10 Of The Best Tool Bag For RV & Features In 2023

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When packing your RV, what kind of tool bag should you bring? For RVs, the best tool bag should include a few essentials. Every aspect of owning an RV comes with its own unique set of difficulties. However, having the correct tools in your RV toolbox might put your mind at ease on your next trip out.

Having at least these nine essential tools in your RV’s toolbox will ensure that you won’t be stranded somewhere with no power, a flat tire, or other problems. However, you should also consider your RV or motorhome’s weight and storage capacity when deciding what to include in your RV travel tool kit. 

We’ve created this list of the best tool bag for RV to give you a good idea of what you need to carry your travel trailer tool kit.

10 of The Best Tool Bag for RV & Features In 2023

What are the best RV tool bags? We’re here to help you find the right answers. Keep reading to learn more about the tool bags for RVers and choose the best option for your needs.

1. CLC Custom LeatherCraft Multi-Compartment 
10 Of The Best Tool Bag For RV & Features In 2023

CLC Custom LeatherCraft Multi-Compartment 

This tool backpack has a mind-boggling 50 compartments. Larger tools can be stored in the central compartment. Additionally, a zip-out flap on the outside provides access to several smaller tool pockets.

A longer textured and cushioned shoulder strap and two padded top handles complete the bag’s carrying options. Inches in length, width, and height, the bag measures 18 x 7 x 14.

The pockets on this bag are arranged vertically for ease of access. Additionally, the bag is spill-proof, allowing you to keep your equipment neat. Heavy-duty zippers in the main compartment will enable it to be closed or opened wide for convenient access.

Highlighted Features:

  • Abrasion-resistant base
  • Triple needle-stitch construction
  • Rugged haul handles
  • YKK zippers
  • Made of sturdy synthetic fabric

2. DEWALT DG5553 Tool Bag
10 Of The Best Tool Bag For RV & Features In 2023

DEWALT DG5553 Tool Bag

28 compartments are provided in this tool bag, styled after a duffel bag. Ballistic poly and heavy-duty poly fabrics are used to construct this item. An additional layer of cushioning protects the bag’s bottom.

The top of the bag has two carry handles and a shoulder strap. The bag’s interior has a huge main compartment that can be zipped shut or opened wide for full access. The bag is 18.5″ wide, 9.5″ high, and 10.5″ deep in terms of size.

Three of the pockets on this bag are protected by flaps, which is a great touch. A small tool or hardware bit can be stored in the drawstring pocket. Carrying this tool bag is made easier with the adjustable shoulder strap.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty poly and ballistic poly fabric construction
  • Adjustable, non-slip padded shoulder strap
  • 14 interior pockets
  • One zippered pocket 

3. Tahoe Trails 18″ Wide Mouth Tool Bag
10 Of The Best Tool Bag For RV & Features In 2023

Tahoe Trails 18″ Wide Mouth Tool Bag

This tool bag is a custom-made tool carrier with a roomy compartment designed to accommodate maintenance tools, electricians’ tools, and heavy-duty gear. The double-pull zipper is convenient and pairs well with the extra-padded top handle!

The adjustable shoulder strap is durable 600d polyester. It is tightly woven into the toolbag framing, creating an attractive and ergonomic design. This Tahoe trails tool bag contains six external compartments and eight internal pockets for neatly organizing several different-sized tools. Each pocket is easily accessible. 

HVAC and electrician tool bag; HVAC technicians and electricians, in particular, will take a shine to this tool bag. The spacious interior of the tool bag provides adequate storage. Still, the flexible polyester material is also suitable for dragging through crawl spaces, outdoor work sites, attics, and interior areas. However, this tool bag’s compact feel and balance make it easy to transfer and carry.

Highlighted Features:

  • 8 interior pockets
  • Extra padded handles
  • Double pull zippers
  • Adjustable shoulder padded straps
  • Non-slip bottom

4. FASTPRO 14-Inch Zip-top Wide Mouth Open Storage Tool Bag
10 Of The Best Tool Bag For RV & Features In 2023

FASTPRO 14-Inch Zip-top Wide Mouth Open Storage Tool Bag

With its zip-top wide-open design for convenient tool access, the FASTPRO 14-inch tool bag is made of environmentally friendly and robust polyester fabric. You can store all of your essential equipment in the main compartment. There are six additional pockets on the front and back sides for your personal effects. In addition, the main compartment contained six pockets for added organization.

Hand tools and other small to medium-sized equipment can easily be transported in this FAST PRO Tool Bag. It measures 14 inches by 8 inches by 9 inches and weighs just 1.65 pounds when closed. Comfort is enhanced by the extra padding on the handle and the ability to adjust the shoulder strap.

It’s not just that this extra-wide hole makes it easier to carry more goods, but it also allows you to reach farther into the entrance. In addition, you can fit a 24-volt power drill and battery packs in the bag.

This bag comes with six outside pockets (three on the front and three on the back) and a hook to which you may attach your keys.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 Inner Pockets for Well Organization
  • Padded handle 
  • Adjustable shoulder strap

5. INGCO 16 Inch Tool Bag Organizer
10 Of The Best Tool Bag For RV & Features In 2023

INGCO 16 Inch Tool Bag Organizer

This is a bag that is very durable, reliable, and resistant to wear. It is made from two layers of water-resistant 600D polyester. 

Having a big, open mouth with a sturdy interior frame makes it easier to install and remove tools from the top. In addition, it has three external pockets, making it ideal for holding a variety of small and medium-sized hand tools and other supplies.

Protects your tool bag from becoming wet with a reinforced inner plastic lining. Since it folds up and takes up little room, it’s convenient to transport and keep in a drawer.

Your hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and other tiny supplies fit neatly inside this tool bag organizer. It can be used for other tasks besides construction and maintenance in the home and garden, such as outdoor camping and tourist excursions. For both professional and daily use, it’s an excellent choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Thickened Inner Plastic Panel
  • Wide Open Mouth
  • Large Capacity
  • 3 Exterior Pockets and 8 Inside Pockets
  • Four Foot Pads
  • Foldable to Save Space

6. Pnochoo Waterproof 16inch Tool Bags
10 Of The Best Tool Bag For RV & Features In 2023

Pnochoo Waterproof 16inch Tool Bags

Designed from a 600D polyester water-resistant fabric, this is a bag made to last. The bottom baffle of these tool bags provides additional stability and prevents the bag from sagging. In addition to keeping the bag dry and clean, the waterproof tool bag also protects the items from rusting and wetness.

With 25 compartments and wide internal space, this tool bag gives plenty of options for organization. The main compartment has 16 pockets, with 9 outside and 9 inside.

Your tools will be safe and secure in this holder, accommodating various sizes. An internal metal frame and top double-pull zipper make this huge tool bag easy to organize and access. When you need to get your tools in or out of this bag, all you have to do is pull the zipper.

An excellent stitching effect contributes to the tool bag’s strength and durability. There’s no need to worry about your tools getting damaged or broken when using the tool bag. The tool bag is watertight and has wear, scratch, and tear-resistant protection.

This tool bag’s extra-soft padding on the handles and adjustable shoulder straps help alleviate hand and shoulder stress and pressure when carrying heavy tools. It can be carried in a variety of ways. It can handle small and medium-sized tools, such as power tools. The tool bag is perfect for DIYers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large capacity design
  • Wide-open mouth
  • Waterproof
  • Sturdy base
  • Quality zippers

7. WORKPRO 16-inch Close Top Wide Mouth Tool Storage Bag
10 Of The Best Tool Bag For RV & Features In 2023

WORKPRO 16-inch Close Top Wide Mouth Tool Storage Bag

The WORKPRO 16-inch Top Wide Mouth Tool Bag is made of tough polyester fabric that will hold up in any work environment. Three on each side, two on each end, and eight pockets are all in the bag. The pockets are around 4.5 inches deep and “bulgy,” which can accommodate tape measures, pliers, and the like.

You can store all your tools in these 13 outer compartments and an 8-belt bag. So you won’t have to rummage through your luggage to find that one plier again.

The padding between the inner and outer canvas layers on the bag’s two sides (not the ends) stiffens the bag and aids in keeping it open when required. It is 16 inches long by 9 inches wide by 9.5 inches high when the top is open.

Carrying this bag is made more accessible by the extra padding on the handle and the adjustable shoulder strap. WORKPRO is committed to providing you with the most acceptable value in tool bags.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty nylon gear bag to store
  • 8 internal pockets and 13 external pockets
  • Rigid and waterproof plastic base.
  • Durable shoulder straps

8. YINLONGDAO 13inch Waterproof Tool
10 Of The Best Tool Bag For RV & Features In 2023

YINLONGDAO 13inch Waterproof Tool

1680D polyester waterproof fabric is the material of choice for the tool bag, which is resistant to tearing and exceptionally long-lasting. In addition to keeping the bag’s contents dry and clean, it also prevents rust and corrosion from occurring to the tools stored inside.

The tool bag’s stitching is excellent, making it exceptionally sturdy and long-lasting. Therefore, there’s no need to be concerned about getting damaged or broken when using the tool bag. In addition to being water-resistant, the bag’s waterproof coating is scratch-resistant, breathable, and tear-resistant.

Double-pull zippers on the tool bag’s top ensure that no zipper jams occur when the bag is opened and closed. It has a broad mouth with an inside metal frame for easy access and organizing.

There are 16 compartments in our tool tote bag, including 8 large exterior pockets and 6 smaller interior ones. When you open the toolbox, all of the tools in this toolkit will be contained in these pockets.

The handle and the adjustable shoulder strap can help alleviate hand and shoulder discomfort when carrying heavy tools. In addition, it can handle small and medium-sized tools, such as power tools. The tool bag is perfect for DIYers, artisans, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, construction workers, HVAC professionals, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extra padded handle 
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Double zippers
  • sturdy and rigid molded base

9. LipStick Tools 18-Inch Multi-Purpose Zip-Top 
10 Of The Best Tool Bag For RV & Features In 2023

LipStick Tools 18-Inch Multi-Purpose Zip-Top 

The Lipstick Tools multi-purpose bag is constructed with heavy-duty, long-lasting Polyester fabric.

Both inside and outside the bag, its many pockets make it simple to get to the things you need quickly, whether moving around or parking. Outside, there are Velcro pockets to keep loose stuff in place, and inside, there is a big secure zipper to keep valuables safe.

A padded dual handle with a velcro strap for one-handed carrying or placing the bag on any surface is provided for comfort and convenience.

This tool bag is perfect for small and large chores. It can hold everything from construction tools to electrical and plumbing equipment, arts and crafts supplies, cosmetics, gardening tools, and sewing supplies.

It’s a great all-in-one bag that can be used for everything from your exercise gear to your art supplies and brushes, flat irons and brushes, hair products, and more.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy clips & adjustable straps
  • Double zipper and wide mouth opening 
  • Built and constructed with robust and durable polyester fabric
  • Plenty of pockets 

10. Husky 18″ Water-Resistant Contractor
10 Of The Best Tool Bag For RV & Features In 2023

Husky 18″ Water-Resistant Contractor

Husky’s red and black tool bag comprises 600D polyester and is water-resistant. An 18-by-10-by-10-inch bag is included. There are 13 inside and 16 external pockets to assist you to keep track of your belongings.” The bag comes with a shoulder strap and two handles for carrying.

In this purse, the stitching is what really sets it apart. Sturdy Bartec stitching is used throughout the bag’s structure. In addition, Cross-stitching reinforces the handles, increasing their weight capability.

Highlighted Features:

  • 600 denier polyester
  • Thick handles
  • 29 pockets


There are different brands and styles of tool bags in the market. However, what is more, important is knowing what you want, i.e., the size and quantity of tools you wish to have in your RV.

With our list of best tool bags for Rv, you won’t have any problem choosing anyone you want. Our favorite is the CLC Custom LeatherCraft Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag for its comfortability and compartment sizes.

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