10 Of The Best ATV/UTV Soundbars – Review & Buying Guide 2023

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A jolly good ride becomes even jollier when there’s some music to accompany you as your UTV blazes through the trail.

If you are like me and love to have music playing in the background as you ride, then you are about to see a review and guide to the best UTV soundbars in the market.

If you have never used one before, you might not be sure if a device like that can provide impressive sound quality; it’s a UTV we are talking about right?

A vehicle with no enclosure is needed to get quality-rich sound as you would get in a car, so I’m going to urge you to brace up and be ready to be wowed.

Factors That Determine The Best UTV Soundbar Option For You

10 Of The Best UTV Soundbars - Review & Buying Guide 2023
Compatibility/mounting options

Though there are several soundbars with versatile mounting options but not all are compatible with every UTV so you need to consider your UTV and what fits best on it.

Sound quality

Preference for sound quality may differ from person to person. While some people are all about loudness, others may be more interested in the quality of the frequency ranges or surround sound.

Whatever your preference is, you might need to go for a UTV soundbar that provides such. If you are in doubt as to what you want with respect to sound, you may go for a product that has an all-around sound superiority.

Power source

Soundbars have their individual power requirements and you need to be certain about what your UTV battery can handle comfortably.

10 Of The Best UTV Soundbars In 2023

A UTV soundbar is an audio device that can be mounted on a UTV or ATV to enhance the audio experience while off-roading.

They are made of weather-resistant materials and consist of multiple speakers that provide high-quality audio. Many UTV soundbars have Bluetooth connectivity, and factors to consider when choosing one include the size of your vehicle, the type of music you prefer, and the ease of installation.

Boss audio system BRT6A
Boss audio system BRT6A

Built-in Bluetooth automatically reconnects to the last device. Stream your music library from your smartphone or MP3 player or use apps such as Spotify and Pandora
Weatherproof: The latest weatherproofing techniques have been utilized so that if the weather decides to be anything but sunny, you can keep on riding.

Key features

  • Audio streaming
  • Aux input
  • Built-in Amplifiers
  • USB charging
  • Wireless remote control

The BRT6A is an affordable IPX5-rated weatherproof soundbar that comes with adjustable mounting brackets that allow you to mount it above or below your UTV’s windshield; whichever suits you.

It features four full-range speakers with two tweeters that guarantee clear audio even in noisy environments.

Plus its built-in amplifier doesn’t require any external amplifier to achieve a louder volume, all you need do is connect your MP3 player or smartphone via its Bluetooth technology or Aux input and start listening.

Also, this UTV soundbar boasts Class A/B amplifiers which don’t only produce quality sounds but also reduce distortion through its linear circuitry. 

The BRT26A requires only a 12v power source and that’s not too hard on your UTV’s battery.


  • Impressive volume for its price


  • Bass is not so great

Stealth-10 ultra HD soundbar
Stealth 10 ultra HD soundbar

Bigger sound for the great outdoors Building a sound system for an ATV, golf cart, or small boat used to require a certain amount of “shade tree engineering” and, depending on how serious you were about sound, some creative fabrication work. The Stealth-10 Ultra HD from Wet Sounds is the perfect sound bar for your high-performance audio system, whether you’re blasting through a mudhole or cruising up to the 19th hole.

Key Features

  • New RF wireless remote control
  • Advanced amplifier with D-Bass technology
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • IP67 rated
  • Wiring harness included

Known as one of the best soundbars on the market in terms of sound quality, the Stealth-10 ultra HD is a 10-speaker-300-watt unit with six full-range speaker drivers and two 1-inch titanium tweeters that delivers clear and powerful sound. 

It comes equipped with a wireless remote that can be attached to the steering wheel cradle, allowing for easy control over volume and track play/pause.


  • Remote control from steering wheel cradle
  • Multiple mounting options


  • Wireless remote control doesn’t control power on/off

Bazooka G3 party bar
Bazooka G3 party bar

G3 PARTY BAR LED RGB BT The Bazooka Bluetooth Party Bar G3 with RGB Illumination is the ultimate offroad and outdoor entertainment system.  
3.5mm aux input allows for connecting MP3 and smartphone. 3.5mm aux output to easily pass the signal between other audio systems or external subwoofers. 

Key features

  • Built-in amplifier
  • Wireless control from Bazooka mobile app
  • 1000 feet wireless remote control range
  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth and Aux input
  • Eight marine-grade speakers
  • LED lighting

I believe the ‘party’ in the name is only a placeholder for ‘high sound quality’ because the Bazooka G3 party bar is equipped with eight marine-grade speakers comprising, two subwoofers, four mid-range drivers, and two tweeters.

It comes with LED lighting that dances while music plays, but that’s not even the coolest part of it; Bazooka G3 has a mobile app you can download to your android or IOS smartphone and use for additional features, including the ability to customize the LED lights.

Included in its design is an end-mounted woofer with a cast aluminum integrated grill mounting system which allows for a full 360-degree rotation, a ‘party’ needs that for sure.


  • Advanced sound system
  • Allows for speaker expansion


  • Nil


The MTX MUDSYS41 Bluetooth overhead audio system is designed to deliver unbeatable high-quality audio to ORVs that include mounting accessible roll cages with diameters between 1.75″ and 2″. This all-weather system includes four 6.5″ coaxial speakers that work in conjunction with an integrated 280-watt power amplifier

Key features

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Aux input
  • Universal mounting
  • Coaxial speakers

This utv Soundbar comes from a company with a repute and history of manufacturing quality sound systems. The MUDSYS41 provides universal mounting, offering you multiple ways to mount the device on your UTV.

Connectivity to your smartphone or mp3 device is made easy with options of either Bluetooth or 3.5mm Aux input and a USB port. It also features four 6.5-inch coaxial speakers and two 1-inch tweeters that produce an output of 280 watts of RMS power.

Durability is one of its unique offerings, with a design that makes it weather, water, and UV-resistant.


  • Durability


  • Has no display
  • Bluetooth reach may not be wide enough


The speakers feature marine-grade IP-X5 waterproof construction w/ weatherproof and water-resistant housing perfect for extreme water sports use. It has a sleek design and durable machine-molded speaker cabinet housing

Key features

  • Quick butt connector for speaker wiring
  • Marine grade construction
  • Weather and waterproof
  • Universal mounting brackets roll-bar

Designed for off-road vehicles including UtVs, this soundbar comes as a pair of pro audio power sports speakers, both producing compact and high-powered output.

The PLUTV42BK offers a 2-way full range stereo sound reproduction and a top-quality bass response.


  • Good bass quality


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Kicker 46CWTB102
Kicker 46CWTB102

10-Inch 2-Ohm Loaded Weather Proof CompR Subwoofer Tube A modern take on an old-school classic, the TB features thick ABS construction and comes equipped with both an active CompR woofer on one end, and a Reflex Sub on the other. You get louder, deeper bass that you can mount almost anywhere.
An innovative bracket system allows the TB to be mounted with ease: horizontally or vertically. RE-FLEX Passive Radiator 

Key Features

  • Thick ABS tube construction
  • Flexible mounting system
  • Two speakers
  • Advanced heat management system

This little guy right here takes up only a little space because of its compact design but surprisingly, there’s nothing little about its bass quality.

This soundbar is equipped with 10-inch tube speakers with impressive bass-makers. Ultra-deep and loud are words that best describe the output of the 46CWTB102.

Weighing only 30 lbs, you also get an extra feature in its advanced heat management system to protect it from getting damaged from intense heat.


  • Good Bass
  • Impressively loud
  • Durable


  • No Bluetooth Connectivity

Rockville RWB80B
Rockville RWB80B

8″ Two-Way High-Fidelity Speaker System
Adjustable Nylon Mounting Bracket Reinforced With Embedded Steel
1″ Polymide Dome Neodymium Midrange Tweeter
Built-In Two-Way Crossover Network
Fully Marinized Against Salt & Fresh Water Conditions
Completely Water / Rust Resistant
Terminals Are Sealed with Rubber Gaskets

Key features

  • Surround sound
  • Aux input
  • Fm radio
  • Fully marinized against salt & fresh water

These guys are boastful of the durability of their product and I should say, they have got a point. This soundbar is fully water/rust resistant and marinized against salt and fresh water.

I don’t think you ride your UTV on the sea but just in case you do (please don’t), this soundbar would fair just fine. It is very easy to install on your roll bar/cage with its oversized 1.25” Kapton voice coil and large mounting screw. The speakers come as a pair and features 8” two-way high-fidelity speaker system.

  • New and improved mounting bracket reinforced with steel – The mounting brackets are waterproof and durable plastic.
  • They are reinforced with nylon and steel to make them extra strong.
  • Marine grade components and materials Additional waterproof coating cut completely protect the speakers.
  • These can withstand all elements on the water for a lifetime
  • Durable


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • No built-in amplifier

Memphis audio 15-MXASB2
Memphis audio 15 MXASB2

20″ powered sound bar designed for ATV, golf cart, and marine use | Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
Built-in amplifier (200 watts RMS, 400 watts peak) | Four (4) 3″ speakers, two (2) 1″ tweeters | Two side-firing passive radiators for enhanced mid-bass
Front panel controls | Waterproof wiring harness
Adjustable clamp mounts fit rollbars from 1″ to 2-1/2″ | 3.5 mm AUX input and output

Key features

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3.5mm Aux input
  • Waterproof wiring harness
  • Enhanced mid-bass
  • Versatile mounting system

I like the MXASB2 for its impressive sound quality, though not the best you can find, for its fair price tag, you get a 20” powered soundbar with four 3” speakers which include two 1” tweeters and two side-firing passive radiators for extra mid-bass quality. 

It also comes with front panel controls to control volume, play/pause tracks and skip between them. For connectivity with either an mp3 device or smartphone, the soundbar comes equipped with Bluetooth technology and alternatively, a 3.5mm auxiliary input.


  • Relatively easier mounting options


  • Bass isn’t at its best

Pro Armor AU51040
Pro Armor AU51040

The Audio Walls or sound bars are available in four-speaker or eight-speaker versions designed for easy installation to have you rocking in no time.
These powered self-contained units feature mid-range / mid-bass driver speakers, two dedicated tweeters, and integrated amplifiers.

Key features

  • Easy installation
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Auxiliary input
  • Integrated amplifier

This one is a four-speaker soundbar system with easy to install design.  You do not need an external amplifier with this brand of soundbar since it already has a built-in amplifier.

All you need do is connect your MP3 player or smartphone via Bluetooth or Aux input and you’ll be jamming to your favorite music in no time. There are front panel controls on the soundbar with large buttons for your convenience.


  • You can play music directly from your device using either the provided 3.5 mm wired input or through the Bluetooth connection.
  • Wired Bluetooth controller
  • Integrated 100-watt amplifier


  • A bit bulky

Pyle Marine Amplified
Pyle Marine Amplified

Bluetooth audio streaming allows you to wirelessly play and control music and apps such as Spotify and YouTube using multi-function Bluetooth, quick & hassle-free device pairing.
It also has Marine Rated with a Rugged Weatherproof Exterior, IPX

Key features

  • Built-in high-power amplifier
  • 3.5 Aux input
  • Bluetooth
  • IPX68 water/dustproof rating

This soundbar is for lovers of premium products. It is a whooping 10-speaker Bluetooth UTV soundbar with an integrated super high-power digital technology amplifier.

It has an IPX68 rating and features both Bluetooth and Aux input connectivity.


  • High-Performance Class D Amplifier.
  • Relatively Loud
  • Durable


  • Bass is not good enough.

Wrapping it up

There you have it, the 10 best UTV soundbars of 2023.

Any option you eventually decide to try out from this guide will be surely worth the price tag, so spice up your UTV/ATV riding experience with all of your favorite music and increase the thrill.

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