10 Best Yamaha YFZ 450R Performance Parts 2023

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The Engineers at Yamaha undoubtedly tapped into their ingenuity when they produced a masterpiece in the YAMAHA YFZ 45ORs, the good thing is, they left room for the possibility of custom enhancements to be made on the four-wheeler as users deem necessary.

Aftermarket parts are available to achieve the much-needed upgrade for your machine. You only need to know and understand which parts you need and why. You have indeed come to the right place at the ‘rightest ‘ time.

Enhancing my YFZ 450r sounds cool, but why would I want it?

There are tons of reasons why making changes and/or additions to your four-wheeler’s parts will be beneficial both in the short and long term.

These upgrades can be made to improve comfort and safety, higher performance, improved reliability, preservation, and longevity of parts

You may want to think that upgrades and enhancements are only important when your sport ATV actually gets used for racing or any other sporting activity, but that idea may not be accurate because, whether for competitive or recreational purposes, a good choice of upgrade on your ATV will mostly reassure you of a seamless and problem-free usage of the machine.

Now let us take a look at the best performance parts your YFZ 450r desperately need.

10 Best Yamaha YFZ 450R Performance Parts 2023


Exhaust System

Considered one out of the three most popular performance enhancers on the YFZ 450Rs, installing a high-performance exhaust system provides really exciting results.

Some of these results will include an increase in horsepower which aids in faster acceleration and a higher top speed made possible by reducing the engine’s back pressure and helping it breathe more efficiently.

That’s not all!

If you ever wondered how to get your YZR 450R sounding more aggressive or sporty, an aftermarket exhaust system is your answer. Investing in aftermarket exhaust systems will enable your throttle to respond even faster and reduce the weight of your vehicle, the reason being, an aftermarket exhaust system will be relatively lighter than a factory-fitted exhaust.

Here are some quality aftermarket exhaust systems options you can choose from.

  • Pro Circuit T-4 slip-on exhaust

Pro Circuit T 4 slip on

Pro Circuit T-4 slip-on exhaust

Increased performance
Strong mounting brackets) for strength and durability
Removable USFS-approved spark Arrestor
Stainless end-cap Construction

This slip-on exhaust, made from quality stainless steel materials, was designed to allow for mounting on the YFZ 450Rs without modifying the stock header. It is lightweight and will reduce the overall weight of your four-wheeler.

Provides improved horsepower and torque by simply increasing the exhaust flow and backpressure reduction. If you ever desire to keep things a bit quiet, the pro circuit slip-on exhaust features a removable quiet insert to decrease noise.

  • Yoshimura RS-9T full exhaust system

Yoshimura RS 9T full exhaust system

Yoshimura RS-9T Complete Exhaust With Stainless Header

Made to look like the big brother CRFs with the RS-9T muffler.
Repack kits, optional inserts, and spark arresters are available for all models.
Stainless steel header and tail-pipe

Also manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and aluminum materials, the Yoshimura RS-9T Full exhaust has a unique design that boosts horsepower and torque.

You get to choose from a range of finishes which include, stainless steel, carbon fiber, or titanium.

  • FMF power core 4 slip-on exhaust

FMF Powercore

FMF Powercore 4 Slip-On Exhaust

Hi-Flo modular end cap.
The internal shape of the core uses Hi-Flo technology.
Enhanced sonic evacuation provides for higher flow and increased power.
Includes removable (most models) spark arrestor.

This aftermarket exhaust features a power core 4 muffler which was designed to increase horsepower, and reduce the level of noise produced to ensure compliance with sound regulations – “what we want is a jolly good ride, not break the law”-.

This exhaust is lightweight as well and comes with a removable spark arrestor for easy cleaning.

Fuel Tuner

An exhaust system installation will not immediately push your four-wheeler to a higher level of horsepower and torque in the absence of a fuel injection tuner to supply the engine with enough fuel it requires to accelerate at your desired high speed.

By adjusting the fuel injection map, the fuel tuner is able to deliver enough fuel to improve horsepower at diverse RPMs (Revolutions per minute) and throttle positions.

Check out below some quality fuel injection tuner options.

  • EJK Fuel Injection Controller

EJK Fuel Injection Controller

 EJK Fuel Injection Controller

Plug N’ Play Installation Minutes to Install.
Base Settings are Preset.
Uses Unique Load Based Tech.
Offers Full Range Tunability. Water Resistant

Made from high-quality materials, its design makes it able to withstand harsh riding conditions. With the EJK fuel controller, you get a user-adjustable rev limit to prevent your engine from over-revving.

More features include an OLED display for vital information such as; temperature, error notifications, and engine RPM.

  • PCV Fuel Injection Controller

Fuel commander

PCV Fuel Injection Controller

Enough adjustment to cover almost all modifications
Fuel tuning only, no monitoring capability
Not compatible with other Power Commander Accessories

PCV delivers a fuel controller with an impressive user-friendly interface and a customizable tuner with which you can adjust fuel and ignition maps to suit specific riding conditions.

The tuner also has an automatic option that adjusts fuel and ignition maps in real-time while riding.

  • Vortex CDI Ignition and Fuel controller

Doubling as both a capacitor discharge ignition and a fuel injection tuner, the Vortex CDI ignition and fuel tuner will adjust the fuel-to-air ratio of your YFZ 450R for optimal performance.

This device is also able to adjust the idle speed and rev limits of the engine to protect it from over-revving.

Kill Switch

Due to the safety risks associated with riding your YFZ 450R, it becomes a necessary precaution to install a kill switch, that typically sits on the handlebars of your four-wheeler, a device that will come in handy in the event of an emergency.

You reduce the risk of a horrible accident when you have this device installed as you can instantly shut off your engine before things get too far out of hand.

  • Tether pull switch

Tether pull switch

Tether pull switch

Professional quality tethered safety kill switch
The durable design features a four-bolt handlebar mount
Normally open circuit type switch
7/8″ clamping diameter
Fits most ATVS including Compatible with Yamaha, Honda, Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Can-Am

Manufactured with high-quality materials that comply with industry standards, the Tether pull switch boasts a durable design, an open circuit type switch, a tethered safety switch, and a four-bolt handlebar mount to guarantee the ultimate performance.

  • GYTR Kill switch

GYTR Kill switch

GYTR Kill Switch


Usually the go-to kill switch for users of the YFZ 450R, it is simple and easy to install. Great choice

  • Pro Design 27-0100 Clip Type

Pro Design 27 0100 Clip Type

Pro Design 27-0100 Clip Type

The #1 quality ATV, Motocross kill switch.
Used by most top ATV/Mx champions.
Normally open type circuit switch.

The pro design features a fairly large button for a quick engine shutdown of the engine in an emergency. It is designed to be attached to your ATV’s handlebar

Air Flow Filters

With a newly installed aftermarket exhaust system, you should also consider getting a high-performance air filter which provides benefits around horsepower and torque increase. Air filters allow more air to flow into the YFZ 450R’s engine thereby improving its acceleration.

They optimize fuel consumption while helping your engine run more efficiently. Most air filters can be washed and reused, so you get to save yourself some money.

Here are some air filter options for you.

  • Pro Design USA Pro Flow Foam Air Filter

Pro design air filter

Pro Design USA Pro Flow Foam Air Filter

Completely replace the restrictive stock air filter and adapter
Improve airflow with a flow-bench-design venturi adapter and a larger air filter
Replace the standard airbox cage that allows dirt to damage your engine
Precision CNC-machined from billet and feature an O-ring seal for easy and reliable installation

The pro-design air filters boast high-quality materials that effectively increase the flow of air into your ATV’s engine. It comes equipped with multi-stage foam, which traps dirt and debris and allows it to maintain an unrestricted flow of air into the engine.

  • K&N air filters

You are more than likely to use the K&N air filters for as long as the life of your YFZ 450R because they can be washed and reused continuously.

To enable it to trap dirt and debris, the K&N comes with multiple layers of oiled cotton gauze, so a high airflow is assured.

  • Uni filters

Unique for its oil-free, foam filter element which is washable and reusable, removing the need for oiling. Its durable design makes it a great choice for use in harsh conditions.

Skid Plate

One can never go wrong with adding an extra layer of protection for your ATV’s engine, transmission, and other components susceptible to damage from debris and obstacles on your trail, especially if you are a bit of a rough rider.

A skid plate gives cover to the undercarriage of your ATV. Beyond protection, skid plates also contribute to your YFZ 450R’s aesthetics with the sort of designs they come in. Protection plus aesthetic is surely reason enough to grab a skid plate for your Atv

Which is the best skid plate on the market for my YFZ 450R?

  • GYTR Plastic Frame Skid Plate

The GYTR Aluminum Skid Plate

GYTR Plastic Frame Skid Plate

This lightweight, 0.25″-thick polyurethane construction is much lighter than standard aluminum skid plates and helps protect the frame, engine, and chassis components.
The plate provides a smooth, slick surface so the ATV can “glide” over track obstacles

Durability is one of its top features. The GYTR skid plates, produced by Yamaha are protected from rust or corroding, regardless of how harsh the condition is, made possible by its powder-coated finish.

This skid plate is much more lightweight than most standard aluminum skid plates, therefore, adding only a little to the overall weight of your ATV.


Handlebar Riser

While making sure your YFZ 450R is in the best shape possible, it is equally important that you experience the best level of comfort every time you hop on it for a ride.

Handlebar risers provide better comfort and control while riding. Changing your riding position will not only become easier but will also be possible without straining your arms and shoulders.

  • Pro Taper Handlebar Riser

Pro Taper Handlebar Riser

Pro Taper 1-1/8 Inch Universal Rubber Mount Kit 

These will not fit top triple clamps where the top bar mount is cast into the top triple clamp.
These will replace OEM rubber bar mounts to accept 1-1/8″ handlebars only.
Their reversible design provides forward or rear mounting with 4mm offset and are precision CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum

Available in various heights and styles, pro taper handlebar risers are manufactured from billet aluminum for more strength and durability to provide you with comfort in your preferred riding positions.

  • Acerbis handlebar riser

Acerbis Handlebar Riser

Acerbis Rally Profile Handbar Riser

Optimal protection and resistance during use
Extra strength inner rib reinforcement
Comes equipped with a mounting kit to fit handlebars with diameters between 13.5mm and 15mm

Provides an adjustable design that can be fine-tuned to suit your riding position. It is very durable and lightweight; available in a wide variety of colors that spotlight your ATV’s aesthetics.


The need for aftermarket foot pegs on your YFZ 450R is quite necessary if you are serious about ensuring your comfort because the factory-fitted ones may not provide you with as much grip as you will need while riding.

An additional perk is, aftermarket foot pegs support readjustment for compatibility with specific riding positions.

These aftermarket foot pegs manufactured by Yamaha match the factory specifications for the YFZ 450R. They come with texture surfaces that provide riders with a firmer grip and improved control.

  • ProTaper 11-091K Footpegs

Pro Taper foot pegs

ProTaper 11-091K Footpegs

2 Piece Platform System With 3 Levels Of Adjustment

It’s bold/aggressive design sure adds some flare to the looks of your ATV. With the pro taper footpegs, you have some options to choose from, including the folding, standard, and platform pegs, all designed to suit different riding needs.

Clutch Kit

High-performance clutch kits are typically installed on an ATV to improve the performance of its clutch system. The clutch’s responsiveness upon engagement generally improves with the presence of the right clutch kit for your machine.

It is worthy of note that the right clutch kit might improve the transfer of power from the ATV’s engine to the wheels, proving beneficial while racing.

  • GYTR Clutch Kit

This is another trusted Yamaha product that is able to handle the pressure from the upgraded horsepower and torque of your enhanced YFZ 450R.  It provides better clutch management and operation.

Equipped with a heat-treated clutch basket, it is able to dissipate heat better than a stock basket.

  • The EBC Pro-Lite Clutch Kit

Its lightweight aluminum clutch basket assists in reducing clutch lever effort and boosts overall clutch performance. Also, installation of this device is quick and easy, all components needed to replace the entire clutch are included.

Nerf Bars

The topic of rider safety on ATVs can never be overemphasized. The more measures put in place, the better for you.

A nerf bar is an upgrade to your foot peg; a device that also contributes to your safety by protecting your legs from getting under the rear tyres in the event when your legs come off the foot pegs.

They are quick and easy to install, even if you are not very mechanically inclined.

  • DG Fat Series Alloy Nerf Bar

Nerf bars

DG Fat Series Alloy Nerf Bar

These 11/2″-diameter aluminum alloy nerfs offer more torsional rigidity to match your ATV

Top quality Nerf bar which comes in a variety of colors and is compatible with all models of YFZ 450Rs from 2009 and above.

Engine Case Protection

Chain breakage may cause serious damage to your engine case in the absence of a case saver. This is an inexpensive device that will most likely save you hundreds of dollars in repairs if any component gets clumped around the front sprocket of the ATV.

  • Motor party YFZ450R case saver

Motorparty YFZ450R case saver

Motoparty YFZ450R Case Saver Engine Case Protection 

For Yamaha YFZ 450R 2009-2019/ YFZ 450X 2010-2011
For Yamaha YFZ 450RW 2012-2013/ YFZ 450RSE 2009-2015/ YFZ 450REL 2014
The billet aluminum case saver is ready to guard in the event of a chain de-railing or breaking

Made with billet aluminum, its durability is able to withstand the impact of possible derailing, dislocation, or breakage of your ATV’s chain.


Aftermarket parts are the way to go if you intend to derive the best performance from your YFZ450Rs, so in this article, we looked into 10 of the best performance parts to enhance your experience.

It is important to note that some of these parts will require the expertise of a mechanical engineer in order to determine what fits and what doesn’t to avoid any damage.

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