The 9 Best RV for Glamping for Sale and Buying Guide

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In the world of camping, the phrase “glamping” refers to luxuriating in nature while staying in refurbished Airstreams or furnished tents with electricity outlets while camping in tranquil natural locations.

The fact that recreational vehicles are becoming increasingly popular is one of the reasons for this. Because of the retirement of baby boomers as well as the rise of a new fan group, the number of sales has climbed considerably in recent years.

The opportunity to camp in a converted RV provides a unique way to experience camping in the great outdoors without the hassle of setting up a tent or transporting heavy equipment.

Here are the top nine best recreational vehicles for glamping which I have carefully selected and are available on the market.

The 9 Best RV for Glamping for Sale and Buying Guide

Looking to spend a little extra this season and take home the camper of your dreams? If a cooler, quieter, and roomier camper is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place!

From brands to features, we’ve got the best RV for glamping for sale and buying guide. From standard to design, performance to utility, and value to features, we’ve got the best RV for glamping for sale and buying guide.

Let’s take a look at the top camper options and what to consider before buying.

1. Wimberley, Texas

With this Rv, you are very certain to experience Texas’ natural splendour up close and in a very personal way, while travelling in this RV, this is so because this RV is conveniently located in the centre of Hill Country.

Located on a 10-acre property with trails and waterways, this well-respected Airstream, dubbed the “Dixie Daisy,” is equipped with a hot tub, outdoor shower, fireplace, and patio grill, all of which combine to make for a great weekend escape.

With this purchase at hand, happens is that while you can spend your days seeing local sights or going to cities such as San Antonio and Austin for a taste of metropolitan amenities, you can also unwind at night by cuddling up with your significant other and watching something from the (included) large selection of Western flicks.

Outstanding Features:

  • Comes with a hot tub
  • Contains an Outdoor shower
  • Patio grill
  • Wonderfully positioned to access other towns
  • Affords landscape views

2. Mill Valley, California

This piece which cost less than a hundred dollars per person each night is an eccentric 1969 Airstream, amazingly it the thing is that it can be located just north of San Francisco, which means it is not difficult to locate at all, trust this RV to perfectly take you back in time, and believe me, the feeling would be like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

But then, beyond its iconic aluminium exterior, the antique RV is decked out in 1970s memorabilia such as lava lamps and dream catchers, as well as kitchen appliances that are painted entirely in the colour of the decade, living in this basically means you

The rental is perfectly located between some of San Francisco’s most fashionable restaurants and the world-renowned wines of the Napa and Sonoma valleys; there are also various hiking and biking routes in the surrounding area as well.

Outstanding Features:

  • Comes with lava lamps
  • It is structured as a perfect throwback
  • Packed filled with so a few beautiful hiking and biking routes

3. Cosby, Tennessee

What is spectacular about this is that with it, you get to be in a $70 per night charge for this facility. This image was contributed by Airbnb. Camping in the Smoky Mountains is a luxurious experience. This small, 6-by-12-foot red 1959 Shasta camper in the woods of Tennessee, complete with a bonfire, is the perfect spot for a romantic retreat.

You will also receive complimentary breakfast fixings from the host family, which will include freshly baked bread, eggs, and goat’s milk from their own farm, as well as other treats and amenities.

4. Los Angeles, California

A night’s stay will cost you $236. This vintage 1969 Airstream Globetrotter, which is located 1,400 feet above sea level in the San Gabriel Mountains, offers beautiful oak finishes and magnificent views of Los Angeles. From the expansive terrace, you can take in the panoramic view, which encompasses the city skyline, the Hollywood sign, and the surrounding hills and valleys, among other things.

Since every form of camping involves accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. This maker did a beautiful assignment in ensuring that these features are featured in this RV

Outstanding Features:

  • Beautiful landscape views
  • Well furnished
  • Very spacious

5. Salt Lake City, Utah

This comprises an Airstream which was built in 1976 and is located within walking distance of downtown Salt Lake City, features contemporary design elements such as laminate counters and hardwood floors, as well as painted walls and walls of windows.

As an added bonus, the rental is more spacious than some of the other alternatives on this list because it includes both a double bed and a single bed. It is especially suitable for families with children, and it may be rented out for special occasions such as birthday celebrations.

The truth is that, since glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature without foregoing any of life’s luxuries, this piece is structured in such a way that none of these details are missed, you will definitely love the experience and memories you will be creating in this RV

Outstanding Features:

  • Spacious rental
  • Beautifully painted wall
  • Can be used as a reception for events and celebrations
  • Contains hardwood floor

6. Temecula, California

The rate for one night is $145 dollars per person. This image was contributed by Airbnb. You will be able to thoroughly enjoy Temecula Valley Wine Country while staying in this spacious 31-foot 1974 Airstream trailer.

With views of both mountains and vineyards, the RV is set on 2.5 acres of ground with a secluded setting. In addition to the trailer’s opulent amenities, which include an 800-square-foot private deck, an outdoor pool, an outdoor gas barbecue grill, and a cocktail bar, it also has other amenities such as a private deck.

When it comes to leaving your posh Airstream, this RV is exactly what comes to mind plus, you’ll love its location: it’s within walking distance to seven different vineyards, which is a unique find in this part of the world.

Outstanding Features:

  • Beautiful landscape view
  • 800-square-foot private deck
  • Contains a pool
  • an outdoor gas barbecue grill
  • it has a cocktail bar

7. Ellijay, Georgia

This one is an entirely amazing offer because stay in this rustic RV, which is bordered by a gorgeous Appalachian forest, for some of the best fall leaf views in the area while enjoying some of the most comfortable accommodations available.

Property owners will receive a large patio with leather chairs and a fire pit as part of the rental agreement.

Visit one of the numerous neighbouring trails and streams for a hike, or travel a short distance to Carters Lake for a boating trip on the water.

Outstanding Features:

  • A large patio
  • Comes with a fire pit
  • Comes with a few bonuses like a hike and a short distance travel

8. Rogue River, Oregon

This is a perfect RV for individuals who appreciate spending time in the great outdoors. This is so because it is actually a 1970s Airstream trailer that has been turned into a sustainable glamping retreat.

As a matter of fact, the RV is fully off the grid and is situated on a family farm that is entirely powered by solar energy. While milking goats, strolling with the herd, or even performing yoga in the highlands, it is easy to feel completely at one with nature.

You will also receive a complimentary bottle of local wine as a thank you from the hotel staff if you are staying for more than two nights at the hotel.

Basically, it’s no secret that the best part about being in an RV is the quest to spend time with family and friends while enjoying the great outdoors. Or just being alone with oneself, and whatever be the case, this is definitely going to fit your demand.

Outstanding Features:

  • Comes with a solar panel
  • Comes with a complimentary packages
  • Very spacious

9.  Malibu, California

The Pacific Ocean, Catalina Island, Santa Barbara Island, and the highlands of the Santa Monica Mountains will be visible from the comfort of this 1957 Airstream trailer, which is located in the Santa Monica Mountains.

In this RV the fulfilment, It is not hard to have both fun and luxury simultaneously, as it has two lawn chairs that have been placed up immediately outside the front door, which are great for late-night stargazing excursions. Visit one of the nearby vineyards or one of the hiking trails that run along the Backbone Trail for a relaxing day.

Outstanding Features:

  • Affords for beautiful landscape views
  • Very spacious
  • Vintage
  • Contains modern amenities


In the end, what I have just done is help you make your search for the purchase of an RV suitable for glamping easier; although the term “glamping” is a relatively new notion, irrespective of the concept of opulent camping vacations has been around for a long time.

In truth, people have been getting away to the great outdoors without having to give up their creature comforts for decades with the help of recreational vehicles. With RV glamping, you can have the best of both worlds!

Do you want to know how you, too, can go on an adventure glamping road trip with an RV even though you don’t own one? Now, you have all the information you would be needing. Enjoy.

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