10 Best MIMO Antenna For RV, Features & Guide 2023

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For some RVs, a cellular booster is an absolute must. It’s especially true for those who frequently travel to places where cell phone reception is poor. Keeping in touch with loved ones and colleagues back home is essential for RVers in this era of the remote workforce.

So how can you know which RV MiMo antenna is the right suitable? We’ve created a list of what we think are the best antennas for RVs.

10 Best MIMO Antenna For RV, Features & Guide 2023

There are a host of different antenna types, configurations, and signal propagation characteristics. It can be a bit overwhelming to know where to begin, let alone know what antenna is best for your RV.

In this article, we’ll explore the best MIMO antennas for RV and their performance in the RV world.

1. Netgear MIMO Antenna with 2 TS-9 Connectors
10 Best MIMO Antenna For RV, Features & Guide 2023

Netgear MIMO Antenna with 2 TS-9 Connectors

This antenna is intended to enhance LTE network reception in buildings, vehicles, and distant locations with the sparse network coverage.

The Netgear Mimo LTE antenna is what you’ve been looking for if you need one of the best Mimo antennas for RV because it’s so high-quality.

The Mimo antenna from Netgear is a step forward in terms of design. Amplification of the LTE network signal is the primary purpose of this device.

With this Mimo 4G antenna, you can quickly go from a long distance to a low signal location. An additional benefit of the Mimo antenna is that it may be used indoors and outdoors.

If you’re a fan of camping, you may have had a horrible experience with a bad network connection while you were out last time. Because this portable antenna covers various frequencies, you can use it to avoid all of those annoying network troubles.

The antenna’s position is critical to this mimo’s effectiveness. You will obtain a weak signal if you do not correctly position the antenna with the signal receptor.

The Netgear cellular router is suitable because it is built for portable hotspots and mobile routers. Additionally, this mimo LTE antenna is the most cost-effective signal booster available. As a result, you can use the Mimo antenna for the LTE network from your home to do official business.

Highlighted Features:

  • Enhance cell phone signal strength.
  • An antenna that may be used both indoors and outside.
  • Long-haul or camping-friendly.
  • Improved quality at a reasonable price.

2. Proxicast 4G / LTE / 5G Cross-Polarized (MIMO) 7-10 dBi
10 Best MIMO Antenna For RV, Features & Guide 2023

Proxicast 4G / LTE / 5G Cross-Polarized (MIMO) 7-10 dBi

The dual-polarized directional 4G LTE / 5G MIMO antenna from Proxicast is suitable for signal augmentation in difficult-to-reach locations.

The Proxicast will be a great help if you’re having issues with your cellular connection or experiencing slow download speeds.

In order to provide the best possible 4G/LTE network signal and enhance cellular connectivity, this massive Mimo antenna was developed. In other words, a slow connection can help you conserve data.

This high-receptive Mimo LTE antenna is perfect if you live in a region with poor network coverage or in a country where cell towers are far apart. Aim the antenna as high as possible in the air to get a better signal.

Even though it has to be installed outside, doing so is simple. There is no need to employ a professional to install the provided pole mount and keep the antenna at the highest feasible height.

Proxicast designed this Mimo antenna for outdoor use, so they ensured it had the best weather and corrosion protection possible. In addition, a one-year warranty and technical assistance are included.

In addition, this antenna’s high performance makes it an excellent choice for large-scale applications with a solid cellular signal. Consider the value of its features rather than the price tag when deciding whether or not to purchase this product.

Highlighted Features:

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Compatible with 4G/5G
  • Works on any cellular network
  • Simple installation

3. Cross Polarized MIMO Antenna | Indoor/Outdoor
10 Best MIMO Antenna For RV, Features & Guide 2023

Cross Polarized MIMO Antenna | Indoor/Outdoor

This Poynting antenna offers directional service and can be used indoors and outdoors.

It was designed by POYNTING to work equally well in both indoor and outdoor environments. This High Gain Antenna ensures a frequency range of 698-2700 MHz, allowing you to triple your present speed.

The receptivity of this mimo LTE antenna has been increased to receive signals from long-distance cellular towers. As a result, it performs exceptionally well for 3G/4G/LTE networks.

Because of its high performance, it is suitable for installation in remote places or far from the cell tower. If you want to receive signals from a faraway tower, you’ll need to place the antenna perfectly in line with the tower.

Due to its outdoor-specific construction, it has an extremely high resistance capacity. Apart from that, it will give you complete security to work effectively in any situation.

Thanks to the plug-and-play installation, the antenna can be mounted easily by anyone. As a result, you can simply place the antenna at the top of a long pole to maximize its reception.

Highlighted Features:

  • compatible with 3G, 2G technologies.
  • Two cross-polarized antennas
  • An all-weather enclosure that is impenetrable to vandals.
  • All users will find the mounting process simple.

4. Poynting 5-in-1 MIMO Omnidirectional Antenna
10 Best MIMO Antenna For RV, Features & Guide 2023

Poynting 5-in-1 MIMO Omnidirectional Antenna

The Poynting 5-IN-1 antenna is a high-Performance multi-frequency antenna with LTE, Dualband WiFi and GPS. 

Five antennas in a single housing: The Poynting 5-in-1 MIMO is a high-performance antenna that provides four cellular, two WiFi and a GPS antenna. 4 cellular MIMO antennas (for 2g/3g/4g) provide coverage for the current 698-2 700MHz bands as well the new LTE and 5G spectrum for 450-3.5GHz CBRS bands, which is becoming popular for LTE among the many international cellular network operators across the globe.

For 5G applications, the antenna’s ultra-wideband performance enables it to be deployed across a broad range of operators and technologies. Two independent dual-band Wi-Fi antennae are also provided, offering simultaneous 2.4 and 5 GHz operation on each antenna with 22 MIMO capability. At -40°C, the seventh antenna is a highly high-performance active GPS.

Designed for the transportation industry, the Poynting 5-in-1 MIMO antenna is suitable for RV and maritime use.

Highlighted Features:

  • 5-in-1 High-performance antenna (5G Ready)
  • An antenna that is robust and resistant to water (IP 68)
  • Ideally suited for transportation and maritime applications
  • Numerous mounting options facilitate installation.
  • 6′ cable

5. 11dBi High Gain 3G 4G/LTE Waterproof Fixed-Mount 
10 Best MIMO Antenna For RV, Features & Guide 2023

11dBi High Gain 3G 4G/LTE Waterproof Fixed-Mount 

This bi-directional antenna is perfect for any RVer. With its 4G LTE mobile hotspot and wireless CPE router, you can go anywhere.

A dual-antenna design with cross-polarization boosts signal strength and data throughput in rural areas where cellular coverage is weak.

Four-generation (Wi-Fi) external antennas offer a durable waterproof structure to withstand environmental harm. Brackets for 1.5- to 2-inch pipe or mast come with this package.

A rooftop, utility pole, trailer, or office can all be used to mount this surveillance system with ease. A cell tower is required for this directional antenna (one plastic side) to work.

Keep the antenna as clear of obstructions as possible and as high as possible to face the signal tower for the best reception.

Highlighted Features:

  • 75-degree dual cross-polarized antenna
  • Rugged ABS+Aluminum body construction
  • Works with a variety of cellular networks.

6. MIMO Panel Antenna Kit by Waveform
10 Best MIMO Antenna For RV, Features & Guide 2023

MIMO Panel Antenna Kit by Waveform

MIMO-enabled routers and antennas deliver twice the signal to and from the device rather than a single data channel.

An 8dBi gain over 600-2700MHz Cross-Polarized Panel antenna is used in the Waveform MIMO Panel Antenna Kit for LTE modems and hotspots.

When you use numerous connections, you can pull more signals from a tower into each antenna than your router’s modest internal antennas. This increases your device’s efficiency.

When you use a router and antennas with MIMO capabilities, you get two data channels instead of just one.

This three-pack of adapters will let you connect to any LTE router without any further expenditures, including the T-Mobile 5G gateway. Take a look at how much faster your phone or tablet will run once you attach the antennae to it and install it outside somewhere below the roofline.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multiple connections
  • Compatible with major LTE router
  • Cross-Polarized Panel antenna

7. 3G 4G LTE Wide Band Outdoor Indoor MIMO Antenna
10 Best MIMO Antenna For RV, Features & Guide 2023

3G 4G LTE Wide Band Outdoor Indoor MIMO Antenna

This low-profile, high-quality omnidirectional Mimo antenna for transmitting and receiving 2G, 3G, and 4G signals.

We have an indoor and outdoor 4G Omni-directional antenna that can satisfy your needs at a very reasonable price point. Moreover, it is equipped with chips capable of receiving the farthest distant messages possible.

Your 3G, 4G, and LTE networks will benefit significantly. In addition, you’ll notice an immediate increase in internet speed after installing the antenna.

This antenna may pick up a distant tower’s signal thanks to its high receptivity. So, if you’re out in the country and have access to many greenery, this mimo is perfect for you.

Its exceptional waterproof qualities and maximum corrosion resistance ensure that this mimo 4G antenna will work well no matter what the environment.

If the antenna is pointed in the right direction before installation, it will go up with no problem and provide you with the best signals. Also, the Mimo LTE antenna’s price is relatively low. These folks make sure that they purchase the best possible antenna for their money. Looking at the antenna’s features, you’ll realize how this price works out.

Highlighted Features:

  • Improve the speed of 3G, 4G, and LTE networks
  • Receive signals from the farthest possible location.
  • Weather-resistance
  • Simple installation

8. Vandal Resistant MIMO Low Profile 4G/LTE Omni-Directional 
10 Best MIMO Antenna For RV, Features & Guide 2023

Vandal Resistant MIMO Low Profile 4G/LTE Omni-Directional 

This low profile three-inch tall omnidirectional antenna is compatible with several cellular networks making it ideal for any RVer.

This Mimo LTE antenna provides better 3G/4G/LTE signals in locations with sparse network coverage than a traditional antenna. In addition, it can be used on nearly every cellular network in the world.

Even though it’s a 3″ height Mimo antenna panel, you can indefinitely use it indoors or outside. In addition, this antenna’s maximum signal reception performance can be efficiently utilized for industrial or large-scale applications.

You can use this mimo 4G antenna in your current router to boost your cell phone reception because it is compatible with most cellular routers.

Because it is intended for outdoor use, this Mimo antenna has been specially treated to withstand the harshest weather. As a result, it has a long shelf life because it maintains the same level of performance as at the beginning.

A simple plug-and-play gadget makes installation a cinch. With the provided 10ft coax wire, you may quickly and easily install it on your roof.

You may guess it’s a costly antenna based on its appearance. But, on the other hand, you’ll be smitten by its performance and compatibility.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with 3G/4G/LTE modem and others
  • Weatherproof
  • Vandal-resistant
  • Adhesive Rubber Gasket between Antenna and Mounting Surface

Factors To Consider Before Buying MiMo Antenna In 2022

A lot goes into consideration when you want to buy any device. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of important considerations for you to think about so you can make an informed decision without consulting an expert.

Signal Detection

To get a better Mimo antenna, you must first determine whether or not the antenna can receive signals. Product quality and high-performance capabilities are indicated by this receptivity (signals receiving capacity).

As a result, you must verify the antenna’s ability to receive signals to maintain a strong connection.


Even though the Mimo antenna is designed primarily for cellular routers, you must check its compatibility with other devices before purchasing. However, it could save you money in the long run.

A single antenna in your current router means that if that antenna fails and your router breaks down, you’ll have to replace both. Therefore, the ability to alter a Mimo antenna’s multi-adjustability is critical to its performance.

Capacity for Resistance

You should verify the resistance of these Mimo 4G antennas twice before making a final decision. First, because it is put outside most of the time, it must withstand harsh weather. In addition, the antenna’s resistance determined how long it would last.

Why Are Cellular MIMO Antennas Necessary If They’re Built-In?

Cellular MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) antennas are necessary for portable hotspots and cellular routers because they can help improve the performance of the wireless connection.

MIMO technology uses multiple antennas to transmit and receive data simultaneously, which can increase the data transfer rate and improve the range and coverage of the wireless connection.

However, the sad truth is that sometimes the antennas on a portable hotspot or cellular router aren’t powerful enough to provide the desired level of performance.

In these cases, external MIMO antennas can be used to supplement the built-in antennas and boost the signal strength and coverage. External MIMO antennas can be particularly useful in areas with poor cellular reception or when the device is being used for demanding applications such as streaming video or online gaming.

How To Choose The Best MIMO Antenna For Your RV?

Choosing the best MIMO antenna for your RV boils down to your situation and needs. Some

factors to consider when choosing a MIMO antenna for your RV include:

Frequency bands: Make sure the antenna is compatible with the frequency bands used by your cellular provider.

Gain: Higher gain antennas have a more focused beam and can provide better performance over longer distances, but they may not perform as well in crowded or urban environments.

Size and mounting options: Consider the size of the antenna and where you will mount it on your RV. Some antennas are designed to be mounted on the roof, while others can be mounted on the side of the RV or inside.

Cost: Determine your budget and look for an antenna that meets your needs within that budget.

You need to consult with a sales representative or technical expert to discuss your specific needs and preferences for your RV.


In the early stages of wireless technology, Mimo emerged as a reliable source of wireless communication. However, the Mimo antenna allows us to go a step further in contact in today’s high-tech world.

As a result, individuals utilize these antennas for indoor use in outdoor activities like traveling. So, if you’re having trouble with your current antenna, consider upgrading to a high-performance Mimo 4G antenna.

It’s also possible to avoid the aggravation of low-signal and unstable connections by selecting the best Mimo antenna.

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