13 Best Place To Get An RV Loan Reviewed In 2023

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Everyone knows that getting an RV loan is hard. Even for those who have a lot of cash to put towards a down payment and a long list of glowing recommendations, getting a loan for an RV can often be a long, drawn-out process.

With demand for RVs surging and the cost of borrowing money at any given moment, getting a loan for an RV might be as difficult as getting a driver’s license.

The good news is that there are plenty of lenders that are willing to work with those who can prove their financial soundness. The bad news is that it’s not always easy to do so. Getting an RV loan quietly and quickly isn’t as easy as getting a loan for just about anything else.

We’ve got a list of the top 6 places to get an RV loan quietly and quickly. Keep reading to discover what they have to offer.

13 Best Place To Get An RV Loan Reviewed In 2023

13 Best Place To Get An RV Loan Reviewed In 2023

Everyone wants to get a loan on their new or used recreational vehicle as quickly as possible. You wouldn’t think it, but for many people, a car loan is one of the most stressful financial obligations they have.

Fortunately, getting an RV loan can be much easier than getting a car loan. Here are the top six places to get an RV loan quietly and quickly.

1. Alliant Credit Union

Since it began its operations in 1935, the Aliant Credit Union has become a highly regulated and well-known financial institution. To obtain one of the varieties of RV loans that the Alliant Credit Union offers, you will be required to become a member which is not a difficult task.

Working or retiring at one of the Alliant partners company, having an Alliant member in your family, or membership to certain Alliant partners organization will qualify you as an Alliant member.

While the minimum credit score requirement is undisclosed, a good credit score will qualify you for an RV loan at Alliant. Both part-time and full-timers are eligible for the Alliant RV loans, and unlike others who only make the RV loans available for recreational use only, applicants willing to live in the RV full-time are also accepted by Alliant.

Up to $400,00 worth of loans is offered by Alliant with a repayment time of up to 20 years included. With competitive rates that range from 4.24% APR to 5.25% APR including an auto-pay discount.  you will not have to worry about the pre-payment fee with an Alliant RV loan. Your loan will get approved on the same day and you can also get the loan pre-approval if you still have some shopping around to do.

2. Southeast Financial

With its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. Southeast Financial has been in business since 2002 and has an amazing 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot. At Southeast Financial, there is a dedicated loan program for individuals with bad credit.

With this Southeast credit challenge program, borrowers with a credit score as low as 550 are connected to banks that are ready to provide them with RV loans. Discharged with past bankruptcies with a regular income of $20,000 to $30,000 are also eligible.

They also provide financing for recreational vehicles that are up to 15 years old and offer loans of up to $75,000, which can be repaid from 60 to 180 months with early payments allowed. However this loan is available for recreational vehicles only, and unlike the Alliant RV offer, it is not available for motorhome full-timers.

Your past installment loan records will be checked and evaluated to connect a borrower with poor credit with a loan product, borrowers that have not had an installment loan before, or borrowers with an unpaid as agreed installment history might find it difficult to get their loans approved.

3. Bank Of The West Best Place To Get An RV Loan

Founded in the US in 1874, the Bank of the west proposes highly competitive interest rates and different types of flexible recreational vehicle loans to their customers in all 50 states.

With the Bank of the west, it is required to have a credit score of 680 or above to be eligible for RV loan offers. They also offer a starting interest rate of 4.29% APR to 9.99% APR to eligible borrowers

The Bank of the west RV loan is obtainable from $10,000 to $2 million. and can be repaid from 48 to 240 months. These loans are all-inclusive and are available for different vehicles. Unlike others whose offers are strictly for recreational users only, They also offer their loans to both part-time and full-time users.

The Bank of the west RV loan offer also covers class A/B/C motorhomes, fifth-wheels, travel trailers, pop-ups, truck campers, and some horse trailers.

Loan preapproval is not available and it takes up to three days to get a decision on your loan approval after which another 9 to 12 days will be required for processing your RV loan application. you might also be charged a loan processing fee by Essex credit.

4. Lightstream Best Place To Get An RV Loan

A division of the Trust bank (formerly Sun Trust Bank) with a banking history dated back to 1891, Lightstream is your best bet for quick funding, you can get the Lightstream RV loan funding the same day you applied. 

Lightstream RV loans are available starting from $5,000 which allows borrowers to acquire small and affordable recreational vehicles which might not be permitted by other lenders. These loans can be repaid in 24 to 144 months.

With the Lightstream RV loans, you will not be required to provide your recreational vehicle as collateral when you acquire a loan, you will also not be required to tender any documentation relating to your recreational vehicle.

The Lightstream starting interest rate differs from 4.49% APR to 20.49 APR, this is evaluated depending on the amount borrowed,  the repayment term, and the borrower’s credit score. There are no prepayment penalties with the Lightstream RV loan and there is also an auto-pay discount of 0.50% being offered.

5. My Financing USA Best Place To Get An RV Loan

With an exceptional 4.7-star customer review on Trustpilot, My financing USA has been up and running since 2003 with its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. My Financing USA has been helping individuals with both good and bad credit scores to get the most reasonable RV financing choices.

Unlike other RV loan providers, Financing USA has suitable available options for borrowers with good and bad credit scores. With a credit of 570, you can be eligible for a Financial USA RV loan at a competitive rate.

There is up to $10,000 on offer at Financing USA with repayment terms of up to 180 to 240 months with a competitive starting interest rate of 3.64% APR to 7.95%n APR.

Financial USA RV loans are also available for recreational use only and the recreational vehicle accepted as collateral should not be older than a 2008 model. Your loan can get approved in 2 to 3 business days.

6. Good Sam Club 

Apart from offering RV loans, this club dated back to 1966 also provides discounts on extended warranty plans, insurance, and roadside assistance. The good sam club qualification measures with Bank of the west and also issues all loans offered by Good Sam.

With a minimum credit score of 700,  recreational vehicles loans through Good Sam are available from $10,00 to $2 million with a repayment term of 240 months. Good Sam also provides access to starting interest rates of up to 4.29% to 9.99%.

Unlike other RV loan providers, Good Sam RV loans are also available for full-timers as well as for recreational users. Recreational vehicles accepted as collateral should not be older than a 2010 model and your loan should be approved in I to 2 days.

7. Get a VA Loan
If you’re looking for a VA loan, you can get one without any stress. You can get aVA loans online or over the phone. VA loans are perfect for people who want to buy an RV quickly and without having to worry about their credit.
They’re also great for those who want to buy an RV with money that they already have saved up. You don’t have to have perfect credit to get  a VA loan; in fact, many lenders are happy to approve 
8. Go the Easy Way with a 30-Day EZ
The easiest way to get an RV loan is to go the easy way and use a 30-day EZ. This means that you won’t have to go through any of the stress of going through a credit check or waiting for weeks for your loan to be processed.
Just fill out the application and you’re done. And, if you happen to lose your RV during your loan period, no worries. You can always sell it at a later date and receive your money back.
9. Seek Out an AVAILABLE RV
Loan An AVAILABLE RV loan is the perfect option for those who are looking to get a recreational vehicle loan quickly. Many lenders are now willing to offer bypass loans for RV loans.
This means that you don’t have to go through the traditional process of applying for a car loan, getting a VA loan, and waiting for your money to come back. You can simply fax in your application and receive a decision in minutes.
10. Get an Executive-Drive Dealer Loan
Executive-drive dealerships are a great place to get a VA loan on your RV. They typically have lower interest rates and are more likely to approve the loan quickly.
Additionally, executive-drive dealerships are known for their excellent customer service. You won’t have to wait long to get a loan, and you won’t have to worry about your credit score.
11. Dealer-Direct Loan Best Place To Get An RV Loan
One of the most common ways to get an RV loan is through a dealer-direct loan. This type of loan is usually much harder to get than other types of loans, and it can take longer to get your money back. It is also more expensive.
However, this may be the best option for you if you don’t have access to a conventional bank account or you don’t have particularly strong credit.
12. No Libor Interest Rate
One of the best things about getting an RV loan is that you’ll never have to worry about Libor. This is thanks to the fact that a lot of banks offer no-LIBOR loans. This means that you won’t have to worry about your credit rating being affected by a low Libor interest rate.
Plus, it can be very easy to get a no-LIBOR RV loan. All you need is to fill out a simple application and wait for your loan to be processed.
13. Peer-Reviewed
The first step is to get permission from the lender. This will ensure that you’re not breaching any contract or regulations. Once you have the lender’s okay, it’s time to start the process of getting a loan. The next step is to search for quality loans.
You should do your research and find a reputable lending institution. Make sure that the company you choose has good ratings and is known for being reliable. You also want to make sure that the company is authorized to lend money to RVers
14. Get It Through a Membership Mortgage Company
A membership mortgage company is an excellent way to get a VA loan on your recreational vehicle. They typically have lower interest rates and are able to get the loan quickly.
This is a great option for people who are hesitant to get a car loan or who have bad credit. You can also use a membership mortgage company to get a substandard car loan.


There are a few things you should keep in mind when getting an RV loan quietly and quickly. First, it’s important to be aware of the different types of RV loans available and which will work best for your specific needs.

Second, be sure to seek out an available RV when looking for a loan. This will make the process much simpler and less time-consuming.

And lastly, be sure to get permission for your loan from the lender before submitting the application. This will ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible and that your application is processed quickly.

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