List of the 8 Best ATV Sprayer With Boom Reviewed

Spraying vast expanses with fertilizers, pesticides, or water may be difficult and time-consuming for both industrial farms and expansive gardens. The ATV sprayer is one straightforward and economical remedy. 

Compared to a traditional spraying backpack, these valuable tools can be installed on the back of any ATV and enable users to cover a considerably bigger area with far less effort. They are the ideal middle ground for fields and lawns that are too small for a tractor but too large for hand spraying.

List of the 8 Best ATV Sprayers With Boom

It might be challenging to select the perfect product when so many choices are available. See our recommendations below for a list of the best ATV sprayers currently on the market.

1. Precision Products TCS15 Spot Sprayer

For bigger spraying tasks, the Precision Products TCS25 Spot Sprayer is created. It can be mounted on various vehicles and the rear of an ATV.  You will have the reach you need to complete the task quickly, thanks to the 12-volt sprayer’s capacity to disperse the tank’s contents at up to 60 PSI.

Along with a 15-foot hose, the sprayer comes with a pistol with a thumb control. A drain plug at the base makes it simple to empty the device’s contents and rinse.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy Duty plastic tank with drain plug
  • 1 Gallon per minute pump
  • 90-day limited warranty
  • Heavy-duty plastic construction

2. Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer

Spot spraying is made easy with the Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer. It includes a one GPM Ironton pump, an eight-gallon tank, and chemical-resistant Santoprene and Viton parts. The tank can withstand UV rays and almost all insecticides.  

Because the tank is UV-resistant, the chemicals inside are shielded from the ionizing effects of the sun’s rays. Additionally, the gallon markings on the tank’s side make it simple to monitor fluid levels.

The stream mode of the nozzle sprays 12 feet in the air vertically and 20 feet in the air horizontally. The tough PVC and synthetic braided cord were used to construct the 3/8-inch by 11-foot clear hose. Additionally, battery clips and a handy remote switch are included right out of the box so you can use the sprayer while sitting on your ATV’s seat.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile sprayer nozzle
  • Easy-empty bottom drain
  •  Resistant to chemicals and UV radiation
  • Easy to assemble

3. Chapin International 97200E 15-Gallon

The practical tool may be mounted on many vehicles and is also functional as a tractor or UTV sprayer. You may fill the huge, 15-gallon tank with whatever you need without worrying because it is composed of durable, chemical-resistant plastic. The tank also has a five-inch wide aperture for easy filling and blending.

It is compatible with insecticides, weedkillers, and fertilizers. The 18-inch long spray wand’s nozzle may be adjusted to generate a mist or a coarse stream for more precise applications, and it can spray up to 30 feet vertically and 18 feet horizontally.

The shut-off component can be dismantled for maintenance, and the tank includes a wide-mouth entrance to reduce spills and simplify cleanup.

Highlighted Features:

  •  Heavy-duty chemical-resistant plastic construction
  • Easy filling and mixing
  • High-performing 12-volt diaphragm pump
  • Dual filtration system

4. NorthStar Tow-Behind Spot Sprayer

ATVs or tractors can be used to haul the NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer. It is the ideal spot sprayer for fields, fence lines, and a sizable portion of lawns. It has a pump made for industrial use and can tolerate corrosive substances.

The manufacturer claims the pump’s lifespan is five times longer than competing products. The tow bar, boom arms, axle, and wheels are engineered to be retractable and easily removed for simple storage, while the steel cart can be operated on uneven terrain.

Highlighted Features:

  • 100% continuous duty rating
  • Superior reliability and chemical resistance
  • UV-resistant and compatible 
  • Easy to use

5. Master Manufacturing 15 Gallon ATV Spot Sprayer

The 15 Gallon ATV Broadcast & Spot Sprayer from Master Manufacturing can perfectly treat your lawn, field, and other exterior surfaces. The boom brackets, which you can modify to the spray height you want, are one of the nicest features of the spot sprayer. Most ATVs work perfectly with their mounting straps and quick-attach boom.

An electric wire harness, a pump, a pressure gauge, a pressure regulator, a lid with a tether, and gun clips are all included with this sprayer. The transparent polyethylene tank can hold up to insecticides and herbicides and be used to cleanse and disinfect surfaces.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easily adjust Boom brackets
  • Featuring a top-of-the-line pumping system
  • Adjustable spray gun
  • Includes two mounting straps and quickly attaches Boom mounts.

What Are The Types Of ATV Sprayers?

There are a few various sorts of sprayers you may choose from to attach to your ATV, including.

– Rear Mounted Boom Sprayer

The most popular ATV sprayer is this one. It is mounted straight to the back of your ATV. Compared to tow-behind sprayers, rear-mounted sprayers are more widely used and affordable.

These sprayers are frequently shipped completely and constructed by the manufacturers, making installation simple. They can, however, be a touch top-heavy, especially if their tanks are larger.

– Pull-Type ATV Sprayers

A tow-behind sprayer may be an excellent choice if you have a little extra cash to spend and want an ATV boom sprayer with a bigger tank.

They typically arrive on wheeled carts that you may connect up to your tractor, ATV, or UTV. The greatest drawback is that they are more costly than sprayers with rear mountings.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Buying An ATV Sprayer?

Some key attributes have to be checked out and considered when attempting to acquire an ATV sprayer. Some of these attributes include. 

– The Tank Capacity

ATV boom sprayers normally have tanks of 15 to 25 gallons, though you can also find models with smaller or larger tanks. Larger tanks are necessary for larger jobs and areas of land because doing so would need frequent trips back to the home base to fill the tank, which could be problematic.

– Tank Durability

A tank’s capacity and durability should be considered on an equal footing. It will be necessary to buy a replacement tank as soon as one develops a fracture or hole. Modern tanks are often made of polyethylene, which is extremely durable, but you should opt for containers with thicker walls. By shopping around, you’ll notice a distinction. 

Another thing to keep an eye out for are labels that state the tank is resistant to UV radiation, which can harden the plastic and make it fragile. Ultraviolet resistance is important, particularly if the tank is exposed to the sun for long periods.

– The Pump Quality

Pump quality is another important factor that you need to watch out for. The pump will control both the spray rate and the distance. A key statistic is a pressure the pump can generate and sustain. We advise staying away from pumps that spray less than one gallon per minute because they frequently aren’t high-quality pumps.

However, you should also note that even tougher pumps can be created from inexpensive materials, so you must examine the design of each brand yourself.

– Warranty

Look into the existence of a warranty before investing in a new ATV boom sprayer. Manufacturers who offer lengthier warranties typically have faith in the durability of their products as you could not be eligible for a replacement or refund if the sprayer malfunctions; try to avoid items without warranties.

– Wand And Hose Length

If at all feasible, pick a sprayer with the longest hose and wand you can get. These are ideal for covering bigger areas of the ground because you can spray gardens and agricultural land more easily with them. However,  if your sprayer’s wand and hose are too short, you do not need to worry, as you can easily buy an extension.


The number of options and features can be confusing when purchasing an ATV sprayer. When buying an ATV sprayer, we advise selecting the biggest tank you can purchase with a strong, long-lasting pump with the capacity to pump out at least one gallon per minute.

The spray wand should feel solidly constructed, have a little weight, and fit comfortably in your hand. 

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