List of 6 Best Car Alarm System For Mercedes 2022 and Buying Guide

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Best Car Alarm System For Mercedes – Whenever it comes to protecting your car and the valuables inside of it, there is usually no substitute for a car alarm system.

A good car alarm should always serve as a deterrent and as well as a response system. It should be efficient enough to prevent burglars from tampering with your car using sufficient technology to ensure optimum protection.

However, things have changed recently so also car thieves. Car burglars have moved from individuals tampering with cars with crossbars to those who now make use of relay boxes to copy car signals to gain access to a car. This is all a result of advancements in technology.

They are continually devising new and complicated measures to steal cars making such activities more and more common in recent times.

Fortunately, modern car alarms have gone through a series of enhancements and thereby stayed one step ahead of burglars while making it a bit more difficult to just steal a car unnoticed.

But while these are great systems to have in a vehicle, you should be informed that the complexity of these systems does amount to their expensive nature. 

There are basic ones you can always purchase for a few dollars but below are systems that are high-end and will serve you the function many complex ones will offer.

Best Car Alarm System For Mercedes (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Alarms do go a long way in efficiently dissuading car burglars from carting away vehicles. They are smart, loud for gaining attention fast, sensitive and a lot more durable.

So quickly, here is a list of the best car alarm system for Mercedes vehicles.

1. Viper 350 One Way Car Alarm System – Plus (Black)
Viper 350 One Way Car Alarm System – Plus Black

Viper 350 One Way Car Alarm System – Plus (Black)

The Viper 350 is a feature-rich alarm system, that has 350 Mile range, remote Anti-hijacking, Arm / Disarm, trunk release, Glass breaker etc.

Weighing 1.9 pounds, the Viper 350 makes use of cutting-edge technology to ensure you are in total control of your car while providing optimum protection within range and features you can always trust every time.

It can effectively keep your automobile safe from thieves all thanks to its various innovative features.

It possesses a shock sensor coupled with a 6-tone siren that will chirp whenever your car is bumped as well as a failsafe starter kill, a keyless entry and anti-hijacking protection.

And talking of vehicle protection with a modern technology feature, the Viper 350 is one of the most affordable and efficient car alarms accessible on the market as it boasts of a Clonesafe and Code hopping technology that can prevent car burglars from reading your car’s frequency transmission and jeopardize your car’s alarm system

It also comes with two key jobs each designed for a different function. Regardless, they all come with unique features that make cars fitted with impossible to cart away easily.

The price for this one is very much budget-friendly and for its performance, a great value for the money. You can also add extras like a car tracker e.g GPS tracking CarLock Tracker and the remote start. 

Overall, the Viper 350 Plus is a very useable and reliable entry-level car alarm system to have in possession.

What We Like:

  • Anti-hijacking protection and panic alarm element
  • Failsafe starter kill plus a keyless entry
  • Though has a limited lifetime warranty, it is a great value for the money
  • Possess advanced dual-zone shock sensor to keep away burglars
  • Durable entry-level alarm system

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not compatible with some vehicles.
  • Comes equipped with a one-way alarm system.

2. InstallGear Car Alarm Security System 
InstallGear Car Alarm Security System

InstallGear Car Alarm Security System 

The system includes an interactive LCD remote control, a security panel and an alarm. It is compatible with both old and new model vehicles.

Not weighing more than 1.5 lbs in weight, the InstallGear is that affordable and basic system you wouldn’t want to not have protected your car.

This alarm system from InstallGear is designed to have no fancy LED key fob but a two-way transmitter that is accessible and affordable.

On this security system is an alarm module plus a siren with sensors i.e vibrations are easily detected if vehicles are being broken into. More functionality however can be added to the installer to better enjoy more complex technological tactics inefficiently protecting cars and their valuables.

This is a very basic car alarm system you can easily afford for your Mercedes making it a car alarm that is worth staying here.

What We Like:

  • Basic and pretty intelligent
  • Lights flash accompany loud decibels of sound to make the car impenetrable
  • Can add central locking 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Instructions are way too complicated to reach

3. Car Best 2-way Car Alarm Security System
Car Best 2 way Car Alarm Security System

Car Best 2-way Car Alarm Security System

This 2-way car alarm is one of the top alarm systems. It’s a cheap alternative to the more expensive car alarms with many similar features.

Complex and installed with the best of technology, the Carbest 2-way system with remote included gives you a headstart of ensuring the total safety of your automobile.

Using the alarm system and the remote combined, you can easily get confirmation that your car is locked right on your key fob. Or you want to put your engine on without the keys, you can always get everything done right through the use of the key fob.

The Carbest is one of the most efficient car alarm systems you can make use of for your car as it can operate within a range of 3000 feet from the vehicle. You get to get an extra confirmation on your key fob screen to know for sure if your car is efficiently locked. 

Procuring this wouldn’t be a waste of resources as it also comes equipped with a second remote for your other set of keys. And while many alarm systems will offer you only one LCD remote, the Carbest has two.

Its two-way communication also helps in getting feedback from your vehicle irrespective of your present location. It has a code hopping technology that guides against grabbing and scanning and an automatic roll-up for windows for additional security.

This effective system is designed by Carvixx and promises high-end reliability and top quality.

What We Like:

  • Two-way communication proves to be a great add-on to this alarm system
  • Features two LCD remote display
  • Car alarm system installation is only performed by authorised dealers.
  • Long-range remote start with gear degree checking
  • Six-tone 120 decibel siren

What We Don’t Like:

  • The bypass module is not included in this one
  • Shock sensors are not too productive

4. Viper 3100V One-way Car Alarm Security System
Viper 3100V One way Car Alarm Security System

Viper 3100V One-way Car Alarm Security System

Its features include a motion detector, shock sensor, and a starter interrupt. The system comes complete with all the necessary installation hardware.

Featuring a keyless entry system, the Viper 3100V is a valuable alarm system that goes for a very low price.

It is a lot very good in drawing attention to cars it is fixed on whenever someone tries to break into them unusually get thus done through its loud alarm, engine immobilizer, as well as flashing lights.

The Viper 3100V is not a very complex system to make use of for exotic cars but will surely do well on normal cars. Installation of this one is also very much easy to do but does not offer high proximity technology.

It is budget-friendly and offers bonnet, door, boot protection with a dual-stage shock sensor plus a fully standard and functional 12-volt siren.

Also on this piece are the two 3-button remotes with auxiliary channels necessary for arming and disarming your vehicle.

What We Like:

  • A dual-stage shock sensor is available.
  • Features a keyless entry system with an engine immobilizer.
  • Door, boot and bonnet protection.
  • Flashlight help give signs at night most especially whenever the alarm is triggered.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not smart to start compatible.

5. VOXX Electronics – Prestige APS25Z
VOXX Electronics – Prestige APS25Z

VOXX Electronics – Prestige APS25Z

The system is a complete kit for easy installation. It’s ideal for those who are looking for an affordable solution to car security.

Weighing 1.39 pounds, Voxx Electronics have done well in producing some affordable high-end alarm systems that are easily accessible and affordable. The Prestige APS25Z is one of a kind.

It features three-button 1-way transmitters that serve as a standard security car alarm system that very much protect your car with the latest safety technology.

It stars an intrusion alert with a memory capacity, dual-stage shock sensor, parking light flasher and a whole lot more.

Produced in the USA, the Prestige alarm system also consists of dual-stage shock sensors, a starter interrupt, and an automatic arming and disarming for ensuring optimum security.

Its loud multi-tone siren also does help in additional triggers while featuring an entry system that is keyless and is multiple automobile capable.

What We Like:

  • An intrusion alert for a faster alert.
  • Can work efficiently on multiple cars.
  • Multi-tone siren.
  • Durable, smart and compact.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Professional installation needed

6. Prestige APS997Z Car Alarm Security System 1-Mile Range
Prestige APS997Z Car Alarm Security System 1 Mile Range

Prestige APS997Z Car Alarm Security System 1-Mile Range

Prestige Car Alarm Security System with 1-mile range allows for enhanced security for your vehicle, very efficient and affordable.

The Prestige is more of a better alarm system with its two-way remote that well, can’t cover more than a mile but contains a better display option.

It has been redesigned with a new metal look and feels thereby offering a new five-button confirming transmitter with which you can lock, arm, unlock, start and put off your car. Also on it is a comfy 24-hour start mode and also a start mode for cold temperature.

You can fully make use of its keyless entry starter feature to start up your car without ever using the keys.

This helps a lot inefficiently preventing car thieves from effectively breaking in into your car and taking with their valuables.

What We Like:

  • 5-button 2-way transmitter.
  • Incredible functionality.
  • Improved custom code override.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Absence of a silent alarm mode.


Above are some of the best you can easily find online. You can very much do well to refer to this list anytime, any day.

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