in their RV. Rodents such as mice might not only ruin your food and render them unhygienic, they can also eat your sheets, and seats and even deface your RV with their poop. This is why no one likes to have rodents in their RV.

If you are looking for ways to avoid all these problems that come with having a rodent such as mice in your RV, keeping them out is the best possible way.

Tips of 8 Best Ways To Keep Mice Out of RV, Camper & Trailer

‘How do I keep the rodents out? What are the best ways to go about it?’ you might ask

All these questions and more are going to be addressed below. We are going to be talking about the best possible ways to keep mice out of your RV, camper and trailer.

If you don’t want to have mice issues in your RV, this is the perfect article for you. Keep reading as I discuss ways to go about this problem of mice

Let’s begin.

1. Seal Any Holes

If there is one-way mice try to get into people’s RVs, campers or trailers, it’s through the holes in people’s vehicles. Many people who complain about their RVs being infested with mice usually have holes in their RV, camper or trailers.

Checking for holes in your RV is the first step to keeping mice out of your RV and trailer. If you see any holes, try to fill or seal them up. Also, make sure the vents are properly covered to prevent any passage for the mice.

2. Mouse Repellant

Using a mouse repellant is a good way to keep mice out of your RV. If you are taking your RV to a place that is infested with mice, buying a mice repellant is a good way to keep those mice out of your RV.

There are different types of mice repellants you can use for your RV. Mice repellants also come in different prices and quality. From ultrasonic rodent repellant to mice Roxy,  there are a plethora of repellants you can use to keep the rodent out. 

Simply buy one, spray it in your RV and you are good to go. You wouldn’t have any issues with mice in your RV any longer. 

3. Soap or Dry Sheets

While there isn’t any scientific research to prove that this method works, there have been a lot of testimonies from different individuals about the effectiveness of this method. May people use soaps to keep mice away from their RVs.

There is a belief that mice hate the strong smell of soaps which is why people use this method. Buy an Irish soap today and wash the interior of your RV. The smell from the Irish soap should be strong enough to keep the mice away.

4. Get rid of Nestling Materials

If you are having the problem of mice infestation in and around your RV, you should probably also try to look into where the mice around coming from. There is a pretty big chance the mice are nested somewhere inside or around your RV. 

Looking for the nestling materials of the mice is one way to prevent further infestation and keep the mice out of your RV. If you are lucky enough to find the nestling material, getting rid of it is the best way to go.

If you get rid of the mice’s habitat, you do not only prevent further infestation, but you also prevent the mice from reproducing or nestling babies.  

5. Peppermint or Eucalyptus Oil

If there is one thing mice hate, it is the smell of peppermint. Mice dread the smell as they find it very discomforting to their health. Using peppermint or eucalyptus oil is a good way to the mice out of your RV. 

Eucalyptus oil is also another good method of keeping the mice out. It has been proven that it works just as well as peppermint. It is even considered by many as a mice repellent as well.

Get the peppermint and keep them at strategic places in your RV to keep the mice out. Also,  you can keep the oil on the surfaces of the entry points to your RV. This should go a long way in keeping the mice out.

6. Snap Traps

If you have seen rats at one or two places in your RV, then you should probably set snap traps to try getting rid of them. Snaps traps are traps people use to get rid of mice and other rodents in their house or RVs.

There are different types of snap traps you can use if you want to get rid of the mine in your RV. Simply shop on Amazon or any online store. You can also get it from any shop down your street.

Once you buy the traps, learn how to fix the trap safely without putting yourself at risk. Then fix the trap at places where you know the mice would pass. 

You are good to go when this is done. There is a pretty high chance the trap would get the mice and keep other rodents out of your RV.

7. Slow Acting Poison

If you notice there are mice in your RV or trailer, you can use a slow-acting poison to get rid of them. There are a lot of mice poisons that are sold at different stores. You can also order them online if you don’t want to go through the stress of getting to a store.

With the poison, you can get rid of any mice in your RV pretty quickly. Ensure the poison isn’t close to anything you eat. Put the poison around places where the mice would pass. The poison would slowly kill the mice.

8. Clean your RV and Camper After Use

A dirty RV or trailer is like a beacon to rodents and mice. If your RV is dirty, there is a pretty good chance it might attract mice and other types of rodents. This is why it is advisable to always keep your RV clean.

Regularly cleaning your RV helps to reduce the risk of a mice infestation. It also helps to keep the mine away. Crumbs and other things which attract mice should be removed and thrown away. Also, whenever you are done camping, take time out to clean every part of the interior. A clean camper is less likely to attract mice than a dirty camper.

Many people have a lot of questions when it comes to RVs and camping in general. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers to help guide you.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Does cinnamon keep mine away

Most people use cinnamon as a mice repellant. Cinnamon has a very strong spicy smell which mice don’t like. Cinnamon helps to keep mice away and you can use it as a mice repellant

Does mice like bleach?

Mine hate bleach. Blech can be a very harmful substance for mice. It has a strong smell which most mice detest. It is also harmful to them if they consume it.


There are a lot of ways you can use if you will like to keep mice out of your RV, camper or trailer.

The above article is 8 simple methods you can use. Simply read through, adopt any of the methods and enjoy mice-free campings.

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