9 Best App To Find RV Dump Stations in America

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Every RVer will tell you that the dreaded duty of emptying the RV’s grey and black water storage tanks is their least favorite part of RV travel. But what about RVers who are boondocking, dry camping, dispersed camping, or free camping in an area without sewer connections? What happens when their tanks are full?

Fortunately, that is where I come in as there are several applications and a few websites for that. These RV dump station finder tools can assist you in locating locations where you can dump your RV’s holding tanks for free or for a nominal cost.

Because I know RVers are constantly planning their next road trip, I compiled a list of 9 popular RV dump station applications.

9 Best Apps to Find RV Dump Stations in America

9 Best App To Find RV Dump Stations in America

RVs are the king of the road. They can be parked almost anywhere, enabling their owners to explore the country without the distraction of a locked car. That being said, not all RV dump stations are created equal.

In order to ensure that you are retrieving your garbage safely, you should know which ones are the best. We’ve put together a list of the best RV dump stations in the U.S. to help you find the one that’s right for you. We hope this list of the best RV dump stations in the country helps you make the right choice.

1. Campendium

Campendium is a website and mobile app that assists RVers in finding and reviewing RV parks and campgrounds. Campendium, in addition to being a wonderful resource for finding campsites, has a tool that allows you to search for RV dump stations by either searching for a specific place or utilizing built-in GPS features to discover your location.

Campendium is an RV campground directory that includes user reviews. Campendium’s database contains information on practically every type of campground, so you can discover information on everything from private to a national forest campgrounds.

Gone are the days when you rent a fancy RV resort only to find out when you arrive that you’ve booked a run-down campsite with broken amenities. Campendium eliminates the guesswork involved in locating a campground.

Users gain access to extra features such as layered maps and user-reported cell phone signals. The app is available for download for Apple users, but Android users must establish a webpage shortcut on their home screens.

Outstanding Features:

  • Includes user review
  • Eliminates guesswork
  • Contain layered maps

2. RV Parky

RV Parky is a comprehensive RV park directory that assists campers in the United States and Canada find a campground and other RV facilities. Users can also find amenities provided at the campground, such as water, pull-thru sites, wi-fi, laundry, fishing, and more, but it appears to be popular, so it’s worth a look. It is available for free as both an app and a website. Users can select which of these to display on the map.

It is nice to know that with the exception of Tribal territory, RV Parky returns the same federal and local/state public land and campgrounds. RV Parky is unique in that the author of the website and app is a full-time RVer, in this case, it is clear that this person better understands the RV lifestyle.

Users post images and rate the campgrounds, ensuring that the information is accurate and up to date. RV Park also allows you to keep track of your favorite campgrounds with information on dump stations and utilize the trip builder to visualize your campground itinerary from start to finish.

Outstanding Features:

  • User-friendly map
  • Ensures accurate information
  • Users can post images
  • Allows for feedback

3. Google Maps

Google Maps is a real-time navigation program that has built-in layers that display traffic delays, accidents, and up-to-the-minute diversion choices. Google Maps will bring you there, but if you have a large car, be aware of the route possibilities.

Not all routes are suitable for RVs or large trucks. Google Maps stand as a fantastic App because it is the most used navigation app in the world. Google Maps is constantly improving, making it practically frictionless to move from one location to another.

You may use Google Maps to locate petrol stations, restaurants, dump stations and other sites of interest along your trip. Users can use their devices to connect to select dashboard entertainment systems and download maps for offline use. Many Google Maps interfaces are hands-free, so all you have to do is ask Siri or Google for assistance and you’re ready to go.

Outstanding Features

  • Great for navigation
  • Hands-free interfaces
  • Works offline

4. iOverlander

The iOverlander app is basically a boondocking search engine. RVers can narrow down their search by location, kind of lodging, and facilities. Although it is free, it has the opportunity for one to donate to the non-profit organization’s website.

With this App, users submit real-time site information such as overall safety, road conditions, available amenities, cell service, dump stations and much more. This community-based software assists campers in locating free camping areas and provides information on whether or not the place is suitable for camping.

Fortunately, users may inform other RVers whether the location still allows overnight camping or is accessible to RVs.

Outstanding Features

  • Allows for users to share facts
  • Contains community-based software
  • Allows for feedbacks
  • Allows for precise searches

5. Freeroam

Freeroam is a non-profit company that runs a crowdsourcing platform. The App assists RVers in searching for campgrounds and filters them based on proximity and features. The app offers both paid and free overnight camping options as this App costs nothing.

This is a great App because more users contribute to the campgrounds, the Freeroam app is always improving. The app’s cell signal, road difficulty, fullness, and safety features are useful because these are the reasons why people avoid boondocking. The app’s human-made traffic noise meter is another entertaining feature.

Campgrounds are frequently located near railroad or traffic noise. This software assists you in avoiding noises so that you may enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Outstanding Features:

  • Contains filter features
  • Contains cell signal
  • Helps in avoiding noise
  • Allows for feedback

6. Allstays

Allstays is one of the most comprehensive campgrounds and RV databases available, this is so because the Allstays app is part of the larger Allstays family, which also includes an online pro version and a number of add-ons apps. The software which is now only available for Apple devices is a highly rated campground finding app.

Allstays, like most apps, offers a user-rating component where campsite guests can submit feedback. Because it is constantly adding features such as road grades, low clearances, truck stops, dump stations, and more, Allstays is a more comprehensive campground software.

Military FamCamp Campgrounds and Rest Stops Plus are sister apps that integrate with the Allstays platform. Some of the sister applications are included in the Allstays bundle, while others need in-app purchases.

Outstanding Features

  • Loaded with essential camp features
  • Highly comprehensive
  • Includes sister Apps
  • Contains an online pro version

7. RV Dump Sites

This app is solely intended to assist campers in locating dumping facilities. The first thing you’ll notice when you visit the RV Dump App is a map of the United States. You can use the search function to find a certain location, or you can use the GPS functionality to determine your location.

Users can also filter by dump station type: free, paid, guests, or no information (cases in which the RV Dump Sites website does not yet have additional details about that particular RV dump station).

When you click on the “Moab Maverik” icon and name, you’ll get more information about this RV dump station. Users of the App can also rate the dump station and submit extra information (such as potable water availability) that may be useful to their fellow RVers.

Outstanding Features:

  • Can search for a certain location
  • Easy to use
  • Swift at locating dumping sites
  • Allows for feedbacks

8. Reserve America

Reserve America is an App where users may search for and reserve RV campsites at state, county, city, and private RV parks and campgrounds. Although It only contains campgrounds that pay to be included in its system

Information about facilities you will be needing for camping is found therein which includes stations for the dump. Once in the Reserve America system, users can search by location, campsites that accommodate the length of your RV, and a variety of other criteria, such as whether the campground has a water hookup, a sewage hookup, is a pull-thru site, and other search parameters.

Users can search for open dates for a certain campground or campgrounds in a specified location. The campground’s Reserve America profile allows you to search by available dates as well as specific campsites.

So, if you stayed at a certain campsite in a campground several years ago and want to stay in that exact same spot again, you can use Reserve America to see whether it is available for your travel dates.

Outstanding Features:

  • Allows access to specific campsites
  • Displays available dates
  • Displays locations

9. RV Dump Stations

The RV Dump Stations app is an Apple-only app designed to assist RVers and truck drivers in locating dump stations across the United States and Canada locate available dump stations. The easy-to-use map helps customers envision the dump station, making it easier to assess if it’s the right location for your size rig.

The majority of the stations include extra information such as GPS coordinates, address, phone number, and dump cost. Because some dump stations only accept cash, it eliminates the need to frantically look for spare change before arriving at the station and cleaning your black tanks.

Outstanding Features

  • The map is easy to use
  • GPS coordinates
  • Displays dump cost

How Are RV Dump Stations Used?

RV dump stations, also known as sewage disposal stations or Sani-dump stations, are facilities designed for the safe disposal of the sewage and waste water generated by recreational vehicles (RVs).

Here is a list of some of the main ways in which RV dump stations are used:

To dispose of sewage and wastewater from RVs: RVs do not have the same sewage disposal systems as traditional homes, so dump stations provide a way for RV owners to dispose of their sewage and wastewater in an environmentally responsible way.

To refill water tanks: Many RV dump stations also have fresh water filling stations, which allow RV owners to refill their water tanks. This is particularly useful when traveling long distances or staying in remote areas where access to fresh water may be limited.

To empty and refill propane tanks: Some RV dump stations also have facilities for refilling propane tanks, which are used to power appliances and heating systems in RVs.

To dispose of trash: Some RV dump stations have trash disposal facilities, which allow RV owners to dispose of their garbage and other waste in an environmentally responsible way.

To pump out holding tanks: Some RVs have holding tanks that collect sewage and wastewater until it can be disposed of at a dump station. RV dump stations have equipment that can pump out these holding tanks, making it easier for RV owners to dispose of their sewage and wastewater.

RV dump stations are an important resource for RV owners, as they provide a safe and convenient way to dispose of sewage and wastewater, refill water and propane tanks, and dispose of trash.


In the end, I have used the 9 best apps over time to help you find RV dump stations across the United States.

I hope these tools will help you find places where you can dump your RV’s holding tanks for free or for a small fee, and help you find the best tool to find your next campsite.

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