7 Best RV Antifreeze To Use For Winterizing & Motorhomes

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Getting the best RV antifreeze to use for winterizing is the ideal choice. Your RV’s engine and plumbing system can be severely damaged by freezing and expanding fluids that burst out of the lines during the winter season.

However, with the correct antifreeze, both systems can be saved. Frozen pipes can be prevented using standard automobile antifreeze.

This substance is poisonous and can damage the piping. To avoid pipe expansion and explosions caused by frozen water, RV antifreeze, a non-toxic solution, is required.

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7 Best RV Antifreeze To Use For Winterizing & Motorhomes

For the first time winterizing your RV, you may not know which antifreeze is appropriate for your vehicle.

We’ll help you choose the best RV antifreeze to use for winterizing and protecting your RV’s water supply from contamination.

1. Star Brite Non-Toxic Antifreeze
7 Best RV Antifreeze To Use For Winterizing & Motorhomes

Star Brite Non-Toxic Antifreeze

Not only does it meet the standards for RV antifreeze, but it also provides a safer solution for the environment.

A non-toxic antifreeze for boats and RVs, Star Brite Non-Toxic Antifreeze does not include ethanol. Instead, propylene glycol is used to make it, and it’s rated to protect your lines from ice damage down to -50 °F.

As a result of using this antifreeze to winterize your RV’s piping system, the water pump will be lubricated, and its lifespan will be extended.

Moreover, Star Bright’s new formulation is non-toxic. As a result, you can securely use it in your RV’s fresh water system because it is entirely safe to consume. Even if you drop any, animals won’t be hurt if they drink it later when it ends up in the water.

Aside from winterizing your RV, this product is flexible. So your swimming pool, water heater, and even the plumbing in your home can benefit from this product.

Keep the antifreeze you don’t use in a safe place and utilize it next year if you can. As a result, it can last for a long time before becoming bad.

As a bonus, the anti-corrosive component in StarBrite antifreeze also helps to keep metal sections of the pipe system from rusting and corrosion-free.

For one thing, it reduces the brittleness of PVC pipes that occurs when they are left entirely dry and empty. To put it another way, this device assists in keeping your plumbing system running smoothly, making it ideal for the best RV antifreeze to use for winterizing.

What We Like

  • Supplied in a 6-gallon set.
  • Protects pipes from bursts and corrosion as well.
  • The tolerated temperature of -50°F.
  • It’s not toxic and has no alcohol.
  • You don’t have to dilute it.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It was a bit expensive.
  • This may be excessive if you have a smaller RV.

2. RecPro RV Antifreeze
7 Best RV Antifreeze To Use For Winterizing & Motorhomes

RecPro RV Antifreeze

This is one of the best antifreeze for RVs on the market. Keeps your engine cool and allows for optimal flow.

Users are impressed by the RecPro RV Antifreeze Winter-USDA Pruf’s GRAS (Generally Considered Safe) certification. Compared to the more poisonous antifreeze chemicals, it is a vastly different experience. In other words, the RV antifreeze manufactured by RecPro is entirely safe and free of toxins.

Another advantage of this product is that it may be used in many different ways. This substance not only serves as an effective winterizing agent but also aids in the extension of the piping systems in your recreational vehicle. Help keep the water pump running smoothly by lubricating the rubber seals and gaskets. This is one of the best RV antifreeze to use for winterizing.

Because it has been pre-diluted, this antifreeze is also incredibly easy to use. The freshwater storage tank in your RV can take it right away. In addition, the product comes with comprehensive yet simple-to-follow directions.

 What We Like:

  • Safe to use and non-toxic
  • Prevents the drying out and brittleness of PVC pipes.
  • Anti-corrosion chemicals are included in the package.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Due to its dark tint, it can be challenging to see the leaks.

3. Zecol RV Antifreeze
7 Best RV Antifreeze To Use For Winterizing & Motorhomes

Zecol RV Antifreeze

Zecol RV protects your engine from freezing and corrosion, keeps your system clean, flushable, and safe to use and it is non-toxic

The Zecol RV Antifreeze is another best RV antifreeze to use for winterizing. As a result, wherever you decide to store your RV, you shouldn’t have any concerns with the pipes being protected.

Customer feedback strongly supported this assertion, as there had been no reports of frozen pipes. Having a product that genuinely accomplishes what it claims to do is always a good thing. The odds of this happening in this market are astronomical.

This antifreeze’s unique corrosion inhibitor blend also appeals to me because it will aid in the prevention of metal corrosion. Thanks to the product, this feature ensures that your RV’s pipes will be well-protected for many years to come.

And given the high expense of pipe installation, you can guarantee this function is of enormous importance to me. Another thing I love about this product is that it’s non-toxic. That way, I won’t have to stress about the product having any potentially harmful side effects or circumstances while using it.

Aside from RVs, pools, homes, and boats, this product’s versatility should not be underestimated. As a result of this product’s adaptability, you’ll be able to get multiple benefits from it.

What We Like:

  • It’s not toxic
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • It is suitable for all kinds of piping systems like RV, and even pools
  • It has -50°F burst protection

What We Don’t Like:

  • If you’ve never winterized your RV previously, you may need more than one.

4. Century Chemical TF-1 Heat Transfer Fluid
7 Best RV Antifreeze To Use For Winterizing & Motorhomes

Century Chemical TF-1 Heat Transfer Fluid

TF-1 Heat Transfer Fluid is an environmentally friendly heat transfer fluid. Effective antifreeze helps to prevent damage to the engine system.

Suppose you’re looking for the best RV antifreeze to use for winterizing. In that case, the Century Chemical TF-1 Heat Transfer Fluid is a perfect choice. When the temperature drops as low as -48 degrees, this antifreeze will keep the engine from freezing.

It also has a high boiling point. Therefore it won’t be affected by even higher temperatures. Aside from being reliable, it’s also quite versatile in terms of temperature. Regardless of the circumstances, you should expect a device that will protect your heating system.

Additionally, this product has a low or no risk of fire. This feature will significantly reduce the danger of a fire starting. It also lacks any corrosive qualities in its formula.

Consequently, you can expect this product to provide enough protection without causing any metal it encounters long-term damage. Rust will never be a problem for your heating system because of this feature’s ability to prevent it.

We should also point out that this product is entirely safe for use. Because of this, dumping this product when necessary should not be a problem. Also, since it has this feature, you won’t have to be concerned about using it around children or pets.

The natural lubricant in this product will also aid in keeping gaskets and seals in place. This feature isn’t always present in antifreeze because certain types dry up and cause further problems.

What We Like:

  • Has a wide range of applications
  • An ideal antifreeze and engine coolant that works well together
  • It has a high boiling point
  • Low-freezing point of -100 degrees F
  • Anti-corrosion chemicals are included.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It was a bit expensive

5. Camco 36190 RV Winter Readiness Kit
7 Best RV Antifreeze To Use For Winterizing & Motorhomes

Camco 36190 RV Winter Readiness Kit

Contains all the items needed to winterize your recreational vehicle, including antifreeze, and a winterizing hose. This kit comes complete with a 32 oz bottle of winterizing antifreeze.

Suppose you’re looking to buy a bundle that contains the best RV antifreeze to use for winterizing. In that case, you should consider the Camco 36190 RV Winter Readiness Kit. Six essential things are included in this kit, all of which will significantly improve the life of an RV owner. An excellent RV antifreeze, a compact dehumidifier, a pump kit, a blowout stopper, a safety fridge door stay, and an odor-reducing sachet are all included in this set of six supplies.

The all-purpose nature of RV antifreeze is the first thing that stands out about these six products. Because of its feature, there are several ways to use this product, such as in a swimming pool or boat or RV or even a portable water system.

The dehumidifier and odor-eliminating sachet are nice extras, too. Both of these features operate in concert to keep your RV free of the musty odors that come from prolonged storage.

Because of these characteristics, I think it’s safe to say that this kit has everything you need to get your RV ready for the winter. In addition, step-by-step instructions are included to help you complete the task in an instant.

One of the most lauded features of customer feedback was the clarity of these instructions. Of course, it’s always nice to see brands go out of their way to make sure you get the most out of your purchase.

You’ll appreciate how convenient it is to store all of these items in one big bucket. There is no need to worry about this kit taking up a lot of space in your RV’s storage area because of this feature. Additionally, the cost of this kit isn’t bad when you consider what it provides.

What We Like:

  • Includes everything you’ll need to prepare your RV for the winter
  • Features a handy hand pump, which makes applying antifreeze a breeze
  • Ensure enough shielding against bursts of air

What We Don’t Like:

  • Large RVs will not be able to use this antifreeze

6. BioTherm Fluids RV Antifreeze & Heat Transfer Fluid
7 Best RV Antifreeze To Use For Winterizing & Motorhomes

BioTherm Fluids RV Antifreeze & Heat Transfer Fluid

A specially formulated product that protects vehicles from freezing in cold climates. The heat transfer fluid contains an antioxidant package that reduces the effects of oxidation.

This solution should be on the top of your list if you’re looking for the best RV antifreeze to use for winterizing. In other words, it’s a glycerin-based solution with many beneficial properties that aren’t poisonous.

This solution’s brush protection for non-portable and potable water systems is one of those advantages. Even in temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit, this brush protection was still effective.

It’s also one of the most flexible options on the market, thanks to Biotherm Fluids RV Antifreeze and Heat Transfer Fluid. It can benefit from its antifreeze properties, heating systems, swimming pools, summer houses, recreational vehicles, and many other water systems.

This product’s multi-metal GRAS inhibitor should be a favorite of yours as well, as it prevents rust and corrosion. Cast aluminum and steel cast iron are materials that this property can shield from corrosion in water systems.

The fact that 5 gallons of the solution are included in this kit is also a plus. If you buy in quantity, you won’t have to buy antifreeze for a long time if you do so. You won’t have to go through this whole process again anytime soon.

As previously mentioned, glycerin is used in this mode of this model of the more common propylene glycol or ethanol. Using propylene glycol eliminates the increased cost and safety concerns associated with using ethanol.

Using a biodegradable solution means you don’t have to worry about harming the plan with each application. Because I’m so concerned about the environment, this feature means a lot to me.

What We Like:

  • It is effortless to use
  • It is not toxic and corrosive
  • Suitable for use with other vehicles
  • Ideal for use on boats

What We Don’t Like:

  • There’s a sweetness o the taste of the water

7. Peak RV and Marine Antifreeze
7 Best RV Antifreeze To Use For Winterizing & Motorhomes

Peak RV and Marine Antifreeze

Ready-to-use mix for the cooling systems of recreational vehicles and marine engines. It is non-toxic and protects your cooling system from freezing in harsh environments.

Last on our list of best RV antifreeze to use for winterizing is the PEAK RV & Marine Antifreeze. If you’re looking for a simple and effective answer, this is the one for you.

It can offer this combination since it has many of the same qualities that we’ve discussed in earlier evaluations. For example, when it comes to burst protection, this solution can withstand temperatures of -50 degrees without the need for mixing or dilution.

In comparison to other products, this one can be used to winterize a wide range of items. Among these are boats, trailers, RVs, swimming pools, holiday homes, and more. Since this solution has so many different applications, it shouldn’t be difficult to identify its further uses.

As a matter of fact, this chemical can effectively winterize all potable water piping systems. It’s possible that, as a result, this product will last longer than others.

The product’s price appears to be more reasonable as a result of this feature. As long as it provides protection for several apps, I’m fine with paying a little more for it. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration has deemed this RV antifreeze’s constituents safe.

As a result, even though this product may not be the most visually appealing or technologically advanced, it results in many applications. So if you’re looking for a good solution, this one is worth a closer look.

What We Like:

  • It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Ensures the smooth operation of the water pump’s internal components
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant coating is included.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It doesn’t fix leaks


You may find it challenging to find the best RV antifreeze to use for winterization if this is your first time searching for it. But there are a lot of reviews out there to assist you in deciding which one is best.

You may learn a lot about the products you’re interested in by reading reviews like this one. In addition, you’ll be able to learn about people you’ve never heard of before. This can help you better safeguard your RV, especially during the winter months, from undesired harm.

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