List of 10 Best Car Alarm System in 2022 To Secure Your Car

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With an uprise in car theft in recent years, there is now an immediate need for car alarms to be installed into vehicles to deter unwanted characters and possible car burglars from prying into them.

Car alarms keep your car safe, and the valuables therein are more secure and validated to be even much more efficient whenever it uses a two-way system car alarm. With this, break-ins will tend to be difficult to accomplish.

These car alarm systems use strong security systems, which are very effective and can prevent even the trickiest of break-ins. They are ergonomically designed, technologically fit for use, and will always alert you even if you are not close by your car.

Installing this kind of car alarm system in your car will never leave you in doubt as they assure you of optimum protection if you are the type who lives in a neighbourhood not too safe for cars to be parked in. 

However, amidst several car alarm systems and alternatives to choose from, we’ve come to choose the ten best theft prevention systems within a range of features and as well as budget.

List of 10 Best Car Alarm Systems To Secure Your Car

But before we look at the best car alarm for vandalism, we thought it will be quite helpful to bring to your notice some certain factors and features you should always take note of before procuring any.

Also, the different types of car alarm systems mainly vary from noisy car alarms to keyless entry car alarm systems with remote startup and so much more.

Nonetheless, ensure you read to the end to catch on factors to consider and why you even need one on your car.

Read on.

So quickly, here is the best car alarm system on the market you can easily install in your car and which ultimately will give you the required service you eventually need.

1. Compustar 2-way Remote Alarm system (3000 ft range)
Compustar 2 way Remote Alarm system 3000 ft range

Compustar 2-way Remote Alarm system (3000 ft range)

Compustar 2-way remote car alarm system is the perfect solution to vehicle security. Includes 2 keychain remotes and is an easy-to-install way to protect your vehicle.

This is an affordable car alarm system that is water-resistant, features a keyless entry, and can allow total control of your car from an operating range of 3000 feet.

It is mostly designed for automatic transmission but is also more compatible with manual transmission. 

The two four-button remotes on this one are pretty much ergonomic, sleek, and comfier to handle as they can control, unlock, lock, trunk release, and as well remote start your car all from the comfort of your hand.

And talking of comfort, this smart piece is very lightweight and is capable of preventing any form of theft as regards your car since you get alerted almost instantly.

Also, this device is equipped with a CM900 control module that will let you control your car with ease without much stress. However, it will always need a bypass module when installing. So it is always required to seek the help of professionals for installation.

It is also smartphone compatible with ANT-2WSP that ensures you are alerted whenever a break-in is happening. 

This is an essential tool that can help you against unnecessary car theft and vandalism.

What We Like:

  • Diesel-Engine safe
  • Two-way remote system (Two remotes included)
  • Can operate over a wide range
  • Lightweight

What We Don’t Like

  • Professional installation needed for setup
  • Absence of an LCD to provide as much information compared to a LED key fob

2. EASYGUARD EC003 Smart Car Alarm System
EASYGUARD EC003 Smart Car Alarm System

EASYGUARD EC003 Smart Car Alarm System

Offers a full range of protection for your car. This alarm system can detect any movement around the car and will trigger the alarm if it does.

The EASYGUARD EC003 is a car alarm with a remote start system designed with a passive keyless entry push-start button and remote engine start function that is very useful on most DC12V cars and helps provide convenience in accessing your car.

The EASYGUARD offers a straightforward and logical car alarm system that comes with features that will effectively prevent car theft and help your car stay secured.

This intelligent alarm system is the remote start for easy car start-up, remote trunk release, and much more economic value than some alarm systems with smart high-level proximity sensors.

On it also is the shock warning system that ensures anyone around is fully aware whenever your car has been tampered with. This alarm system is one easy way to add contemporary technology to older models of vehicles.

Furthermore,  EASYGUARD is a wired featherweight alarm system that normally doesn’t have much techy functionality but proves to work fine on an older version of cars.

What We Like:

  • Affordable with a much more efficient design
  • Passive entry allows easy access to the car
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for older versions of cars

What We Don’t Like:

  • Require professional car alarm installer to get the features working
  • Not compatible with pneumatic lock

3. Avital 5305L 2-way LCD Display Alarm System
Avital 5305L 2 way LCD Display Alarm System

Avital 5305L 2-way LCD Display Alarm System

A perfect way to protect your car from theft. Easily hook up this system yourself and enjoy the benefits of a safer car for years to come.

Produced by Directed, Inc, the Avital short wave 2-way system proves to be an affordable car alarm with a remote start system feature with the beep and vibrate modes whenever the car alarm senses a potential threat.

And when we mean threat, we mean the alarm system being able to blare at least 120 decibels to draw attention. And since it comes with a two-way system that immediately sends alerts straight from the car to the remote and vice-versa, you are likely to get an alert even if you are 1500 feet away.

The Avital 5305L also consists of a dual-stage sensor for quickly detecting light and heavy impacts. A warning chirp goes off for light impact, and if the impact is pretty much heavy, then the Avital car alarm goes into a six-stage siren, blaring at 120 decibels.

Though for an extra cost, you can always add proximity sensors to your car for added safety also. 

More about the remotes is the way they function to ensure your vehicle is safe from car theft. The Avital alarm system, as earlier mentioned, has one two-way remote and a one-way remote. The latter has an LCD for instant alert of any form of break-ins or any other impact and ensures your car’s safety is well cared for.

Rather than wondering if the car alarm you hear is directly from your car, the remote beeps or vibrates to let you identify your car instantly. These most times do allow for quick investigation and deactivation of the alarm.

Another amazing feature is the starter interrupt. This feature makes it difficult for car burglars to hotwire your car; the car immediately turns off, ensuring your car is well protected.

Present on the Avital alarm system is also the fault-proof starter interrupt, nuisance protection, a dual-zone impact sensor to protect your vehicle’s interior, and a warning chip alert for optimum security.

The Avital is quite budget-friendly and proves to be a cheap car alarm system to procure if you need a very efficient system but still affordable. Going in for this one will be a very good choice if you need to keep your car safe and secure.

What We Like:

  • Affordable and fully efficient.
  • Boasts of a large LCD screen remote with a two-way function.
  • Lightweight and loud.

What We Don‘t Like:

  • The range of alarm is not wide enough.

4. Viper 3100V One-Way Car Alarm System
Viper 3100V One Way Car Alarm System

Viper 3100V One-Way Car Alarm System

Viper 3100V is a very reliable one-way car alarm system that has an excellent capability of deterring theft and intruders. 

The Viper 3100 is an entry-level car alarm security system designed mainly for budget-conscious individuals. It offers bonnet, boot, and door protection and a dual-stage shock sensor plus a standard 12-volt siren.

It is a lightweight system that is very efficient for cars that don’t have many modernized features as it can be a means to add more security in safeguarding your car.

Also, this device consists of two 3-button remotes that can allow one-way control of your car. That is arming, disarming, triggering the alarm, and locking and unlocking the car door. Not one great alarm system for fancy cars, but it proves to be quite efficient for older ones.

It also comes with a starter killer function that ensures engine immobilization in cases of break-ins. A major reason we are referring to this alarm system is its simplicity and basic feature. It is very efficient in preventing thieves from straying near your car. 

A bright parking light flash and on-board shock sensor is also equipped on this one and can operate within a range of 1500 feet, allowing you to control your car at a distance.

What We Like:

  • Simple, basic, and long-lasting 
  • Effective for theft prevention
  • Can get a replacement if you lose a remote control

What We Don’t Like:

  • Professional installation is needed.

5. Prestige PK 5-Button LCD Remote Control
Prestige PK 5 Button LCD Remote Control

Prestige PK 5-Button LCD Remote Control

It’s an ideal choice for cars. This state-of-the-art alarm unit can be fully installed in under a few minutes, which makes it easy to install.

Manufactured by Voxx Electronics, the Prestige APS99Z7 has been redesigned to give a sharper and sleeker look and feel with the new metal chrome casing structure.

It is an effective remote-start car alarm system that comes cheap compared to most high-end alarm systems and features a better display for its two-way remote system.

Unlike some remote control alarm systems like the Avital that are not smartphone compatible, the Prestige plays a large role in ensuring you can easily track your vehicle if its security is eventually breached.

It is compatible with CarLink, a car tracking device similar to Smart Start GPS and CarLock. Arguably, they are usually always better than conventional car alarms because they give instant notifications to your phone regardless of wherever your distance is monitoring the performance of your car.

However, a subscription to this kind of service is usually needed to enjoy its sleek benefits.

There is also a starter interrupt to prevent hot wiring and also a dual-stage shock sensor that tells the difference between minor bumps and just break-ins. The LCD is also a great add-on for car users as the icons displayed are quite easy to read and access.

More reason for you to buy the Prestige APS997Z is how it is designed to improve your way of living. Unlike alarms where you might never always be around to know whether it is preventing thieves or not, the two-way remote does that for you without you ever leaving your space.

It can even read and tell you the internal temperature of your car. Hence, you know when it is perfect for leaving for work, and what about the ignition starter, an outstanding feature in extreme cold and heat areas, as you can easily start up your engine and wait for temperature adjustment till you are ready to go.

The Prestige APS997Z’s on this list is one of the best car alarms with GPS tracking. It stars a two-way pager system, a remote start system, compatibility with a car tracking device, and an effective dual-stage alarm for optimum protection.

What We Like:

  • Smartphone compatible 
  • Able to give you feedback on the state of your car 
  • Security sensors can be expanded to fit in more sensors 
  • Cna control car temperature and start engine

What We Don’t Like:

  • It does not have a silent alarm mode.

6. Viper 5305V 2-way LCD Display Alarm System
Viper 5305V 2 way LCD Display Alarm System

Viper 5305V 2-way LCD Display Alarm System

Boasts an impressive two-way security system that is smart enough to protect its users from unwanted intruders. With an impressive remote control.

Whether your car is a fancy one or just a normal model was commonly seen on the streets, it is imperative to ensure that you take good security measures regarding your car.

Installing a Viper 5305V in your car can never leave you with doubt as, unlike other brands, the Viper brand is well-recognized in the automobile security product industry for its durability, quality, and advanced technologies they tend to offer in their products.

The 5305V from Viper is a productive and theft prevention system that is affordable, provides top and excellent security, and gives you control over your car, making it quite easy to unlock, lock, and start your engine.

Quickly, the various essential functions this 2-way system car alarm can offer you include the smart start compatibility feature that allows you to access certain functions of your car system right from your mobile device. Some of these tasks include opening the car’s trunk or triggering panic mode if you are in search of your car.

All these are possible, provided your smartphone is connected with the module.

The Failsafe starter kill, whose main function is to ensure your engine stops working if your car is hotwired. The control module of this car alarm includes an integrated relay that will stop your car engine if your car is breached.

This feature is mainly found in the best of car alarms only. It prevents you from losing your car or experiencing the distress that comes after car theft.

The Valet Power Saving Mode also is a system designed with the Viper 5305V to save the power of your car battery with the valet mode. The LED illuminates whenever your car is in this mode, and if the car engine is not turned on for an hour, the LED switches off and doesn’t come back to life until after you’ve turned on the engine.

Also, the shock sensor, i.e., the Stinger DoubleGuard installed on this one, is designed to prevent impacts to your car. The sensor module consists of a rotary control that allows for control of the sensitivity of the shock sensors.

That means a light impact to your car only generates a low warning siren chirp. In contrast, a heavy impact generates a very loud siren noise that eventually draws everyone’s attention to the intruder or impact, making it quite an effective tool for theft and vandalism prevention.

Lastly is the silent mode that deals majorly with shutting off the 120-decibel alarm whenever triggered—a more reliable way of keeping noise level to the barest minimum when the alarm is triggered unnecessarily.

What We Like:

  • Affordable and more convenient to use
  • Easy to operate 
  • Limited lifetime warranty 
  • Viper GPS and SmartStart compatible 
  • The 2-way remote system can also inform you of threatening to your vehicle

What We Don’t Like:

  • Quarter mile might not be enough for some users
  • Require professional installation, which does come with extra cost 

7. Scytek A15 Keyless Entry Alarm System
Scytek A15 Keyless Entry Alarm System

Scytek A15 Keyless Entry Alarm System

This powerful alarm system is a keyless alarm system for cars. It features a silent alarm that will notify you or your emergency contacts should a break-in occur.

The Scytex A15 weighs only 10.4 ounces and is smartphone compatible with the easy plug-and-play MobiLink GPS tracking upgrade module.

You get a 2-way confirmation with your smartphone, while you can easily do the arming and disarming of the alarm using the 2 five-button 1-way remote control that comes equipped with the Scytek.

Features included with the Syctek include a two-way pager that directly sends a signal from the car whenever it is being breached, ensuring optimum security of the car is well served.

Compatibility with mobile devices to ensure lost cars are not misplaced forever. Scytek ensures the A15 is compatible with a GPS tracking module that allows for easy tracking of a car whenever it is stolen.

A three-stage anti-car-jack feature to prevent tricky car theft and a smart zone impact sensor from detecting impacts and creating awareness about the state of condition of your car.

What We Like:

  • Smartphone compatible 
  • Featherweight, durable, and efficient for optimum security

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some cars will need a bypass module for remote start.

8. CarBest Car Alarm System
CarBest Car Alarm System

CarBest Car Alarm System

CarBest is a leading brand in the car alarm system industry. It is affordable and reliable for your vehicle. Include remote control and multiple security features.

Complex and very secure, the CarBest 2-way alarm system is designed to provide maximum security for cars and the valuables inside of them. However, it is always needful to employ the service of an authorized dealer to install for you.

The CarBest alarm is equipped with a 2-way LCD remote control with over 3000 feet operating range,  hopping technology for anti-scanning and anti-grabbing, and an automatic window rolling-up feature.

Other components designed with the CarBest alarm system include automation that allows for automation for your car’s trunk, door, sensors, as well as window rolling-up, which overall help strengthen your car’s security.

A long-range remote start for keeping your engine running if you are far away from your car. Only for you to enter your vehicle and move away to your desired location. This feature allows you to operate your engine without wasting time conveniently.

The valet mode for saving your battery power and helps prevent sudden power loss.

What We Like:

  • Possess a silent mode for quick disarming 
  • Feedback from the CarBest alarm is fast and effective 
  • Equipped with two 2-way remote control that is lightweight and sleek

What We Don’t Like:

  • Requires professional service for installation.
  • Not too durable.

9. Excalibur AL17753DB  2-way Alarm Remote System
Excalibur AL17753DB 2 way Alarm Remote System

Excalibur AL17753DB  2-way Alarm Remote System

The system can be used to secure cars, boats, motor homes, storage sheds and more. It comes with an LCD screen and keypad for easy programming.

The Excalibur car alarm is a 3000 feet operating device that features a 2-way keyless entry function with a 2-Button LED transmitter coupled with a digital display.

It is also a very good alarm that can out-perform some of the car alarms on sale. And about the alertness, the compact siren included on this one does the job of getting you informed about any threat that can be near your vehicle.

Other functions of the Excalibur include the onboard temperature sensor, which typically detects changes in the car’s temperature and gives you feedback, gives an alert on low battery power, and two-way paging remote for receiving signals from your car.

What We Like:

  • Durable and cheap
  • Onboard temperature sensor 
  • Backup battery port 
  • A year manufacturer’s warranty

What We Don’t Like:

  • Expensive.

10. EASYGUARD EC204 DC12V Car Alarm System
EASYGUARD EC204 DC12V Car Alarm System

EASYGUARD EC204 DC12V Car Alarm System

This item is easy to install. It comes with everything you need to have and use the system in no time. No professional installation is required.

Compatible with 95 per cent of most DC12V cars on the market, the EASYGUARD car alarm is a 2-way car alarm system with passive keyless entry, rechargeable LCD, and a shock sensor warding off intruders.

With the EASYGUARD, you can easily monitor your vehicle 24 hours and get real-time feedback almost instantly.

The EC204 consists of a PKE (Passive Keyless Entry) feature that allows automatic locking and unlocking of the vehicle’s door when you approach or walk away with three to six feet with the key fob.

A shock alarm warning: to alert you of possible threats or things bumped against. This helps create awareness of the vehicle’s performance without much fuss or hassle.

Also is the remote control, whose main operating distance is usually around 15000 feet in wild space.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Compatible with most DC12V petrol vehicles on sale 
  • Features a power-saving mode to keep the battery from draining 
  • Affordable 

What We Like:

  • No remote engine start function present.

Features to Consider when Looking for Efficient Car Alarm Systems

Alarms for ages are well known for their useful alertness when certain facilities are being breached. 

However, as technology began to increase, more and more functionalities started appearing in car alarms we see today. They turn to be more evenly equipped and effective to prevent even the trickiest theft attempt from occurring.

So making use of a car alarm can never be of lesser value provided you procure a very efficient and effective one.

How To Choose The Best Car Security System

To ensure you eventually find an alarm system that best suits your needs, there is usually a need for you always to save yourself the stress of searching without researching.

It is good to note that all information you need about a particular product is always around you, and getting people to speak about how well a product performs might not be of help in cases of car alarms.

Here are some factors to always consider while choosing a car alarm system based on your needs.

1. Price

The first factor on the list is the price of the product you are aiming to buy.

A conventional car alarm system is pretty much readily available and usually inexpensive to procure. But seeking the best car alarm for classic cars will have you spending extra bucks to ensure the vehicle is well secured.

2. Quality of the System

Materials used in designing the product and the manufacturer from which a product is coming also matter.

There are many brands whenever it comes to car alarms, but many times, there are always certain brands that are always known for their top-notch quality.

They would produce good stuff even if it were an alarm system for older versions of cars. This aspect should also always be factored in when choosing a car alarm.

3. Online Reviews and Ratings 

One of the best and most efficient ways of purchasing the best is to check what others are saying about that particular product you intend to buy.

Online reviews for car alarm systems can always be found on blogs online and online stores both locally and internationally.

Online stores like Walmart, Amazon, and Ali Express will always help you with ratings of alarm systems and reviews of such particular products, which will help you determine what’s best for you.

4. Servicing

Nowadays, not too many brands offer long warranty for their products sold, neither do they always want to take fault for their product.

However, in cases of product breakdown or system update, who do you seek help from?

It is most advisable to buy from brands within a reasonable distance or better still have workshops that fix problems of like manners. This will help save time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Still, do always ensure you choose recognizable and reputable brands that are trustworthy, well-known, and readily available to replace any parts of the alarm system.

Also, get professionals to do your installations for you, as this can result in enjoying certain discounts if proof of installation is provided.

5. Features

They are always essential to the effective protection of your car. They are usually needed for added security. But if you are the type who still prefers customized car alarms to factory ones, then an after-market car security system will be best for you.

Quickly, let’s look at seven important features a modern car alarm system can possess:

i. Keyless Entry System

Without touching your car, the keyless entry will allow you access to your car by only pressing a designated button on the remote.

You don’t necessarily need the use of a car key as this system makes use of the rolling code, i.e., it generates a new random code every time after your car has been unlocked. 

It is usually designed to prevent fast break-ins.

ii. Car Alarm Sensors

There are invariably many car alarms you can fix onto your car to ensure your car is well protected and your valuables secured.

Older versions of cars are normally fitted with one or possibly two alarm sensors that directly alert the surrounding environment of the car’s condition. But now, most things have changed.

A modern-day car can now have close to ten sensors that perform different functions to make car theft pretty difficult to do.

Below are few alarm sensors that can make car theft a bit more difficult to achieve:

iii. Door sensors

These are the most commonly available sensors common in cars. Whenever the car alarm is up and running, the sensors send a signal to the alarm. Whenever a car burglar tries to break open the car lock and breach the vehicle, the alarms come to life and blare so much noise that it makes the operation quite impossible to complete.

However, they are not too effective in preventing a thief from breaking the window.

iv. Shock sensors

Detect hits and impacts around your vehicle, such as a shock from someone breaking a car window. They majorly work by detecting impact and transmitting such alerts to the alarm’s computer. The car alarm is immediately triggered with such an alert.

v. Tilt sensors

They are useful for occurrences where cars are being towed away without anyone noticing such an act.

Tilt sensors prevent thieves from towing cars away by scanning the angle of your car. Whenever any difference changes the angle of your car, the tilt sensor sends a signal to the computer, which triggers the alarm.

Modern-day tilt sensors do use mercury to monitor a tilt in the angle of the level of the car. If the mercury flows to one side and causes a switch to be activated, the alarm goes on and alerts everyone around.

vi. Proximity sensors

Talking Car Alarm With Proximity Sensor, they are perimeter scanners. i.e., their major job function is to scan the area around your vehicle for possible threats.

However, these types of sensors are not always found in the older version of cars but high-end models and newer ones. They are mostly designed to calculate how close an object is to your vehicle and only trigger whenever the object comes in too close. 

This is a more advanced method of keeping cars safe and secure from car burglars.

vii. Immobilizer 

This system prevents your car from starting until the key or remote matches with the device. A major form of theft prevention system that ensures starting the car is impossible even if they manage to break into the car.

The key or remote typically has a chip installer that it uses to easily communicate with the immobilizer to allow the car to start and move.

viii. Encrypted Transmission 

Technologically wired car alarms nowadays now use chips to communicate from the remote to the car and vice-versa.

However, encrypting the signals these devices send is essential to the safety of your car in this 24th century. It will ensure thieves are prevented from hacking the signal and breaking into the vehicle without physical contact.

Still, a wireless car alarm system proves to be the best in terms of convenience, excellent security, and performance.

6. Compatibility

Provided it has a 12-volt system, most car alarms are mostly compatible with any car though there are some exceptions.

The exceptions are needed to be checked through if it is what you want or something else. Therefore, it will always be nice to check through the manufacturer’s page online and check for compatibility.

Smartphone Compatibility is another thing to consider. Car alarms integrated with mobile applications do make it easy for car owners to stay abreast of any unsuspecting activity going on with their cars. 

The integrated car alarms provide alerts through text messages right to your hand, and best of all, you don’t usually need an extra key fob or remote for this one.

Not too many cars can be compatible with this, but it is also a sleek feature for keeping cars safe.

7. Two-way Pager

The two-remote system allows you to send commands from your remote to your car and receive signals or feedback from your car. This happens when an attempt to break into your vehicle is disallowed, and then you immediately get a notification about what is going on, allowing you to act fast.

Most car alarms are mostly equipped with a one-way remote, which only provides unlocking and locking of the door and disarming and arming of the alarm remotely. 

This system is not too efficient for car burglary and might not protect your vehicle as intended.

8. Range

The range of operating work areas of a car alarm does matter a lot, especially in quick response to a remote request.

For a two-way remote system, it is always required of a car to send feedback whenever a command is being sent out. A car alarm that operates within a wide operating range will always ensure such alerts or signals are given back indicating the message received.

However, alarms with a short operating range will ensure you are commanding within its range to give you a response.

9. Installation 

Employing the services of a mechanic, no matter how easy the installation of a car alarm setup may prove to be, is always the best option to always go for, even if it will cost an extra fee. 

You wouldn’t be too delighted if you had done the installation all by yourself and found out it is now draining your battery or affecting some other component present in your car.

Besides, when employing the services of professionals, some brands do offer a discount on your device whenever they break down and will help reduce the cost of fixing them back.

10. Signal Encryption 

Many thieves today are pretty much tech-savvy and will jam your car and steal them in just a matter of a minute. 

Hence, getting car alarms that include signal encryption would always be one of your main priorities as they help protect your remotes requests and prevent them from being intercepted.


The way a car alarm works is quite simple. Whenever the alarm is installed and switched on, and a sensor responds, the alarm sounds. Nonetheless, if the sensors do not record any odd activity, the alarm pretty much remains active but silent and hidden.

Car alarms are needed to keep your possessions and your car safe. Of course, in this present day, car thefts seem to be more prevalent than usual, and a simple car alarm system only needs some tweaking before it is uninstalled.

However, a deafening car alarm with some very high-tech installations will not only scare away thieves but also get everyone alerted quickly before the car and its valuables can be carted away.

Now you know, possessing a car alarm system is usually a great extra layer of protection. It plays a significant role and helps you prevent losing valuables, and most especially, your car.

Getting the best quality and an alarm system that is technological in its functionality will most times be the most efficient system you can go for.

From door sensors to shock sensors, or a car alarm with a proximity sensor, these are functionalities that can help prevent your car from being burgled into.

They are efficient, provide optimum security and even alert you anywhere you are of possible threat or break-in into your car.

So we hope we’ve been able to devise a list you can always refer to whenever you are lost on the best car alarm system to buy. And don’t forget to check our reviews of the best Mercedes car alarm system.