10 Best Dirt Bike Bluetooth Headset & Buying Guide 2023

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A Bluetooth headset is a useful accessory for dirt bikers to maintain communication, listen to music, get audio GPS navigation, and/or answer phone calls while riding.

Communication while dirt biking isn’t forbidden, in fact, it is common for riders in a group to be in contact with each other as they ride. But they cannot effectively do so without a special device such as a BLUETOOTH HEADSET with an intercom feature, which is a smart investment for any dirt biker.

In the next few minutes, I will show you 10 of the best dirt bike headsets suitable for your specific needs.

Factor To Consider When Choosing A Dirt Bike Bluetooth Headset

10 Best Dirt Bike Bluetooth Headset & Buying Guide 2023
  • Battery life and capacity: It is better to purchase a headset that can be used on multiple rides before requiring a charge. The longer the battery life, the better for you.
  • Sound quality: The noise from a bike’s engine may overshadow that of a headset with sub-par sound quality. So it is ideal to go for an option with great sound quality.
  • Intercom equipped: In order to communicate with other riders via a Bluetooth headset, such must be intercom enabled.
  • Range:  Headsets come in a variety of connectivity ranges, so you may need to identify which is most suitable for your intended usage.
  • Comfort and durability: A headset you decide to purchase should offer comfort and be durable enough to withstand riding conditions.
  • Water-proof: Riding along certain terrains may present a risk of your headset coming in contact with water, so you will need one that doesn’t get destroyed upon contact with water
  • You also will need to consider the headset’s compatibility with your phone and other devices you intend to get it connected to
  • There are a number of Bike Bluetooth headsets on the market, but here are 10 of the best you may consider.

Check out this list of my top picks

Best Dirt Bike Bluetooth Headset


CARDO PACKTALK BOLD (Up to 15 riders)



Patented Dynamic Mesh Communication technology provides seamless, long-range Intercom connections with unmatched ease and stability for large and small groups alike.
Best-in-class wind-noise reduction
Sound by JBL: Truly unrivaled sound quality and performance at all speeds. Premium audio clarity optimized for use in a helmet. Streaming music, phone calls, intercom, and GPS navigation never sounded so good

Known for its durability, the CARDO PACKTALK BOLD is a premium Bluetooth headset with dual-mic technology for seamless communication between as many as 15 riders, up to 1.2 miles apart.

It boasts of a long battery life; between 10hrs and 20hrs of usage, on a full charge. Music sharing is enabled for this device, allowing you and the rest of the group to listen to the same music, on the go. Highly recommended if you are looking for high-end quality.


Weight:                       0.154lbs

Users:                          18 riders

Battery type:               lithium-polymer

Bluetooth version:     4.1

Range:                         Up to about 1.2miles


  • Dual mic technology microphone type that keeps a stable connection between riders spread across up to 1.2miles apart
  • Voice commands which you can use to initiate phone calls, play/pause/skip music tracks and adjust the volume
  • Music sharing is enabled so all connected riders in your group can enjoy the same music
  • Compatible pairing with GPS devices to provide navigation while riding
  • Water and dust resistant
  • 3hrs of charging time;  will last for about 13hrs with intercom use, up to 20hrs for music play


  • Intercom connectivity with18 users


  • Bluetooth technology below new market standards 

SENA 10C PRO (Up to 4 riders)



Built-in Quad HD Camera (1440p) with a 16:9 resolution and 135º field of view
4-Way Bluetooth Intercom connects you to three other riders to communicate
Connect the device to your smartphone via Bluetooth to listen to your music, hear GPS navigation, and take phone calls

This also provides advanced features which put it in the top choice category. It is equipped with Dual mic technology capable of canceling out noises, making sure there is clear communication between riders.

Also allows for voice prompts to easily pair devices, Change intercom mode, play music, etc whilst still riding.

The 10C pro is not equipped with a music-sharing feature but its advanced audio multitasking feature gives it an edge over some of the options in its category.


Weight:                       0.158lbs

Users:                          4 Riders

Battery type:               Lithium-polymer

Bluetooth version:     4.1

Range:                         Up to 1.6miles


  • Battery life is about 10hrs with about 2.5hrs of charging time
  • Allows for audio-multitasking, allowing you to simultaneously listen to music, take phone calls and communicate without needing to switch modes
  • Fully water and dust resistant
  • Dual mic system with great noise cancellation and clear communication
  • Connectivity to GPS device is available


  • Relatively cheap


  • No music-sharing Bluetooth version is not of the current market standard

Thokwok BT-S3 (3 riders)

Thokwok BT S3

Thokwok BT-S3

CSR Bluetooth Chip: It can realize a full-duplex intercom with the longest distance of 800-1000m (no obstacles).
Noise Cancelling Technology: DSP echoes cancellation and noise suppression technology ensures clear voice quality at high speed.

This presents you with a 5.0 Bluetooth version for stronger connectivity, including a class 1 stereo headset which is equipped with echo and noise suppression.

It is designed with your comfort in mind as it carries an oversized button you can easily manipulate even with hand gloves on.


Weight:                       0.856lbs

Users:                           3 Riders

Bluetooth version:     5.0

Range:                         Up to 1000miles


  • Echo and noise cancellation from its advanced DSP (Digital signal processing) system
  • 3hrs charging time and could last for up to 16hrs
  • Full duplex communication over its intercom between up to 3 riders
  • Can be paired with mobile phones and uses the voice control functions of both iPhone (Siri) and Samsung (S voice)
  • Comes with a built-in FM radio
  • Equipped with audio multitasking which also allows for automatic phone call answering


  • Audio multitasking, FM radio, comfortable design


  • none

SENA 20S EVO  (8 riders)



The 20S EVO was redesigned with a fixed-type, shark fin antenna as opposed to the flip-up antenna of the original 20S. This sleek new antenna design improves upon motorcycle group intercom stability and distance, while updates to the hardware allow for a more robust general performance

This comes with a few upgrades from the original 20s with a shark fin antenna design, different from the previous flip-up antenna.

The 20S EVO also features premium HD speakers which fit easily in the helmet’s pocket; with it, you get improved noise control, sound quality, and clarity.


Weight:                       0.13lbs

Users:                          8 Riders

Bluetooth version:      4.1

Range:                          Up to 1.2miles


  • Noise cancellation and built-in SBC codec
  • 2.5hrs charging time: up to 13hrs talk time
  • Compatible with remote control
  • Effective audio multi-tasking
  • High-end HD speakers
  • Hands-free voice command enabled
  • Comes with an optional remote control for additional ways to handle the device


  • Advanced HD speakers, Improved design


  • None

Wipeeyes E1 (2 riders)

Wipeeyes E1

Wipeeyes E1

Built-in Bluetooth 5.0, Wipeeyes E1 allows you to make hands-free calls, enjoy the use of streaming Bluetooth music, and listen to GPS voice guidance convenient intercom and Voice-activated digital assistant access, allowing you to enjoy the ride safely and happily.

You may not belong to a dirt biking group and prefer to go on solo rides. In that case, you wouldn’t need a headset designed to be shared with multiple users.

The WIPEEYES E1 is a two-way intercom headset with a 30-meter range and it’s perfect for your less elaborate need. However, despite its limited intercom range, this device features;

  • 5.0 Bluetooth version
  • IPX6 waterproof that keeps it rugged and fit for use even when it rains
  • Voice prompt for hands-free control
  • Cvc noise control that cancels various noises and keeps your audio crystal clear
  • Premium high-fidelity speakers
  • A long-lasting battery; up to 12hrs of music/talk time and a standby time of about 250hrs. Gets a full charge in 2hrs.


Weight:                       1.55 ounces

Users:                           2 Riders

Bluetooth version:     5.0

Range:                          Up to 30 meters


  • Cheap


  • Short intercom range

FIRE BULL Motorcycle Helmet Headset BT5.0 (No intercom)

FIRE BULL Motorcycle Helmet Headset BT5.0

FIRE BULL Motorcycle Helmet Headset BT5

Built-in FM radio for the programs you listen to on your trip.
With 3.5mm audio port, additional audio equipment can be connected.
Double-click the function key to dial the previous number.
Broadcast incoming phone numbers, voice dial any phone number (if your smartphone supports Siri),
Adopt Bluetooth 5.0 technology standard, wider coverage, faster speed, and lower power consumption..

A thinner, cheaper, and more comfortable option for a lone rider. Though this doesn’t provide the intercom feature, it certainly can be connected to a walkie-talkie if need be and will reach a range of somewhere around 1000 meters.


Weight:                       8 ounces

Users:                          1 Rider

Bluetooth version:     5.0

Range:                         1000meters

Battery type:               450mAh lithium battery


  • The BT5.0 is equipped with high-fidelity sound quality and a very stable signal transmission
  • Battery life can last for up to 18hrs of playback time and a standby of 360hrs. Impressive!
  • It’s IP67 water and dustproof
  • Can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time
  • The voice prompt is available
  • Comes with a built-in FM radio


  • Relatively cheaper and lighter


  • No intercom

Yideng BT-S2 Bluetooth headset  (3 riders)

Yideng BT S2

Yideng BT-S2

Bluetooth 3.0 EDR: Full duplex communication. speed up to 50 -75 mph and the longest distance of 800-1000 m (no obstacles). After Bluetooth is connected to the mobile phone, priority switching between phone, intercom and stereo music can be realized. support automatic answering of incoming calls

This very easy-easy-to-install motorcycle headset works with most full-faced helmets. Though it supports intercom connectivity between three riders, only two riders can communicate at the same time with its full duplex feature. Apart from that, the headset boasts great quality and offers features suitable for your needs.


Weight:                       11.6 ounces

Users:                          3 riders (only 2 can communicate simultaneously)

Bluetooth version:      3.0 + EDR

Range:                         1000meters


  • Battery charging time is 3.5hrs, playback time is approximately 8hrs, and has a 10day standby time
  • Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices and is compatible with most full-face helmets
  • It carries a 2.5mm jack for an auxiliary audio-in connection
  • It is a water-resistant headset


  • Bluetooth connectivity is EDR protected


  • Low battery capacity, Lesser Bluetooth version (3.0)

Fodsports FX8-AIR

Fodsports FX8 AIR

Fodsports FX8-AIR

Designed with an innovative antenna, achieve a longer intercom distance, enhance the Bluetooth signal, and make the intercom clearer. Bluetooth 5.0 Technology offers riders single button control for hands-free calling, answering phone calls, listening to music, FM radio and GPS. Once you’re on the road, complete control of the FX8 AIR can be done through hands-free voice commands. Intuitive technology ensures safe, controlled riding.

This new Bluetooth headset positions itself amongst the best when sound quality is being debated.

Its three-option Equaliser sound selection provides, High fidelity Bass, popular golden classic (Mid frequency), and pure human voice (treble), which you can select depending on how you desire to enjoy music your favorite music.

Within a 1000-meter range, two riders can communicate over the FX8-AIR simultaneously. Sound is noise-proof, both for the microphone and the speakers; ensuring you get the clearest sound possible.


Weight:                       1.04 lbs

Users:                          2 riders

Bluetooth version:     5.0

Range:                         1000meters


  • Three sound effects options
  • Provides noise reduction technology and high-quality stereo sound
  • Low-battery reminder to alert you whenever battery drops to 10%
  • Equipped with voice prompt for hands-free operation
  • Type-c charger type which gives a full charge in 3hrs. Battery life is; 20hrs for music/phone calls and 12hrs for intercom


  • Sound equalizer effect option


  • None

LEXIN LX-B4FM (10 riders)



The LX-B4FM motorcycle bluetooth headset shares the riding experience and enjoys conversation with up to 10 riders talking at one time at an intercom range of 2000 meters. Universal pairing feature, compatible with most of the Bluetooth headsets or earpieces in the market.

The LX-B4FM is a classy device with a superior design that makes it rugged enough for use in very harsh weather conditions; even a temperature of -22 °F.

It features two interchangeable microphones; a boom microphone for flip-face helmets and a button microphone for full-face helmets, for convenience.

A cool thing about its 10-way intercom is that all 10 riders can communicate simultaneously, with HIFI sound quality.


Weight:                      8.8 ounces

Users:                          10 riders

Bluetooth version:      5.0

Range:                         2000meters


  • Universal pairing for easy pairing with any other brand of headsets, plus a 10way conference intercom
  • Two microphone options; each compatible with either flip-face or full-face helmets
  • High-fidelity stereo sound quality
  • 15hrs of talk/music time and an average of 7 days of standby time
  • Effective noise canceling


  • Universal pairing option
  •  Interchangeable microphones compatible with flip-face and full-face helmets


  • None

Geva BT-A10 (No intercom)

Geva BT A10

Geva BT-A10

Geva BT 5.0 Helmet Headset Is Equipped With CSR 5.0 Chip, Supports Intelligent Noise Reduction And Voice Assistant System, And Can Broadcast Incoming Call Numbers. Two Modes, Automatic Answering And Manual Answering, And Support To Connect Two Bluetooth Devices At The Same Time To Switch Freely.

Only a few motorbike Bluetooth headsets on the market boast superior battery life; fortunately, the BT-A10 is one of them. With a charge time of 2-3 hours, you are able to get up to 160hrs of playback time. Amazing!

We know it is a common feature of Bluetooth headsets to be able to automatically answer phone calls, but this brand goes a step further and is able to broadcast incoming numbers. It also provides users with two installation options; Elastic Velcro and clamp fastening installation.


Weight:                       6 ounces

Bluetooth version:      5.0 + EDR

Battery:                       2600mAh


  • Powerful, longer-lasting 2600mAh battery
  • Smart noise reduction technology
  • Smartphone voice assistant system
  • Can connect to two devices at once
  • Ip67 Dee waterproof ability


  • Superior battery life


  • No intercom ability

How Are Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets Installed & Used?

Typically, motorcycle headsets come with a base unit that is meant to be mounted on your helmet using an adhesive pad or Velcro straps, which you can find on the unit (some brands carry permanent attachment options).

Next, you bring the microphone and speaker into the helmet which has to be placed on your ears, and the microphone positioned around your mouth.

Note; before you go for a ride, be sure that your headset is charged.

Once you have confirmed this, go ahead and pair the device with your Smartphone or any other compatible device.

The pairing can be achieved by enabling Bluetooth on the smartphone and holding down a button on the headset’s base unit, after which you will need to complete pairing by selecting the specific name of the headset from the list shown to you on your smartphone or another compatible device you intend to use.

Your smartphone phone will display a ‘connected’ message which means you are now good to go.

Are there ways to ensure safety while using a motorbike Bluetooth headset?

Absolutely! Care has to be taken to prevent distractions when on a ride. Here are a few tips to keep safe.

  • Always keep the volume of your headset at a level that doesn’t shut out every other external sound
  • Confirm before firing up the engine if no other electronic device; such as a phone or GPS device, is interfering with your headset’s signal, which may cause distracting noises
  • Keep the headset properly mounted and firmly fitted to avoid slipping off during a ride
  • Always operate via hands-free
  • Limit answering phone calls to the barest minimum to reduce the risk of an unexpected distraction


Depending on your specific needs, you will find from this article, the perfect motorbike Bluetooth headset suitable for you. I took the liberty of exploring the best 10 best currently on the market.  Enjoy your rides.

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