List of 8 Best Places to go RV Camping In 2022 Explained

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Camping has been around since the inception of modern civilization. The first camper tent was created in 1942 by American engineer Van Manesh and was called “The Moabi’s Tent” after the tribe that invented it. Since then, camping as a leisure activity has become immensely popular thanks to advances in technology, growth in population, and growing interest in outdoor activities.

Today, campers use RVs and camper trailers for camping. If you plan on getting into the RV camping game or simply want to know where you can go, continue reading this article. In this article, you will learn about specific types of places that are ideal for RV camping in 2022.

This information might come in handy if you want to know what type of camping environment best suits your lifestyle. You will also discover what options are available to you based

List of 8 Best places to go RV Camping In 2022 Explained

Camping is a family-friendly pastime, and there are so many options for camping in the great outdoors. Whether you prefer to pitch your tent beside a lake or stream, or you want to venture even further into the woods, there are campgrounds everywhere you look.

To help you get started on your camper search, here are our top picks for RV camping in 2022.

1. Zion River Resort – Virgin

The zion river resort is the first place that should come to your mind if you are thinking about the best places to go RV camping this 2022. This resort is the perfect place for your adventure and fun. 

It is located at  551 E State Route 9, virgin, Utah and it is a relatively easy place to locate.  This resort is the perfect RV camping location as it offers you a variety of amenities and a whole lot of fun activities.

You will get to enjoy amenities such as high-speed internet, a heated swimming pool and spa, charcoal grills, business centres, social halls and knowledgeable guest services. – The zion river resort is the hub where your next family adventure awaits

2. Schatzi’s 4 Season Resort – Wascott

This is another resort that is perfect for your RV camping.  This resort offers a lot of fun activities that would make you desire to spend as much time as possible with them. It’s a state-of-the-art resort that offers you everything to make your experience memorable.

The Schatzi’s 4 Season Resort is located in Northwest Wisconsin, between Douglas county, WI highway 35 and 53 just off County Road T. 

There is never a dull moment in this resort as you can get to participate in various activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, swimming, skiing, and a lot more. You can also get to enjoy quality food and beverages. – The resort gives you the experience you desire.

3. Lake George RV Park, New York 

If you are looking to create moments with your family and friends, the lake George RV park is the perfect RV camping park for you. This park is just what you need to make your vacation memorable. 

It is located at 74 state route 149,  lake George, new york. This park is considered the best park in the city. 

The lake George RV park has various amenities such as swimming pools, a dog park for your pet, a playhouse, a trolley and different campsites to suit your comfort.  There is also the cascade cove which every member of your family can try for fun purposes.

If you are looking for the perfect RV camping resort with years of experience, the lake George RV camp is just what you need.

4. Jekyll Island Campground

The Jekyll island campground is another perfect place to go for your RV camping.  There are beautiful oaks draped with Spanish moss which is a perfect parking location for your RV.  This island is an ideal RV camping location for your friends and family

The Jekyll island campground is located at 1197 Riverview Dr, Jekyll Island, GA 31527. This island covers a total of 179 campsites with a lot of fun places your family can explore. 

You will also get to enjoy a lot of amenities such as free wifi, a pet-friendly environment, a bird sanctuary, bike rentals, electricity, and a general store for your RV supplies. – Make a reservation with them today to give your family a one-of-a-kind experience.

5. Freewood Resort

If you are looking for an RV campsite that can give you quality time with your family and friends, and a unique and exquisite experience with as much fun and adventure as possible, look no further, the Fernwood resort is the perfect RV campsite for you. 

The Fernwood Resort is located in Big Sur, California, and was established in 1932. This resort has a long history of fun, adventure and customer satisfaction.

It offers an RV camping with water and electricity for your experience.  You will also get to enjoy various fun activities such as beach hiking, river hiking, and a lot more. Enjoy different drinks and food from their bar and grill while meeting different people from different parts of the world.

6. Emerald Desert RV Resort

If you are looking for an RV camping that doesn’t just offer fun but also offers comfort, luxury and professional services, the Emerald desert RV resort is the perfect resort for you. At the Emerald desert RV resort, you don’t just enjoy adventure, you also enjoy hospitality and comfort beyond measure

This resort is located at frank Sinatra dr, palm desert, California and it covers 33 acres of land.  If you decide to camp here, you enjoy unlimited access to their  5-star resort amenities as well as a well-equipped gym to help you keep fit.

You can also cool off at their pools and have a fun time at their spa.  With large spaces, cable television and a 24 hours security, the emerald desert RV resort is the perfect place to create memories with family. – The emerald desert resort promises to make your RV camping special.

7. Bella Terra Gulf Shores RV Resort

The Bella terra gulf shore is a 5-star resort that would blow your mind.  With its beautiful view, perfect and large landscape with very good weather, you can’t help but be marvelled at how elegant this place looks. This resort is one resort that should always be on your mind if you intend to go on RV camping.

This 5-star RV resort is located at 101 Viabella terra, foley, Alabama. It is also considered one of the best resorts in the state.

The comfort, the fun and the luxury never end in this resort as you enjoy various amenities such as a business centre, a dog park, a jacuzzi, lake views around the resort, a business centre, a private movie theatre, daily programs and activities with a host of other packages. – The Bella terra gulf short RV resort is a resort for your RV camping.

8. Disney Fort Wilderness

This is another popular RV camping resort that offers all you desire. The Disney fort wilderness offers you a blend of beauty with nature. This resort boasts 760 acres of pine and cypress forest. 

It is located at 4510 fort wilderness trail, Lake Buena Vista.  This resort boasts 800 campsites and 409 cabins. It is one of the perfect places for your RV camping. 

At Disney fort wilderness, you will enjoy various amenities such as wifi, breakfast, a pool, air-conditioned rooms and a lot more. – The Disney fort wilderness is the perfect RV camping location for your family.


There are a lot of options for people interested in RV camping in the future. With more people choosing to go RV camping, there is an increased demand for the places where these people camp.

Campgrounds will have to adjust their settings accordingly to accommodate the increasing popularity of RV camping.

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