6 Best ATV Fertilizer Spreader For Your Garden and Farm

Sowing or fertilizing is the crucial phase in cultivation that can result in the growth of healthy plants. Sometimes weak fruitless trees grow on your land due to unequal fertilizer or salt application, leaving you with nothing to show for your efforts.

However, with the appropriate tools, farmers and gardeners may now reduce the work they must do. One such gear is the ATV spreader. It evenly distributes fertilizer, salt, or seed, producing a healthy, green plant. You may also save time by placing the spreader behind the ATV and towing it effortlessly.

6 Best ATV Fertilizer Spreader For Your Garden and Farm

To get the most appropriate, long-lasting, and ideal tool for the job, check out this assessment of the top ATV spreaders.

1. ATVS100 ATV All-Purpose Broadcast Spreader

A wonderful product from Buyers Products, the Vertical ATV All-Purpose Spreader is made for all farming tasks. It has a sturdy, high-quality hopper that can hold 15 gallons of seed at once. The robust poly material used to construct this hopper renders it corrosion- and rustproof.

Salt, seed, feed, fertilizer, and other granular and liquid ingredients can easily be dispersed using this versatile spreader. The spreader can disperse your products up to 30 feet. The adjustable shut-off gauge provides the flexibility to choose how many materials are spread at once.

This equipment, a multipurpose spreader, can also be used by farmers who want to beautify their property. Using this feature, you can place it vertically on the front or back of your ATV utility rack. Additionally, it has a readily accessible power switch and control and a 12-volt motor that powers it. You may use the power control right where you are seated on your ATV.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable and versatile
  • The rain cover fits for material protection
  • 12v motor
  • Easy to install and operate

2. Earthway M20 80-Pound ATV-Mountable Broadcast Spreader

The amazing Earthway M20 Broadcast Spreader is made to fit the majority of ATVs. It does not distinguish between different ATVs. You can install it on your ATV’s front or back utility rack, and a wiring harness, mounting valve, and knob are included.

Its ability to disperse freely moving items and even seed gardens is another example of how universally functional and designed it is. You can spread fertilizer, seed, salt, and sand with assistance.

Its 80-pound weight capacity makes it suitable for these tasks. Additionally, it has a powerful 12-Volt sealed motor. You don’t need to worry because your contents, especially moisture, are protected from the weather.

Highlighted Features:

  • Epoxy-coated chassis and rustproof hopper
  • High capacity spreader
  • 12-volt motor

3. ForEverlast Galvanized Steel ATV Spreader 

The ForEverlast ATV spreader is among the toughest spreaders you’ll ever come across. It has several qualities that make it a desirable model.  This spreader is renowned for its sturdiness, durability, and outstanding strength, thanks to its galvanized steel construction. It is also designed to be attached to the ATV’s tailgate.

The ForEverlast ATV Spreader is a fantastic option that operates as a UTV feeder, tailgate feeder, truck deer feeder, and an amazing corn spreader. It is well known for its multipurpose functionality and efficiency. It can also be used for hunts and wildlife viewing.

When your ATV is utilized for off-roading activities, the feed dropper aids in spreading and dropping feed on the road. The spinner is often designed to release feeds from a single, constrained band to prevent the unneeded dispersion of materials in unintended locations.

Highlighted Features:

  • Solid steel construction
  • 12 Volt Motor
  • Ultimate spinner plate for reduced waste

4. Moultrie ATV Food Plot Spreader

The Moultrie ATV Spreader is one of the toughest spreaders on the market, with a 50-pound capacity. Heavy-duty, long-lasting plastic construction is to thank for this characteristic.

This straightforward tool has a 12-volt motor and is reasonably priced so that it won’t break the bank. You have a tool that will last long because the hopper is sturdy plastic.

Detaching the bucket from the spreader is incredibly simple and stress-free, thanks to an integrated quick-release system. Additionally, the Moultrie ATV spreader has an adjustable gag valve that enables you to control how much fertilizer or seed is dispersed. This shut-off gate can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Due to the universal mounting bracket, this spreader can be used with most ATV models regardless of your specific model. The spreader may be permanently mounted to any make or model of ATV, and it fits both the front and back of your tractor or ATV.

Highlighted Features:

  • 400;”>Quick release system
  • Universal mounting bracket
  • Adjustable shut-off gate
  • Durable tapered plastic hopper

5. UTVS16 UTV All Purpose Spreader

One product you can always count on for spreading fertilizer, seeds, and liquid and granular materials is UTVS16. It is strong, immune to rust and corrosion, dustproof, and weatherproof.

With a massive 15-gallon capacity, this machine has no trouble with capacity. The ATV UTVS16 is an all-purpose, all-around ATV spreader that can quickly spread liquid and granular items, including feeds, seeds, fertilizer, ice-melting substances, rock salt, and sand. It will work in the cold and the summertime and can do other farming tasks.

The black coat gives the appearance a stunning and strong appearance. It also comes in units and bundles, allowing you to select and tailor it to your needs and the specifications of your farming work. The spreader uses a 12-volt motor to distribute the material to a width of up to 30 feet, and it has a poly spinner with a diameter of 7 7/8 inches.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile and rust proof
  • Durable and dependable
  • Shut-off gate to control the content flow rate
  • Lid for protecting spreader content

6. Field Tuff ATV Broadcast Spreader

The 12-volt ATV Broadcast Spreader will evenly distribute your seed and fertilizer from Field Tuff. It includes a broadcast level adjuster with a valve mounted on both sides of the spreader. Additionally, as it fits all ATV racks practically, this spreader does not favor any particular brand or model of ATV.

One of its outstanding aspects is how simple it is to mount. Your ATV’s rack can accommodate it in the front, back, right, or left. The power control, mounted to the ATV’s handlebars, is an additional feature. At its most convenient.

Highlighted Features:

  • Vinyl coated
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy installation
  • Equipped with rain cover

What Are The Types Of ATV Spreaders?

You can select from a wide variety of ATV spreaders depending on the size of your property, your needs and requirements, and the precise chores you want to complete. 

– Drop Spreader

The drop ATV spreaders are the best option if higher accuracy is required and you want to avoid unwanted material dispersion. They don’t spread items where you wouldn’t want them.

A large land region can be traversed in a single pass, although it takes more time. This is so that you can only cast out the stuff behind your ATV, typically between the wheels.

– Tow Behind Spreaders

As their name implies, the tow-behind spreaders are a piece of equipment hinged to your ATV racks so that you can move them about by spinning their wheels.  For casting out supplies, these ATV spreaders are frequently fastened to the front or back racks of your ATV.

Tow-behind spreaders can transport many materials due to the enormous space in the hopper, even though they can be difficult to manage. Additionally, tow-behind spreaders enable wider and more effective material dispersal, enabling you to cover more ground with this ATV spreader than with others.

– Broadcast Spreader

The most popular ATV is a broadcast spreader, which uses a 12-volt motor. The broadcast spreaders also disperse materials over a large arc of land in a single broadcast pass, similar to the two behind.

However, compared to the other two models, it is ideal for larger acreage and wider coverage. Note that the broadcast spreaders fall short of the tow-behind spreader’s efficiency and accuracy in terms of spread precision.

How Do I Use An ATV Spreader?

A common top fertilizer ATV spreader is available manually and electronically, and you can use it whichever way, based on your preference. Usually, the apparatus has a spray dispenser that aids in dispersing and casting out the ingredients (seed, corn, or fertilizers).

These substances may take the shape of grains or liquids (such as fertilizer or weed killer) (as in corn, seed, salt, sand, etc.). Granules can be dispersed over a wide area if you use a spreader with a large weight capacity.


One cannot overstate the value of employing the best ATV spreader. ATV spreaders assure that the granules or liquids will distribute more readily and uniformly and are cost-effective. Go through our list of the best ATV spreader and purchase the perfect one for you.

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