9 Best OBD2 Scanner For Subaru & Detailed Reviews

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It’s possible to spare yourself a trip to the mechanic by using the best Subaru scan tool to detect what’s causing your check engine light to come on. Of course, this saves you money in the long run. Still, it also provides you with a sense of security that your vehicle is operating properly.

Some scanners are all-purpose and can be used on any automobile. For example, using a Subaru scan tool has the advantage of being tailored to your specific vehicle. As a result, it is more likely to support the protocols and systems unique to your automobile. You can also save money by using these scan programs instead of the more complete professional options, which can run into the hundreds.

9 Best OBD2 Scanner For Subaru & Comparison In 2023

It is worth noting that both handheld scanners and wireless adapters for Subarus are built to work with the manufacturer’s protocols and systems.

Below you’ll find a review of our top five preferred Subaru scan tools. If you’re looking for something specific, check out the comparison.

1. Foxwell NT630 Scanner
9 Best OBD2 Scanner For Subaru & Detailed Reviews

Foxwell NT630 Scanner

This is a diagnostic scanner that fits all OBDII protocols. It can be used in a variety of applications such as performance, body and transmission.

Many systems, including engines, airbags and ABSs, are tested for rear, clear and present current sensor information using computer scanners. It is possible to test ABS and EMB systems with the help of the NT630 solenoids. As a starting point, you can fire up the ABS motor.

A TRACS unit and a set of valves must be inspected. A brake bleed can also be found through an internet search.

Its compatibility with several Asian, American, and European vehicles makes it our favorite. Both OBD-II and OBD-1 vehicles are in compliance. In addition, it is compatible with a wide range of automobiles, including minivans, SUVs, and trucks.

Highlighted Features:

  • ECU Light codes can be scanned and validated for engine analysis.
  • Get to know and remove the ABS codes.
  • Validate airbag and SRS codes before using.
  • Multiple ABS monitors can be supported.
  • Oxygen sensors are included in this package.

What We Like:

  • Trouble codes for ABS and SRS can be read and erased.
  • A large and clear display is necessary.
  • Widest possible range of compatibility

What We Don’t Like:

  • Requires a battery
  • Repairs only last for a year at most

2. Foseal Improved Version Car WiFi OBD2 Scanning Tool
9 Best OBD2 Scanner For Subaru & Detailed Reviews

Foseal Improved Version Car WiFi OBD2 Scanning Tool

This scanner is ideal for both professionals and non-professionals alike, due to it ease of use. It is also affordable.

The Foseal OBD2 scanner is much less expensive than the scanner referred to above. In addition, it is compatible with a wide range of diagnostic tools, some of which are even free, making it easier to diagnose a car. Finally, you can get it to work even faster on a smartphone running Windows, iOS, or Android.

The Foseal OBD2 scanner’s real-time sensor data capabilities are a big plus for us. You can quickly and easily check the fuel trim, the temperature of the coolant, and the engine’s revolutions per minute. Permanent and pending codes, as well as active DTCs, must be interpreted for code interpretation.

Fossil’s OBD2 scanner is compatible with most OBD2-compliant vehicles, including all Subarus made in 1996. However, you may want to check with Foseal before purchasing it from a fuel forester or an aftermarket because it doesn’t work with many diesel engines.

As you may anticipate, the Foseal OBD2 Scanner has a limited set of functions. So don’t anticipate better diagnostics from it, although it’s useful for monitoring pollution or clearing out your car’s lights. On the other hand, Subaru owners are well-known, trustworthy, and adept when it comes to basic OBD2 diagnosis.

Highlighted Features:

  • A wide range of live data monitoring features.
  • Promotes I/M readiness and emission checks.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Compatibility with the majority of medical software. 

What We Like:

  • A wide range of features for tracking real-time data
  • Allows for emissions testing and preparedness for I/M testing
  • Compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.
  • Compatible with a wide range of diagnostic software

What We Don’t Like:

  • You’ll have to buy diagnostic software on your own.
  • Diesel engines do not operate with this product.

3. Launch Creader VII+ Scanner for Subaru
9 Best OBD2 Scanner For Subaru & Detailed Reviews

Launch Creader VII+ Scanner for Subaru

The Launch Creader VII+ Scanner for Subaru features a new design that offers faster transmission times, easier installation, and enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

The Launch Creator is simple to use and quickly retrieves fault codes from the ECU. It is a low-cost OBD diagnostic platform that offers significant advantages over the Foxwell NT630. Additionally, the automatic transmission control unit can be scanned, including the ECU, ABS, and SRS networks.

Launch Founder also sponsors several automotive brands. The issue of a defect on the LCD is discussed in detail. Enter the error code and click the “Research Fault Codes” button. A simple test might help you save money and aggravation when attempting to reset or clear the airbag monitor.

Highlighted Features:

  • Read and clear error codes.
  • Transparent Light Search Engine
  • Freeze frame data
  • Scan automatic transmission control.

What We Like:

  • Complete OBDII coverage
  • Accurate diagnostic capability
  • Ongoing updates
  • Includes a tool for resetting the TPMS

What We Don’t Like:

  • iOS-incompatibility

4. Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro 
9 Best OBD2 Scanner For Subaru & Detailed Reviews

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro 

This scanner can be used on a Subaru vehicle to read specific diagnostic trouble codes. It works well with both old and new Subaru models.

Scanners like the Autel MaxiDiag MD808 are built to endure a lifetime. Additionally, it comes with a rubber cover to prevent shattering if it falls on its side. The engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, and other components are tested using this system check tool.

I/M readiness status, code definitions, and live data can also be displayed on the screen. The most basic functions, such as reading and wiping error codes, can be performed on a wide range of automobiles.

Whether you’re an expert technician or a novice, you can use the Autel MaxiDiag MD808 scan tool. A wide range of automobiles can be diagnosed with ease using this tool, which is fairly priced and easy to use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Checks one-step tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) 
  • Vehicle identifying number (VIN) lookups can be done automatically.
  • Touchscreen with capacitive technology
  • MicroSD cards up to 32GB can be used with this device. •
  • Durable case for transport

What We Like:

  • Slim and streamlined
  • enables both basic and complex features to be utilized
  • Has a one-year guarantee.
  • Solidly built
  • Automated VIN recognition

What We Don’t Like:

  • When viewing graphs, it takes a long time to load.

5. INNOVA CarScan Advisor 5210
9 Best OBD2 Scanner For Subaru & Detailed Reviews

INNOVA CarScan Advisor 5210

This is a modern car scanner that is able to scan, read, and clear fault codes for Subaru and other vehicles as well.

The unique, innovative features of the INNOVA 5210 make it a high-end, all-in-one color display tool that combines ABS and real-time data. It’s huge and easy to see, with more than 20 items of information on a single screen.

Learn your smog check results before your state does. Smog tests are determined by this car to check engine light reader in your state.

To help you pass your smog inspection, this OBD2 scan tool provides trip cycle instructions. In addition, the ABS (brake) functionalities of this engine reader ensure that you are constantly driving safely.

OBD2 problems and bugs may be easily found using the INNOVA 5210 scanner. Download RepairSolutions2 from the Apple App Store or Google Play to get instant help with your car problems.

This program aids you in locating the correct auto parts. It will also alert you when it’s time to schedule maintenance. Parts can be purchased through the app or through a local dealer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Code severity levels allow you to immediately understand what repairs are needed.
  • Allows smartphone communication with RepairSolutions2 app
  • One button to read and clear codes.
  • As long as the vehicle is a 1996 model or newer, it will work

What We Like:

  • Has a set of easy-to-follow instructions
  • Bluetooth built-in
  • Suitable for all automobiles produced after 1996
  • Including almost two dozen bits of data
  • It is possible to turn off the check engine light by pressing a single button

What We Don’t Like:

  • The reader’s connection to the vehicle’s electronic control unit may drop at any time.

6. Bafx Products Wireless WiFi OBD2 Diagnostic Tool
9 Best OBD2 Scanner For Subaru & Detailed Reviews

Bafx Products Wireless WiFi OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

This is one of the best wireless WiFi OBD2 diagnostic tools in the market and it is affordable, as well as great at getting the job done.

Wireless adapters such as BAFX OBD2 Scanner allow you to use your iPhone or iPad as a powerful diagnostic tool. BAFX, in contrast to FIXDTM, does not include any software.

Because of this, you will have to find your own app. It’s a plus for some people because they can choose the option they prefer, but it also necessitates an additional step (and, often, extra costs)

The BAFX OBD2 scanner’s navigational ease will be determined by the app you use. In terms of setup, it’s as simple as plugging it in and selecting a device to pair with. In addition, it has a high data processing rate and allows for the tracking and graphing of data in real time.

BAFX covers all the bases when it comes to OBD2. Emissions data and codes can be accessed through onboard monitors. OBDFusion, Torque, and FORScan are the best diagnostic tools for this application. However, other apps’ functions and compatibility should be checked before using them.

BAFX’s only major flaw is that it doesn’t extend beyond OBD2 diagnostics. It’s possible to read transmission codes with it, but don’t expect it to work on every vehicle. But if you want a low-cost way to turn off your check engine light, this is your best bet.

Highlighted Features:

  • Read and clear codes
  • iOS compatible
  • WiFi-enabled

What We Like:

  • All OBD2 modes, including Mode 6, can be accessed.
  • A large variety of diagnostic apps can be used with it.
  • All OBD2-compliant vehicles can use this device.
  • A high rate of data processing
  • Any OBD2 protocol can be reliably connected thanks to this technology.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Lacks diagnostics software 
  • Windows devices are not supported.
  • Non-OBD2 systems cannot be diagnosed.

9 Best OBD2 Scanner For Subaru & Detailed Reviews


This scanner is a great diagnostic tool and is considered a must-have for every vehicle. It is easy to use and simple to install.

The Launch CRP129E is the ideal Subaru scan tool for experts and advanced DIY mechanics ready to pay a little more for extensive capabilities. You can save and send diagnostic data, or you can upgrade your system, thanks to WiFi.

Codes for your engine, gearbox, airbags, and anti-lock brakes may all be read and cleared with the Launch CRP129E’s four-system diagnostics feature. In addition, you may use it to check the voltage of your battery in real time.

Any OBD2 test results will be excellent as well. You can visualize and capture data from a live data stream and keep track of up to ten PIDs at once. Besides testing emissions and viewing freeze-frame data, the Launch CRP129E is an ideal choice for this purpose.

The Launch CRP129E’s breadth of reset functions, on the other hand, is quite outstanding. The oil light, tire pressure, and throttle body position can all be reset with this device. With your electronic parking brake system, you’ll also be able to manage the brake pads in both directions.

While the Launch CRP129E’s many capabilities may make it more difficult for less-experienced users to manage, its user interface is simple. Moreover, the 5-inch touchscreen is about right in terms of data display. As a result, it’s built to last for a long time.

 Highlighted Features:

  • Read and clear codes
  • Ranges of reset functions
  • Freeze-frame data
  • Intuitive interface
  • Reset oil light, tire, etc.

What We Like:

  • All 10 OBD2 modes are supported.
  • diagnostic based on four distinct systems
  • Allows simultaneous recording of up to 10 monitors at the same time
  • TPMS and throttle body reset are among the five reset options.
  • Battery status monitoring in real-time

What We Don’t Like:

  • Expensive
  • It is powered by a battery.

8. FIXD™ Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool
9 Best OBD2 Scanner For Subaru & Detailed Reviews

FIXD™ Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool

Offers a variety of features such as vehicle diagnostics, maintenance reminders, and more. This scan tool is easy to use and works with any OBDII-compatible vehicle.

Subaru owners who don’t know much about cars but want to know more about their engine’s health should use FIXDTM. Using Bluetooth, this adapter connects to your vehicle’s OBD2 port and communicates with your mobile device. It’s a convenient method for determining what’s wrong with your car.

Users of Apple or Android devices can download and use the FIXDTM app. The data can be displayed in various ways using a customizable interface. Saving and sending data and accessing technical service bulletins are both made simple by FIXDTM working with your phone.

They have a wide range of diagnostic capabilities. You’ll be able to use all of your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics, including reading and clearing codes, running smog checks, and viewing Mode 6 test results. Non-OBD2 systems such as airbags and anti-lock brakes can also be checked on Subaru vehicles with enhanced diagnostics.

The Repair Reports feature is another one of our favorites. Like many other scanners, this one doesn’t just show you the code definitions. Still, it also recommends specific fixes tailored to your vehicle. Because of this, FIXDTM is a great way to save money on home repairs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Customizable interface
  • Multiple display functions
  • Reading and clearing codes
  • Smog checks
  • Repair reports function

What We Like:

  • Full OBD2 diagnostic support
  • Improved codes for Subaru vehicles (transmission, ABS, SRS diagnosis)
  • There is a ‘Repair Reports’ feature
  • Suitable for both Android and iOS devices. •
  • Data is being tracked in real time.
  • While plugged in, it will not drain your battery.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Regularly sold out.

9. iCarsoft Professional Multi-system Auto Diagnostic Tool
9 Best OBD2 Scanner For Subaru & Detailed Reviews

iCarsoft Professional Multi-system Auto Diagnostic Tool

This is one of the best tools that allows you to monitor your vehicle’s performance and diagnose and easily engine issues.

Everything is possible with iCarsoft MB V2.0. Numerous systems may be scanned and troubleshot with this tool. This scan tool for cars may perform ten additional checks. Customized reports can be generated by printing out the data you have recorded.

The brakes will perform better if the air is bled out of the ABS system. ABS coding retrains the car’s control mechanisms when you turn on the car. If you want to learn how to fix your car, this scanner is a must-have. You can save money by purchasing a generic scanner, but you won’t get the same functionality as this gadget. This device is a viable option if you’re on a tight budget.

Highlighted Features:

  • Read and clear error codes
  • You can print out data
  • Custom report
  • Stream live data

What We Like:

  • OBDII and EOBD eleven modes of operation are supported.
  • A complete system evaluation
  • Read and clear DTC
  • Watch real-time data

What We Don’t Like:

  • Service reminders on all models cannot be reset.


If you’re looking for an OBD2 scanner that will enable you to read engine codes and clear the Check Engine Light (Service Engine Soon), you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars.

And if you find it difficult choosing any of the reviewed products, you will get the value for either FIXD™ Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool or LAUNCH OBDII Scanner CRP129E. Both are known for not only great features but performance.






What brand of OBD2 scanner is the best?

  • Best Overall: Launch CRP129E Scan Tool.
  • Best Bluetooth Scanner: BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool.
  • Best Budget Scanner: Foxwell NT301 OBD2 Scanner.
  • Best For Professionals: Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Scanner.
  • Also Consider Innova CarScan Advisor 5210.

How do I choose an OBD2 scanner?

  • The delay in producing the reading should be as short as possible, i.e. the diagnostic system should produce a highly accurate result instantly.
  • Compatibility should be available for any model or make.
  • The system should be simple to use and understand.

Do all OBD2 scanners work the same?

Not all of the best OBD-II scanners are the same. There are two types of devices in general. Portable OBD-II scanners include a screen and a cable to connect to the car’s OBD port. Wireless OBD2II scanners plug into the port but then connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to display their findings.

Can I leave OBD2 plugged in while driving?

It is completely safe to drive with an OBD2 scanner tool plugged in. In fact, it’s critical to keep your car running while diagnosing an engine code in order to avoid damaging the scanning software.

What’s the difference between OBD and OBD2?

The second generation of the onboard diagnostic system is referred to as OBD2. OBD, or onboard diagnostics, is the system in a car that controls and monitors all of the important control devices, as well as provides data access with the necessary hardware and software.

Is it worth buying an OBD2 scanner?

A car owner can save time and money by using an onboard diagnostics (OBD) scanner. The scanner connects to your car’s onboard diagnostics system port and reads the error codes to determine what’s wrong. With a decent unit costing between $20 and $200, a small investment could pay off handsomely.

Can I use my phone as an OBD2 scanner?

Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi OBD2 scanners can be used with Android phones and tablets. Apple and iOS, as we all know, can only be used on Wi-Fi wireless OBD2 scanners and will not work with Bluetooth.

Can an OBD scanner damage a car?

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t proceed with caution, because you can still cause long-term damage, such as setting the ignition timing so far ahead that it causes detonation, which can destroy the engine. Stick to graphical apps, and retail OBD readers are extremely secure.

Do all OBD2 Scanners erase codes?

Connecting to an OBD-II Port

When you insert an OBD-II scanner tool into it, a code that indicates the nature of the problem appears. You can also use the scanner to clear the vehicle’s internal code, which is what caused the check engine light to illuminate. If you do this, the warning light will go out.

Do OBD2 scanners drain batteries?

As a result, a poorly designed OBD device may completely drain your battery if left plugged into the OBD port. Worse, if a device is not carefully designed, it can activate your ECU even when the car is not running, further draining your battery.

Which is better OBD1 or OBD2?

OBD1 has adequate diagnostic capabilities, whereas OBD2 has superior signaling protocols and messaging formats.

What does OBD2 stand for?

On-Board Diagnostic II

What is OBD II? OBD II is an acronym for On-Board Diagnostic II, the second generation of on-board self-diagnostic equipment requirements for light- and medium-duty California vehicles.

Are OBD trackers reliable?

There is no doubt that the OBD tracker offers numerous advantages that will make your life much easier and eliminate a significant amount of stress in your daily life.

A significant advantage is that the wireless OBD system can communicate with all other components of the vehicle.

Is there an OBD 3?

OBD III has been proposed to report emission failures to a regulatory agency, requiring the owner to service the vehicle prior to the inspection due date. OBD III is viewed as an invasion of privacy and has not been implemented as of 2021.

How many OBD2 codes are there?

There are four different types of OBD-II codes – P, B, C, and U.

What are the 10 modes of OBD2?

OBD Modes

  • Mode $01 – Request Live Data.
  • Mode $02 – Request Freeze Frames.
  • Mode $03 – Request Stored Trouble Codes.
  • Mode $04 – Clear/Reset Stored Emissions Related Data.
  • Mode $05 – Request Oxygen Sensors Test Results.
  • Mode $06 – Request On-Board System Tests Results.
  • Mode $07 – Request Pending Trouble Codes.

Can OBD2 codes list?

There are four categories of OBD2 codes, which are as follows: BXXXX Body codes (example: B0010 Passenger Frontal Stage 1 Deployment Control) CXXXX Chassis codes (example: C0034 Right Front Wheel Speed Sensor) PXXXX Powertrain codes (example: P0301 Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected)

What is a generic OBD code?

A generic code appears on all OBD-II-equipped vehicles, regardless of manufacturer.

A manufacturer-specific code is one that is only used by that particular manufacturer. The third character denotes the system to which the code is related (for example, P01 = Fuel or Emission Management).












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