20 Unique Gifts For Motorcycle Riders 2023

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Thoughtfulness as often said is what matters the most with the gesture of giving gifts, so you have probably wondered before, what the perfect gift would be for your biker friend, partner, family, or colleague.

A gift is so valuable that they and even their motorcycles will remain grateful for it.

It’s a good thing you found your way here; I have compiled for you, a list of the 20 best gifts you can get motorcycle riders in 2023.

Trust me; you can never go wrong with these recommendations.

20 Unique Gifts For Motorcycle Riders 2023

Motorcycle Jacket

This is one of the ways to show you care about their safety. A jacket offers some protection to a rider during an accident but it doesn’t end there. It also is a reflection of their style and personality.

Alpinestars GP Pro R2 Leather Jacket

Alpinestars GP Pro R2 Leather Jacket

Alpinestars GP Pro Jacket

100% GENUINE LEATHER motorcycle jacket for men with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Jacket men offers complete road protection with 1.1mm – 1.2mm thick premium leather jacket men

This is a top choice for its trusted design, which offers additional padding at the shoulders, back, and elbows plus a detachable thermal liner for flexibility to enhance comfort in different weather conditions.

Revit Convex Jacket


Revit Convex

The Convex is an ideal jacket for motor enthusiasts who want to show off their style on the streets.
Provides a fit and sporty feel with the right amount of stretch. What makes it even more versatile is the inclusion of a thermal lining, which will allow you to ride in a greater range of temperatures

This jacket has some cool and stylish designs and is also made from high-quality materials that conform to CE-level 2 protection

Dainese D-Air Street Jacket

Dainese D Air Street Jacket

Dainese D-Air

Mesh riding jacket perfection. The Dainese Air Frame D1 Jacket incorporates all the necessary features for a performance summer riding jacket, but with the fit and finish that only Dainese can provide.
Monstrous areas of mesh punctuate the QuickDry Fabric chassis for maximum airflow when the weather gets unbearable. .

If you are very particular about safety, here is a great choice. This jacket features an airbag system that might save a life in the event of an accident.

Smartphone mount

Offers a convenient and safer way to use a Smartphone while riding a bike. Be it for a quick phone call, GPS, or music; this device will always prove valuable.

Quad Lock Bike Kit

Quad Lock Bike Kit

Quad Lock

The Strongest, Most Secure & Versatile Smartphone Motorcycle Handlebar Mount made from black anodized CNC machined Aluminium, assembled with a black lever and black hardware
The patented dual-stage lock ensures your phone is held securely to your motorcycle. Add the optional Vibration Dampener to further protect your Smartphone (recommended)

This is a good choice for high-speed riders, made possible by its low-profile design. It is compatible with a wide range of Smartphones too.

Tackform Solutions Enduro Series

Tackform Solutions Enduro Serie

Tackform Solutions

This robust CNC Machined aluminum bar mount base provides the ultimate hold and long-lasting usability for a variety of bar sizes.
20MM BALL SYSTEM – The Tackform Enduro line’s use of the 20mm metal ball system is proven to provide the most secure hold for mounting in even the most extreme environments.

It provides an additional layer of protection that prevents a smartphone from being damaged if an accident occurs. Its design is suitable for a range of larger smartphones, like the iPhone 11.

A third opinion to consider is the RAM X-GRIP. Top-notch quality.


The hands need protection, comfort, and a good grip on the handlebars while riding, hence, the importance of having good quality gloves.

There are several types of motorcycle gloves on the market but here are some touchscreen-compatible ones you can get:

Alpinestars SP-2 v2 gloves

Alpinestars SP 2 v2 gloves

Alpinestars SP-2 v2 gloves

With increased stretch zones and perforation panels and a full leather palm the new evolution SP-2 v2 Leather Glove is CE certified and fully featured for all your performance riding needs – from Alpinestars’ innovative knuckle protection to the double wrist closure, this glove offers excellent comfort, protection, and performance.

These have a multi-layer design with index finger and thumb touchscreen compatibility. They are very durable and offer protection against wings and impacts.

Icon 1000 Elsinore gloves: Also designed to allow touchscreen compatibility, these gloves combine leather and textile materials plus padded knuckles to ensure additional protection for riders.


They are special bags that come in different sizes, specifically designed to be attached to motorcycles, allowing a rider to pack up needed supplies and yet be able to ride freely without burden.

Milwaukee saddlebags

Milwaukee saddlebags

Milwaukee saddlebags

Durable PVC Material Dimensions 14″ x 10″ x 5.5″ Adjustable yolk so you can hang the bags high or low. Heat Protection Bottom Water Proof Material Bonus Front Storage Pocket

Thus have a range of classic designs that fit perfectly for most motorcycles. They are made from materials that can withstand different weather conditions

Nelson-Rigg saddlebags

Nelson Rigg saddlebags

Nelson-Rigg saddlebags

NO breakable plastic buckles. 100% waterproof motorcycle saddlebags. All seams are electronically heat welded Includes 2 lightweight saddlebag liners to easily remove and pack contents. Removable stiffeners allow the saddlebags to hold their shape when empty.
A firm internal back plate helps support saddlebags

This has a sleek slanted design that adds to a motorcycle’s aesthetics. It’s fit for use in any weather and is also equipped with a lockable latch to protect a rider’s belongings.

Riding socks

Riding socks with reinforced shin, heel, and ankle padding can bolster the rider’s safety by offering protection against abrasions/discomforts during a ride.

Fox racing FR compression socks

Fox racing profame FR compression socks

Fox racing FR

Designed for your specific brand of rowdiness, the Ranger Socks get that your feet were not meant to suffocate while you get your shred on.
The mesh zones of these socks provide exceptional breathability and ventilation, while the toe construction offers even more comfort with no bulky stitching.

They are equipped with padding for the shin and ankle areas, including compression that decreases fatigue and aids circulation.

Icon 1000 Elsinore hooligan socks have padding for the shin, toes, ankles, and heel areas. Their designs make for a good choice.

Chain cleaner and lubrication kit

A motorcycle’s drive chain is an important and delicate part that needs maintenance in order to help it last longer and perform efficiently. 

Cleaning and lubrication are needed to achieve these, as they prevent rust, and minimize friction thereby improving its life.

Motul C1 chain clean kit

Motul C1 chain clean kit

Motul C1 Clean Kit

These packages include Motul chain lube, Motul chain clean, a chain brush, nitrile gloves, and a sticker—all in a convenient care kit.
With a powerful, advanced formula, the chain lubricant is specifically blended to address the issues and challenges faced by speed and endurance racers alike.

It comes with a brush and a highly effective degreaser which is very safe for users and doesn’t harm the environment.

Progold Extreme chain lube

Progold Extreme chain lube

Progold Extreme

This Lube will not let dirt and grit stick to your chain – in wet or dry conditions. It greatly reduces friction and wear, allowing smoother operation of your chain and cables, and it will keep your chain and drive train area clean and seemingly drag free with additional MFR’s for long extended endurance riding.

This is a kit that provides heavy-duty lubricant powerful enough to withstand harsh temperatures and riding conditions. It will protect the chains from rust and wear.

Battery charger

Riders occasionally need to recharge their motorcycle batteries whenever they run out of charge. It is in fact a very essential device any rider would consider valuable.

Here are some great choices of battery chargers:

NOCO Genius G3500 

NOCO Genius G3500

NOCO Genius G3500

NOCO Genius smart battery chargers are some of the safest and most advanced on the market.
One of our best, the G3500 3. 5 Amp is designed to charge 6-volt and 12-volt lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries up to 120Ah.
It can also effectively maintain automotive, marine, RV, power sport, lawn & garden, and deep-cycle batteries

This is a versatile charger capable of charging various types of batteries. It is durable, waterproof, and compact. It comes with a desulfator, to clean and recover drained batteries and can also give a full charge in 3hrs.

Schumacher SC-1280A/CA speed charge

Schumacher SC 1200A speed charge

Schumacher SC-1280A/CA

The Schumacher SC1280 15A 6V/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger and Maintainer is specifically designed to keep your 6V and 12V batteries fully charged and in optimum health. With a 15A rapid charge and a 3A charge/maintain mode, the SC1280 charges batteries quickly and then maintains a full charge while connected. 

This high-frequency electronic charger boasts of being up to 3x faster than its traditional counterparts.

It features a 12amp fast charge, 3amp slow charge, and 50 Amp clamps for top, side-mounted battery posts. Though not as portable as the NOCO Genius, but definitely very efficient. 

Tire pressure monitor

Maintaining the right tire pressure is important for safety. A good pressure monitor helps a rider be on high alert by providing real-time monitoring to help them know, in time when something isn’t right and take necessary steps to avoid disaster.

Check out my recommendations:

  • TiresTek TPMS
  • Jolintech TPMS
  • Rydonair TPMS

Exhaust muffler

Apart from working to reduce engine noise, which keeps the motorcycle within lawful decibels, an exhaust muffler also contributes to the appearance and general aesthetic of a motorcycle.

With a wide variety of designs, one can select the perfect design that fits the style of the rider.

Akrapovic slip-on line exhaust

Akrapovic slip on line

Akrapovic slip

Silencer: Titanium
fit vehicle: YZF-R6 (06-15) silencer: GP style MegaFon silencer/titanium
GP type of silencer shape

This is one of the best on the market with a unique design

Yoshimura R-77 exhaust

Yoshimura R 77

Yoshimura R-77 exhaust

It features a trapezoidal design, which allows a large volume of packing material and in turn delivers top performance The R-77 muffler’s front cap is MIG-welded, while the end cap is riveted using high-end 304-L polished stainless steel rivets and bands Superbike technology and styling Trapezoidal-shaped sleeve Large volume of packing material Straight baffle for ample flow Innovative end-cap Removable Low-Volume Insert Stainless steel header and tail-pipe

This is lightweight and it is highly preferred by many riders because of its aggressive sound.

Vance & Hines short shots staggered exhaust comes with full coverage heat shields, making it a good choice when durability is being talked about.

Frame sliders

This is an essential accessory that offers protection to the frame, engine, and other components of a motorcycle if a crash occurs. Getting a rider this, shows how interested you are in their safety.

My recommendations:

Motorcycle boots

Boots are an essential part of the gear needed by motorcycle riders to keep them safe and comfortable. The right brand of motorcycle boots will offer comfort and protect the rider’s feet if a crash happens.

The padding in the boots also works to reduce general fatigue that may occur from riding.

Dainese Street Biker Air is one of the best, especially when the weather is hot. It features a breathable mesh liner and full-grain leather construction for comfort.

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore Tex 1

Sidi Adventure 2

Leather lining
Buckle closure
NEW COLOR, Season 2020 – Grey Black
Full Grain Microfiber material is used for the upper’s construction along with Cordura
Rigid, shock resistant, anatomically shaped heel with hyper extension block for maximum protection

Provides even better comfort to a rider’s feet with its flexible ankle joint and gore-tex membrane that makes the water-resistant as well as breathable

Tyre repair kit

It is not abnormal for riders to experience mishaps with the tires sometimes so it becomes a necessity to always carry a tire repair kit around to avoid the awful situation of being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

A motorcycle tyre repair kit would typically comprise; a plug insertion tool, plugging material, a rasp/reamer tool, a pressure gauge, and lubricant.

My top picks are:

Motorcycle first aid kit

Sometimes, despite being careful, accidents may happen and cause injuries to a rider. It is advisable to always have a first aid kit, specifically put together for motorcycle riders on every ride to handle emergencies before medical help arrives.

A motorcycle first aid kit should consist of important items such as; adhesive bandages, Sterile gauze pads, Adhesive tape, Antiseptic wipes/solution, Pain relievers like; ibuprofen or acetaminophen, Tweezers, a pair of Scissors, Disposable gloves, an Instant ice pack

You can buy any of these top-choice options;

Motorcycle GPS navigator

If they don’t already have one, then you should consider getting them a GPS navigator to add extra ease to their biking experience through capabilities such as; being able to save their favorite routes and create a custom map.

With a GPS navigator installed on their bike, it is less likely for a rider to get lost in unfamiliar terrains.

Garmin Zumo XT

Garmin Zumo XT

Garmin Zumo XT

Access to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery with direct-to-device downloads and no annual subscription
Garmin Adventurous Routing options find curvy or hilly roads for a fun and exciting riding experience
Easily manage and review routes, tracks, and waypoints across your navigator, smartphone, and computer using Garmin Explore

It features a bright, easy-to-read 5.5-inch display with advanced navigation.

TomTom Rider 550

TomTom Rider 550

TomTom Rider

World maps, traffic, and services: Stay safe, stay up-to-date. Get maps, safety camera alerts, and other live service updates quickly and easily via the TomTom rider GPS No computer needed
Weatherproof build: Tom-Tom’s rider motorcycle GPS has a rugged, ipx7-certified weatherproof design and a capacitive touchscreen that remain under your control even when you are wearing glove

It comes with a 5-inch display. It gives real-time traffic updates and allows for the creation of a custom route planner.

Heated grips

Riding during cold weather may present some discomfort to riders. They are at risk of experiencing numbness and pain in their hands from cold air or wind.

Heated grips provide warmth and insulate a rider’s hands from the effects of cold.

Oxford HotGrips Premium

Oxford HotGrips Premium

Oxford HotGrips

Thicker rubber in areas of maximum wear; rhombus tread patterns for high levels of grip and feel; diamond tread pattern where maximum grip is required.
What really sets the oxford heaterz apart? the answer is many tried and tested features such as the silicon cables which provide flexibility in the coldest weather and the winter-grade wiring prevents cracking and short circuits; the bonded grip design

Provides five heat settings that can be easily adjusted. It is very durable for use.

KEMIMOTO Heated Grips


KEMIMOTO Heated Grips

Kemitoto heated grips have 3 different heating gear. 3 temperature mode selection: 40℃, 50℃, 60℃.
So it can adjust to different temperatures for heating. There always has a suitable temperature to keep your hands warm.

Kemitoto are powered by a 12V lithium-ion battery and also features a temperature control for personalized comfort.


Here is another accessory that offers safety from debris, dirt, wind, and other things that can get into a rider’s eyes while in motion.

There are some cool ones on the market that may match their style. Here are a few to consider:

20 Unique Gifts For Motorcycle Riders 2023
Motorcycle chain lock

Parking a motorcycle in a spot that isn’t very familiar or where supervision would be minimal, a chain lock is one device that can be installed to protect the motorcycle from theft.

Abus Granit X-Plus 540

Abus Granit X Plus 540

Abus Granit X-Plus 540

ABUS 12 Inch Granit XPlus 540 U-Lock inclusive USH Holder.
The highest level of security from the ABUS range:

This is a preferred choice because of its 13mm hardened steel chain and keyless locking mechanism.


Probably the cheapest motorcycle accessories but definitely not less functional or essential. Earplugs reduce wind noise which could cause distractions and fatigue.

Some great earplugs you can choose from are;

Air compressor

The primary use of an Air compressor is to quickly inflate a motorcycle’s tyre whenever it goes flat. It is a must-have; the good thing is there are portable ones that can be carried around on the bike, so no worries at all about heavy baggage.

Motorcycle oil change kit

With this, you will be getting the biker added convenience and ease of changing the oil in their motorcycle.

An oil change kit will typically include; Engine oil, an oil filter, an oil filter wrench, a funnel, a drain pan, and a few other items. It is surely a valuable gift because it is nowhere near useless.


From the list of the 20 best unique gifts for a motorcycle rider I provided above, you no longer have to think too much about how to put a smile on a biker’s. Go ahead and make a biker feel special today.

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