5 of the Best ATV Gas Can, Types and Buying Guide In 2022

Fuel is a crucial concern for people who ride their ATVs for hours on end in dense forests or on a designated track. Running out of fuel after a long journey can be disastrous, especially if it is late and there is no gas station in the area. However, you won’t experience any issues if you bring one or two full gas cans for your ATV.

Having a high-quality ATV gas can provide you peace of mind while you take your ATV on protracted camping, hiking, backpacking, or fishing vacations.

5 of the Best ATV Gas Can, Types and Buying Guide In 2022

Having extra gas is a smart idea if you plan to drive a long distance. On an ATV, it’s always a good idea to have extra gas; it will be helpful if you run out of gas or are planning a long trip. Here are a few of the best available ATV gas cans.

1. No-Spill 1450 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can

No matter where you transport your gas, safety is guaranteed thanks to the No-Spill Poly ATV Gas Can’s licensing and testing to ASTM requirements. The gas tank has a well-thought-out design and a straightforward button that you can press with your thumb to stop the fuel crow. You will surely save time using this gas can with the spill-proof nozzle.

Although it works well for ATVs, you can also use this gas can with a five-gallon capacity for vehicles, machines, lawn care equipment, and generators. It has a thumb button push control to ensure accurate pouring without any leakage. 

Three gallons of fuel may flow through this can rapidly because of its construction. Filling tanks in awkward places is simple thanks to the integrated 7/8-inch funnel outlet. They can feature two practical handles, one on top for carrying convenience and the other at the rear for easy pouring. This container has a stainless steel mesh screen to keep debris from your fuel tank.

Highlighted Features:

  • A fast fuel flow rate of 3 gallons per minute
  • Thumb button push control 
  • Two handy handles make pouring and carrying easier.
  • Five-gallon capacity

2. Justrite 5-Gallon Gas Can

This 5-gallon gas can is made of industrial materials and has several improved safety measures. It contains a flexible 9-inch hose, a Safe-Squeeze trigger that is simple to operate, and two holes for easy pouring.

Flashback ignition is avoided via a stainless steel constructed flame arrester. In addition to meeting all OSHA and NFPA regulations, this device has received approval from the FM, UL/ULC, and TUV. This gas can is one of the most resilient goods on the market because it is made of 24-gauge galvanized steel. It also has a powdered red paint finish to prevent potential rust and corrosion on the exterior.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy-to-use Safe-Squeeze trigger
  • Flexible 9-inch hose
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Faster liquid flow

3. VP Racing Fuels Motorsport 5 Gallon Plastic Utility Jug

This item is offered for sale as a value two-pack and comes in various colors. Each gas can comes with hoses to help minimize spills while being used. You can readily determine when your gas can is getting low on fuel thanks to the one-gallon indicators on the cans.

The high-density polyethylene used to make the cans is of superior quality. Trying to pour into your ATV is made simple by the ergonomically designed bottom grip and handle. Rubber gaskets on an all-purpose cap give it more durability.

Furthermore, these cans are perfect for storing water, corn, oats, and other items in addition to gasoline, automobile, and industrial fuels.

Highlighted Features:

  • Virgin high-density polyethylene construction
  • Non-breakable, multipurpose cap and rubber gaskets
  • Ergonomically contoured handle 
  • Maneuverability

4. Scepter USA 6792 Duramax 14 Gallon Flo-N-Go Fuel Caddy

This gas can has a wheeled 14-gallon tank and an integrated siphon pumping system. It has a sturdy top handle and a bottom handhold, making it simple to load into most cars and transfer when full.

The 6-inch wheels make it easy to maneuver through campgrounds or other paved areas. The pump’s 2-gallon per minute flow rate renders spilling and overflow impossible.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile and easy to transport
  •  High-density polyethylene construction
  • Siphon-based pump System
  • A heavy-duty top handle

5. LC LC2 Utility Container

For easier lifting and better control during the pouring process, the LC LC2 is equipped with a two-handle ergonomic design, with one handle designed to be lower than the other. It comes in green, orange, and white as the accessible colors.

High-impact polyethylene was used to create the can, and it has a wide cap that is practical and simple to remove, a side grip, and a wrench hex plug to avoid spills. There are also marks on the side of the gas can, which correctly display the amount of fuel available in both gallons and liters.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile and user friendly
  • High-impact polyethylene construction
  • Ergonomic two-handle design

What Are The Types of ATV Gas Cans?

There are various ATV gas cans, each with a special set of characteristics and benefits. Depending on your outdoor requirements and lifestyle, you may require a different kind of ATV gas can. Make sure you know all the different sorts before making your final purchase.

– Plastic

Out of all the different kinds of gas cans, plastic ATV gas cans are the least expensive alternative. Despite their low cost, these gas cans are fairly sturdy and can last a very long time with the proper care.

In addition to being the most lightweight, plastic ATV gas cans are also the most mobile. You might want to go for the plastic can if you plan to travel with your ATV frequently or if you’ll need the gas can for extended travel. Ensure your selection complies with crucial safety regulations to avoid fires or hazardous situations.

– Metal

The most expensive gas cans available are normally metal ATV gas cans. These cans are excellent choices for long-term ATV gasoline storage. However, a different type of ATV gas can suit your needs if you intend to travel with your gas can or take it on extended vacations.

Although metal gas cans are frequently quite resilient, they have a history of rusting and corroding with time, creating a serious safety threat. If your metal gas can show any indications of rust, damage, or corrosion, you might need to get a new one.

– Pump

Numerous materials can be used to make the Pump ATV gas cans. The major advantage of this gas can is that you can fill up your ATV with maximum efficiency.

Using a pump at a gas station is comparable to using this kind of gas can.

You can manage the fuel flow rate into the gas tank of your ATV using PUMP ATV GAS CANS, which enhances ventilation during fuelling. It is a crucial safety element because it will lessen the chance of spills when you are filling your ATV.

How Long Can Gas Be Stored?

That will be roughly 30 days into the decomposition process for regular gasoline when the chemical components start to disintegrate. Compared to low-octane gas, high-octane gas can last up to 3 months. Gradually, the gas degrades until it cannot ignite an engine.

A gas stabilizing agent can be used to aid the neutralization of the chemicals for up to a year, extending the shelf life. However, it’s advised that gasoline intended for generators should be no older than six months.


It is crucial to get an ATV gas can for your ATV because it will always be useful. To ensure durability, the body of a decent ATV gas should be constructed from sturdy materials. It must be simple and convenient to carry and must not leak even after years of use.

Any of the cans described above are available for purchase if you’re having trouble determining which one is best for you.

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